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The panda shuffle

Posted in MoP with tags , , on October 1, 2012 by zarigar

I will admit I haven’t played as much as I could have, but I was hoping to be at least past level 86 on any of my toons by now. Whoops. I haven’t even made a fat panda monk, but I knew that was something I wouldn’t do initially.

I’ve been doing a round robin of switching between Khiaren, Zarigar and Jendora. Playing the one with the most rest XP has gotten them all to about the same level, but I’ll probably have to focus on one and just work on them. Otherwise no one will be at 90 until around December.

Leveling Jendora has confirmed my fears. I do not like Balance. I do not understand. I read sites and it sounds like Greek to me. So now I just push buttons and keep an eye out for any spells that flash and hope that stuff dies before I do.

What is hilarious is that I estimate I am about halfway through the first zone with Jendora and yet she already has max Inscription. All from the beginner herbs of Jade Forest. I thought it would take more time to level up that profession, but I guess the “fun” of it is trying to learn new recipes each day.

One evening, while Jendora was flailing around with Wraths and Starfires, she ended up grouped with Lyssi and Bocat. It was nice to zoom through some quests quickly but adjusting to where everyone else was on a quest was new. It was hilarious for all of us to jump on Lyssi’s travelling mount, only to see her veer course because an herb dot showed up on the map.

Two quests almost broke me, though. The first was the one where you swim in the small lake and you have to both kill crocodiles and grab some fish. Crocodile kills, fine. Grab fish, gah! Eff, eff, effity, eff! There is a reason I never finished the Vash’jir zone. I hate underwater and I hate 3-D and I hate z-axis and I hate that I am right there by the fish by the stupid hand doesn’t light up and the fish zips away from you at 100 mph and the crocodiles have a 3 second respawn time so I killed like 400 crocodiles in the time it took me to catch 5 fish.

But I’m not bitter or anything.

The second quest was the flashback one where Kyryn goes through the village and you have to snipe all the villagers off her. Gah. That quest kept bugging out on me. It kept skipping parts; like all of a sudden she was in the net and the part with the hozen was skipped. And if I got to the last part where they get swarmed I kept dying. That quest ended my grouping with Lyss and Bocat because I couldn’t get past it and got so frustrated I had to log off.

When I tried again later I changed my tactic from trying to snipe each villager individually to just going all Rambo-style and showering the screen with shots. That worked so much better and I was able to move forward. I was worried when I tried again with Zarigar later, but the same no-finesse style worked again. (I actually found the Alliance version of this quest so much easier.)

The good thing about doing both Horde and Alliance is being able to see both sides of the storyline at one time. It looks like starting with Dawn’s Blossom, the stories converge and they are the same going forward. But prior to that I enjoyed seeing how both factions started off in the new land.

I don’t have pretty screenshots like other bloggers do, but I have been taking my time reading quests and seeing what NPCs have to say. I am glad I did not miss this gem:



It actually made me LOL. Monkeys are always hilarious.

Those two awful quests aside, I am still enjoying the quests and new stuff in Pandaland. Since I’ve gotten my toons to a point where they are all doing the same quests now, it will probably be easier to just pick one and focus on to 90. It really should be my non-herbalist; I’m so tired of all the Green Tea picking.