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Even warlocks get the blues

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , on November 29, 2012 by zarigar

The trouble with alts is when the special, once-a-year events come around it’s hard to find the motivation to work on them with all the toons. Now that achieves are pretty much account wide, that makes it much more difficult to care.

When Pilgrim’s Bounty rolls around, that is one that worries me. I’m glad that I did the rogue shooting one back when we had a central sanctuary that everyone gathered in. I’m glad I don’t have to waste a night trying to sit at enemy capital tables. I’m glad my achieves for that are done and I only have to care if Blizzard adds extra achieves in the future.

The part that nags at me is that it’s a good way to quickly level up a newb toon’s cooking. I don’t NEED to have every toon be a good cook. Some of them have lived for a long time on Hamburger Helper and ramen noodles and whatever cheese they scavenge off their enemies.

But I always think that I SHOULD do it and so I spent an afternoon working on cooking with my death knight. And I was sooo bored. I thought I would try to at least work on it with my goblin lock, but I just couldn’t.

Bocat will appreciate this next part: FUCK YOU CRZ! One more thing I’m glad for, is that I don’t have to try for that ridiculous achieve where you kill a chain of turkeys 40 times in a row. Because there were never turkeys around.

There were always some assholes around. I know they were assholes because all they did was run around and kill turkeys. They didn’t even loot them, they just killed them so that other people couldn’t. If I had been trying for the achieve I would have probably cried. As it was, it was still pretty annoying. I just wanted some damn turkeys so I could level up my cooking!

Instead of cooking, then, Zhari got to work on leveling. Can I say how much I love the 8th Anniversary buff? I did a handful of Outland quests, a few dungeons, and am now queueing up for Northrend instances.

It’s weird to bypass so much of Outland. Even though I’ve done it countless times now it was sad that it went by so quickly. I didn’t even do all of the Outland dungeons.

Of course I did the Caverns of Time one, where I went from adorable goblin to ugly human:

What is that? That is not cute. I just don’t get it.

I just got through taking the alliance DK through Northrend, so I don’t know how much questing I will want to do there with my lock. He may just do most of his leveling via dungeon finder.

I should probably spend some time working on getting another 90 or gearing up Khiaren to actually get into LFR, but I’m enjoying being little and evil.

Just no more ugly human mogs.



Posted in MoP with tags , on November 13, 2012 by zarigar

Aack! Ok, so it’s been way over a month since I posted anything. I well and truly blame my job for this. Without going into too many details there are days where I log off from work and have absolutely no desire to log onto another computer, even to play WoW.

Then there are the days where I’m stuck working forever and ever into the night. Which is just going to be sad now that it gets dark around 5. And the worst part of being a west coast person in an east coast guild is missing out on being on with everyone else. Sometimes I log in at 730 my time and it’s ghost town. Just Zug who apparently never sleeps.

But, to recap what I’ve done since my last post: Zarigar and Khiaren are both level 90. Zarigar has done a couple of raids and Khiaren can’t even get into LFR yet. The rest of my stream of consciousness thoughts:

I hate dailies.

LFR has been surprisingly good for Zari. I’ve gotten shoulders, a necklace, some pants, a mace and a ring. I think he’s gotten something out of every run and so far nothing has been a duplicate.

I’m rarely at my farm and I think some bad panda kids have taken it over to drink and smoke cigarettes.

Rep grinding bores me. (This is a continuation of “I hate dailies.”)

I’m too scared to try pet battling because I think I will start and never stop.

I don’t have a panda monk yet. I don’t know which server to put it on.

My goblin warlock Zhari hit 60 and can fly now and do Outland dungeons but when I queue up I get put into groups full of monks. One group had monk tank, healer and dps. I feel so behind. A goblin, how adorable.

I love that a lot of my alt professions are maxed out and they haven’t yet set foot in Pandaria.

I don’t know when they will actually get leveled because I kind of hate how linear Jade Forest is. Oh, you eventually get to path your way out within the zone, but as far as I can tell you kind of have to do most of it before you can get to the other zones.

And I still hate dailies.