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Trade chat

Posted in Random with tags , , on December 6, 2012 by zarigar

In between [Anal] jokes and people looking for Sha groups, you can find the occasional humorous gem in trade chat:


Oh course, it got quite crude after that, probably to no one’s surprise. It’s just the way of trade chat.


Raiding keeps me humble

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on December 5, 2012 by zarigar

It started off as a quiet night. I had left work early for once, was eating dinner and taking all 9000 alts to Darkmoon Faire to do their monthlies (?). While Lorethos was flinging breaded frogs into a vat of oil, Lyssi asked if I was available to raid.

I had done some of MV with them a while back but I knew they had also started into Heart of Fear, which I had only done on LFR. When Lyssi confirmed that they were going to do some HoF, I did say that I only seen the raid finder version but she said the fight was basically the same.


I remember the first few times SR went into MV. Just getting past the stone dogs was brutal. Now they just go in and clean up. First 3 bosses, bam bam bam!

On to the 4 Kings and where my trouble began. I don’t know if doing LFR has made me arrogant or what. Less then a minute in, dead to shockwave. Fail troll. Popped back up, only to die again to Volley on the 2nd king.

Am I freaking serious? Apparently I had to be brought down a peg by real raiding. Twice dead to stupid, avoidable mechanics. That’s the sad part, is I know where to place myself better and I just didn’t. Even in LFR you have to be aware of all the stuff going on so I can’t use that as an excuse.

The clincher there is that SR has it down so well that they kill the kings anyway. This is my view for several minutes while I wait for them to finish:


so peaceful

I had to wait to take this shot because Slice decided to stand on my head and pewpew for a few minutes. Even now, writing about it, I am so annoyed at myself for dying on this boss. It shouldn’t have happened. Bah!

Onward to Heart of Fear and my new hell. Oh sure, the fight is basically the same, but there is a huge difference between ignoring all mechanics and playing the fight correctly.

Oh this fight. What’s with the dancing bosses, Blizz? Do you hate me?

I have nightmares of Heigan to this day. Getting the Safety Dance achievement by deliberately staying outside the room while everyone else went in.

And of Alysrazor’s tornadoes. Don’t get hit we want the achievement! Gah pressure!

Now we have Attunement, or whatever the hell it’s called. What’s odd is I can see the spiraling pattern. I get the little arrow from DBM or whatever showing which direction it’s going to go. But on some attempts I can’t get my hands and my brain to work together and dance like I should.

AND IT NEVER ENDS. I don’t just have to live through it once or twice. Oh no. It’s the fight. Do it or bring the whole raid down.

Also, can we lower the cooldown of selfrez from a half hour, please Blizz? I thought there was a glyph to lower it but I didn’t see one. Maybe it was an old talent that got taken out.

Either way, as always, it sucks to die so early and then they use a battle rez on you. Only to then have someone else go down who could have benefited from the battle rez more than I; especially when some of the attempts are so close. There is seriously nothing fun about being dead and having to watch everyone else pick up your slack.

(I’m pretty sure if I go back into my past posts I’ll find a similar sad post after some Alysrazor attempts. LOL)

Thankfully he did finally go down. This troll has been humbled; I return to LFR with my mohawk a little more droopy.