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Some light housekeeping

Posted in Blogging with tags , on June 25, 2012 by zarigar

I was out of town this weekend, so I didn’t get a lot of time to play, so there’s not a lot to report. I’m kind of annoyed when I checked Zarigar’s holiday achievements that he hasn’t done a lot of Midsummer stuff. Including putting out all the old world fires.

So I might have to work on that in the next few days. Flying will make it so much easier than if I had done back in the “Good Old Days” but it will still be annoying to do.

Since I’m apparently not in the mood to do actual work today I’ve amused myself with dressing Rep’s troll and cleaning up my Blogroll a little bit. I still have a lot to do on the Blogroll but I’ve added in several blogs that I’ve meant to add for a long time.

(Special shout-out to Arv’s new blog. He’s pretty much the only person I see on when I log into SR so I will be interested to read his thoughts, even if they are all of peeveepee-ing.)

I did take out all the special categories I had for some of the blogs. A lot of the stuff I read covers a wide range of topics so I didn’t want to narrow something down by calling it a “Shaman Blog”. Also, there is a lot of cross-over between people in various guilds so I decided not to have those be separated out, either.

The references section is horribly outdated and I may end up just scrapping the entire thing. We’ll see.

Of course I had to have a special section for Barbie clothes.

Shut up.


Mogging: Sabryel

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I’ve spent the last few days working on my next mogging project, which was to find something new for Sabryel the DK. She’s barely stepped foot in dungeons, so a lot of her gear is still quest greens and craftables.

Before pic with tabard removed.

I have to back up a bit, because technically I wasn’t going to work with Sabryel next. I was looking over some mogging sites and was looking at completed gear sets for Tenderloyne the pally. One that I really liked was the Righteous Armor set, which actually is for pallies.

To get this set, though, I had to go and farm instances for the pieces. Sure, they were Outland instances, but my pally is still holy with no other offspec. I thought it would be too tedious to have her farm stuff as holy but I still wanted the set so I decided my DK would get it. Plus I thought it was kind of funny to make my DK look like a paladin.

I drove myself crazy farming these pieces. While the instances were easy and quick to run through, the drop rates nearly killed me. According to the armory, I killed the frikkin’ boss in Mechanar 15 times. (I seriously thought I would get exalted with Sha’tar before I got my helm.) I started to get envious of Arvash, quietly doing his PVP and accomplishing stuff, while I had to wait for the game to let me back into an instance because I had ran too many already.

I would probably still be farming if I hadn’t done some investigating and realized that Argent Crusade sold helm and pants that were duplicates of the ones I was farming. What worried me is that it required exalted with Argent Crusade to get the helm. I checked and somehow I was exalted with them. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. I must have done more with my DK back in Wrath and somehow purged the memory.

But now I had my set for Barbie clothes. I did have a mace that I wanted to mog, but apparently Main-Hand is not the same as One-Hand so the ethereal guy yelled at me. Oh well. This will have to do:

I swear I will eventually mog something with actual colors! I do like that the set gives her a lot more heft. She still has the stick upper arms but overall she looks a lot more sturdy.

weapons unequipped

I don’t know if I will do another pre-made set, though. I did like knowing how everything would look all together, but I think I prefer finding one piece I really like and trying to find other things that complement. That was much more of a challenge. Plus I can’t do farming anymore.

back view

I really would like to find something for Zarigar, but it would have to be something really unique. He’s bent over, so a lot of chest detail would be lost. And trolls don’t like to show their shoes. Also could I really cover that mohawk?

This sounds like a challenge.

A stranger told me I was pretty

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And everyone knows strangers give out the best compliments.

(God, what has mogging done to me?)

I had to abandon an earlier LFR on Notari when someone decided to pull Deathwing with a tank and some healers missing. I was annoyed that they were still going to waste time trying so I just left.

The next day I tried again and went “yes!” when the pop-up box said 3/4 then said “no!” when I saw a half-formed group standing on a pile of skeletons. Oh well, waiting for the group to form meant Notari got to stand around looking pretty.

Ok, the word pretty is never actually used. But there is a sideways smiley face! That has to count for something.

It was a good omen since once the group finally formed, we were able to kill him one shot. Sadly, no loot for me.


Side tangent: I learned that if you roll Need on something, then you say “eff this” because the rolls are taking too long, and you drop raid, and you go to your mailbox later, it will be there if you ended up winning it. Hmm..I may have been the only person who did not know that.

