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Sept 25th….so?

Posted in MoP with tags , on July 27, 2012 by zarigar

Pandas are coming, y’all. Are you ready?

I’m sure most people will say “yes, God, finally…it’s about time…I’m so bored…I need something new…is it Sept 25th yet?” And I have some of those thoughts, too. I’ve spent the good part of my WoW time the past couple of months doing archaeology and Barbie dress up. So I will definitely enjoy something new.

I still feel that I didn’t finish all of Cata, though, and in some ways Sept 25th is starting to feel like a deadline to get them done. The sad thing is, is that I don’t really want to do them.

I feel like I SHOULD finish out the zones I haven’t played to the end, but when I think about doing them I just go “meh”. I log into Zarigar sitting there in Org and I try to figure out what to work on. But nothing sounds fun so I just log off and do something else.

I’m logged in and I want to play but there is nothing that really grabs my interest. I’ll switch over to Jendora, wait a while to see if Call to Arms comes up, and if it doesn’t, then I log off her, too. Even poor little Lupeh doesn’t get to do her cooking quest every day now.

Pandas, when they get here, look like they will be a lot of fun. But dealing with the inevitable broken add-ons is not something I look forward to.

I don’t know why the pessimism, but I somehow want to blame LFR. LFR gets blamed for everyone else being bored with the game now.


Bring on the Pain(saw)

Posted in Alt with tags , , on July 12, 2012 by zarigar

It’s so nice to see people in the game again. Moogik was back working on his warrior, Painsaw, (yay Moog!) and Slice was wandering around Org probably deciding on his next hairstyle, when Slice asked Moog if he wanted to run some dungeons.

Painsaw was apparently only a couple of points away from being eligible for heroics, so a quick stop to the AH was made to boost the ilevel. With Moog tanking and Slice healing, I had my choice of dps. The 2 that actually need VP are my mage and DK.

I was tempted to bring the DK and Howling Blast all the things but then I didn’t want to be the one blamed for driving Moog off tanking after one heroic, so I went with the mage.

I thought I was helping but I really wasn’t. First boss in Tol’vir I was just la-la-la Arcane Blasting away when he threw the little bomb things on the ground. When they started flashing yellow I barely glanced at them and figured I was close to the edge, but not really on it.


Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Didn’t die though I probably deserved to. What? I’m pretty. That excuses a lot of things. Even the fact that I didn’t realize until Siamat that I had ran almost the entire instance without a tabard on. >.<

Next instance was Stonecore. I could tell Slice was pleased. Arv logged on, saw we were in Stonecore, asked us how bored were we, then logged off in disgust.

I don’t remember much about that run except for Slice getting twitchy with his Leap of Faith when I didn’t move out of the way of the oncoming boulder quick enough. See? When you are pretty, people will save you from yourself.

Next was Halls of O and one of my favorite pugs: Mr. Let’s Work on Achievements in a Pug Group guy. I don’t have all the heroic achievements and it might be nice to get them done for when they all become account-wide but, meh, I just don’t really like trying for them with pugs. Moog said that his tank was still new but that didn’t seem to faze Mr Hunter.   

Mr Hunter starts to break down when we would need to get I Hate That Song. Then, to my delight, he asks if our healer is any good. Our healer being, of course, lovable old Slice. Of course I can’t resist an opening like that and claim that we are carrying him.

Slice is annoyed by the question and I totally get it. In that one question he’s put either the success or the failure squarely on Slice. If we don’t get the achievement, it will be because Slice failed in some way.

[side rant]I sometimes get asked that when my healer gets placed into a dungeon in progess. Am I good? Good compared to what? Good as in I know what I’m doing or good as in I’m expected to keep up an undergeared tank and dps that stand in bad and if I don’t then I must be fail? [/side rant]

Anyway, I guess Slice is acceptable as a healer since no one dies and we get our achievement. (Even though Slice’s add-on LIED and said we failed it.) 

After that we detour over to the camel boss and grab that achieve, too. Notari is pretty even when riding a camel.

One hump or two?

The gauntlet is kind of a mess. People keep running ahead and pulling the trogs on their own. Somewhere along the way we lose the ret pally and the frickin’ hunter backtracks to mass rez him. The pally gets up but then promptly dies again (I admit, I LOLed.) The speed run achieve doesn’t happen and I think we even did the boss with the pally dead.

After that we skip the optional bosses up top, take our VP and flee.

Overall I would call it a success. Moogik did a good job tanking and I always give thumbs up to anyone willing to tank.

If only we didn’t have to carry Slice…

I have been spoiled

Posted in Healing with tags , , , on July 9, 2012 by zarigar

It began–as it usually does–by Sorak mocking me:

“WTF are you doing in LFR?”

Well, I had thrown my druid in there to get some VP. And if there was something she could pick up for herself, that would be cool, too, but I was looking to throw some VP boots and bracers at my lesser geared toons.

After that it was time for some heroics, but I couldn’t commit to any. I wanted Call to Arms bags, dammit, and I wasn’t going to queue until I got one. I don’t care if I only get Amberjewels or tanking flasks, I wanted my special snowflake reward for specialness.

And because I’m stupid and think I’m too cool for HoT instances, I queued for the lower level ones and of course get the troll instance. Every. Single. Time. When will I learn?

I don’t know which one it is. It’s the one I hate the most of the 2. They are at the boss that randomly kills people and the spirit guy rezzes you midfight. Do you know if you die enough times (YAY SHOCKWAVE BUFF!!!!) eventually the spirits run out and you get no more rezzes? Because I know that now.


And then the game started to be a little bitch to me and tell me CtA was up, but then when the queue popped up the bag would not be listed as a reward. What the hell kind of trick is this? It happened a few times and when I did a quick search online, apparently it is thought to be some kind of bug or just unfortunate timing.

Some people claimed they still got the bag at the end but I wasn’t going to risk it. Hell no. The worst times were when people would not accept the queue and the bag would be gone the next time it came up. Eff that. I declined every time.

I am now an entitled healer and I demand extra rewards for my time!!!!!!!!1111

So of course I did the next sensible thing and switched over to Zari. I’ll take the longer queue times for dps and Blizzard can keep their tease rewards and THEIR LIES!!!!