You get that same message when your CtA bag can’t be given to you because all your bags are full. Blah blah we found this in the twisting nether, blah blah. So I don’t have to sit around waiting for the timers to run out because some jackholes just dropped group without passing.

Good to know.

Pretty people really do get nice things

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Omg I actually play my horde toons!

First I planned to take Notari the Now Beautiful Failmage through LFR. I went to take off her tabard, since there was no rep to gain and I wanted her to go in pretty. I noticed she had on the shirt that level 1 belfs come with and wondered what she would look like if it was taken off. So I took off her shirt (giggity) and saw that her robe now looked like this:

So apparently that shirt was covering up her exposed belly. Erm ok. The weird cut-off for her belly looked wrong. There was so much detailing in the neck and top part of the robe that having her stomach randomly showing seemed really distracting. Shirt back on, get into queue.

Right from the start it was a mess. It seemed like 10 seconds into the raid (the 2nd half) the entire floor was covered in purple fire and no one was taunting the dragons. Wipe #1. Mass exodus of people, including tanks, then off again. Same issue, wipe #2.

Well, I’m done here. I decided instead to take Notari out to Magister’s Terrace and see if she could get some pretty clothes. She got some shoulders that went into her void storage and, after killing Kael’thas Sunstrider, she was picking through his spoils and found herself with a new pet.

Ugh. Ok, well at least it wasn’t the mount.

I wasn’t done with masochism so I switched over to Tenderloyne the Forgotten Holy Pally and sent her into LFR next. It went much smoother for her; she ended up with a new belt and a head token.

I hadn’t realized that she had never done the 2nd half of LFR before so it was kind of embarassing when her achieve popped up. Whoops. I don’t even think I would have taken her in if I realized she had never been there.

That was only the first part of the embarassment, because once I turned in the head token and gemmed and enchanted that thing up, I put it on her and was stunned. Horrible. It was horrible.

I had to take a ghetto screenshot because I couldn’t get one from the loading screen. The thing is so huge that most of it goes off the screen. Maybe when she gets more matching pieces it won’t look so awful, but I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t even think I had the patience to try to mog around it at this time.

So I did the rare thing for a non-mohawked toon and turned off helm. Sigh. One day I will make you pretty, just not right now.

After that, I wanted to run Sabryel the Other Blood Elf Toon But This One is a DK through MT and see if she could find some mog stuffs. I raced through that place and was feeling leet when I got the achieve at the end and saw that I had ran through it on normal.

Oops. Switched it to heroic and went through again. She got a cool looking axe that would be cool to mog. She also picked up a dagger that I really liked, too bad DKs can’t use them.

Killed Kae’thas again, got the achieve for Heroic MT and was going through his loot when…are you effing kidding me?

Sabryel got the mount of her very first friggin’ try??!! Sonofawhore.

I send two rarely played alts into a heroic with the intent of them finding some dress-up clothes and they each come out with something nicer? I don’t have the pet or mount on Zarigar. I mean, sure I don’t farm that regularly on Zari or anything, but it’s annoying that they picked up that stuff with so little effort.

Sigh. The beautiful people get everything.

Back on the resto train

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Eh, whatever, Lupeh the baby druid was already in resto spec; let’s take her out and see if we can’t try again at this healing nonsense.

Of course, it’s the one time Troutwort is actually on and he’s like “so how’s that NOT being resto thing coming along?” Grrr…. 😛

I should save the Grrr for when I saw that my random was Gnomer. I love that a lot of the older dungeons got broken-up into chunks and streamlined and made easier. Not Gnomer. Well, not so that I could tell if they did.

Back before Repgrind yelled at us for not using parachutes, I used to just fling myself off ledges and hope for the best. Now it annoys me when other people don’t use the parachutes. Especially when the parachutes float down in one place, they land in another nearly dead, and everyone manages to land on mobs.

Oh yeah and there is a wandering boss down there. >.<

It took a few fights but eventually I got my fingers to realize there is no Lifebloom and no Wild Growth and stop trying to reach for them. Good thing Jendora is not an often played toon, I might go crazy trying to remember 2 different ways to druid heal.

For weeks Lupeh has been hiding in town, sitting in rest XP and she soon ate through all of it. Oh well. It was nice to actually leave town and do something. After the run I thought about doing another random, but on a hunch, I checked the available dungeons and the only one that was yello was Gnomer. So my randoms would most likely be a string of Gnomers.

Meh. Pass. I’ll continue making Spice Bread until the next set of dungeons come up.

A little less fail

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Or fayle, if you prefer.

Now that Notari was all pretty, she got the notion that she should step out of Orgrimmar and let the people gaze upon her gloriousness. So off into LFR she went.

It’s always pretty telling when the dragon trash at the beginning goes terrible with many deaths. The people who drop at that point are probably the smart ones. Well, no one ever accused me of being smart.

Ultra, then, is a disaster with one of the tanks not picking him up and it becomes death city. The amusing thing is one of the tanks says, “I’ve never been here and no one told me how the fight goes.” Well, that part is sad. The amusing part is that people still complain that it was the heals’ fault or that there was not enough dps. Really, guys, scroll up and read.

The second attempt is also pretty deathy, but he goes down and I am still alive. Yay, it’s wonderful being pretty and getting to live! His drops include 2 helm tokens and 1 chest token. Homina-homina-homina…give me! I’ve ragged on Notari’s spirit helm so long–she needs this upgrade! And there is only one other mage, good for me?

I won a roll! I won a roll! I got…the chest. Sigh. Oh well. It’s still very much an upgrade so it’s all right.

Lootship is a one-shot deal. I am terribad at getting out of the shockwave part–if I had a nickel for every time one of Rep’s pallies has to use Lay on Hands on me–but Blink makes it 50x easier.

On Spine I am dutifully spamming Arcane Blast when the trade window pops open and someone puts the helm token inside. Wha-? Is this a trade for the chestpiece? They can have it. Then the other person competes his part, so I complete the trade.

Then get a whisper: I got this by accident. Enjoy.

Zomg! I gets to haves 2 upgrades!?!?! I wonder if he truly didn’t need it or was just giving it to me because I’m so pretty now. People really do bend over backwards to give you things when you are good looking. (Giggity.)

It really did make up for the part on spine where the new tank was warned not to take a healthy amalgamation through the bloods and then proceeded to pick up 9 stacks immediately. It was deadly, though the pretty mage once again lived.

After that it was Deathwing. Another surprising one shot with an amusing 3 tentacle swords dropping at the end. Because I am not a whore, I pass on all the loot before I drop.

Time to turn in my tokens! With new loot, that means new gems and enchants. It also means I have to re-mog. I went back to the white robe, even though it looks like a priest outfit. Ah well, that’s the beauty of mogging, I can change my look whenever I want.

It’s good to be pretty.

Somebody stop me

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With Zarigar’s archaeology maxed out I was free to continue on with some other noble pursuits, like taking each of my alts through Darkmoon Faire. Although DMF has done a lot towards people moving up in their professions, I still have toons whose big, main professions aren’t maxed out yet.

I was on Notari when Arv needed a raid group to get into Kara, so while he did that I started poking around the AH. So yeah, I guess I’m officially done pretending I’m not one of those mogging people.

There wasn’t a whole of options–which was kind of surprising–but I did end up finding a hat that looked kind of interesting. Notari is still kind of ghetto and has a helm with spirit on it (I know) and so I’ve been covering it up with a different looking helm. Then I found a Gossamer Headpiece and I really liked how it looked. So much so that I wanted to find pieces that would complement it.

This is how Notari looked before:

It’s such a sad mishmash of random gear. The transmog I did on her helm to hide her spirit helm didn’t really help the appearance of the rest of her gear.

The new helm is white with some gold trim so I decided to do something similar like I had done for Sarinde and put her in white. Lorethos made for her a Runecloth Robe and some Vicious Embersilk Shoulders. Some Back Mageweave Gloves off the AH fixed her wretched gloves and she looked like this:

I like it, she looked much more put together, but I still had the problem of the cloak clashing. There weren’t any cloaks on the AH that would work; seriously there was less than half a page of options available. WTF?

The only one Lorethos could make that would kind of work required wool. I didn’t have any and I didn’t want to pay the rip-off prices for them so I sent Notari into Shadowfang Keep to farm some up. 10 minutes later I had my Pearl-Clasped Cloak.

Then I had a new problem. My white-on-white-on-white color scheme combined with Notari’s jaunty new hat gave her a weird appearance from behind like she was some old-time ice cream man. I mostly blame the hat, even though it was the inspiration source for this obsession.

However, I had just picked up Robes of Arugal off the boss in SFK which were black with some silver/white trim. So switching the robes out gave me this:

I really do like both robes for different reasons, but for now I am sticking with the black ones, only because I don’t want to spend any more money changing it back. (And also, yes, I totally cheated in not showing the updated clothes with the tabard on.)

Hopefully my failmage will at least not look as fail as she used to. And I won’t promise that there won’t be any more transmog posts. Sorry. This might be the Summer of Mogging.