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Oops!… I Did It Again

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So, yeah, Zhari hit 90 last night and joins Zarigar and Jendora as my max level toons on Drak. And, yes, I just did a post about when Jendora hit 90. Again, yes, I am probably insane.

This is the part where I go “I totally hit 90 by accident” but that would be a lie. Level 89 to 90 takes so long, but around 60-something percent, it’s like you can see the finish line. Something in that just motivates to finish it all out.

So here is Zhari at 90. Truthfully he doesn’t look all that different from Zhari at 89.

a goblin and his fan

a goblin and his fan

It’s actually kind of hilarious the difference between Jendora and Zhari. Jendora sucked. (Well, I suck at boomkin but I put the blame on her.) Doing those beginner Klaxxi quests was hell with her. She could only pull 1 at a time and had to heal herself up after every fight.

Zhari would just send his beefed-up voidwalker in and nab as many as possible. That little guy can hold aggro. It seriously felt like playing EZ mode after boomkin flailing.

Remember all my anti-warlock rants? Good times.

So now I have 1 dedicated dps, 1 dedicated healer and 1 dps who will heal only under threat of torture. I’m kind of scared to gear up Zhari now and have one more person for the LFR shuffle. Though I am kind of curious to take him out to Dino Island and see if the mobs there will smack some humility into him.

If he solos Devilsaur then I have a new main. 😛


A troll and his stick

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When you log into the game and the guild message reads GO DO THE NEW LFR IT’S SUPER EASY!!!! you think “why, Sorak hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I do believe I shall queue for the new LFR.” And so you queue.

And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

You go get mail. You make dinner. You eat dinner. You even get bored and do DAILIES.

But finally, your queue pops. You load into the game and land right in the middle of a trash fight.

Oh good, I waited 47 years for an in-progress LFR. I looked at the loot table and I saw that the turtle boss has a shield. The turtle boss is the first boss. This group is already past that. So whether I finish this one or not I still have to queue again and do all that waiting over.

Bah. Fine. Let’s do this last boss then. With my luck I would drop and then end up in another half of a group again.

So, yeah, I had no idea what I was doing. And sadly neither did anyone else. There were birds and green stuff on the ground and people getting blown off the platform.

Thankfully LFR buffs you 5% after every wipe. So at 20% our little LFR just brute forced the bird down LFR. 20% is 4 wipes/5 attempts which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in LFR that is an eternity. Especially when you have to wait for healer #6 each time.

Last night I went back to finish up the first 2 bosses of that and I even went and watched a video of the turtle. OMG. So much crap flying everywhere. It was normal raid mode so I knew it would be scaled down some for LFR but it still looked a mess. (Ok, the part where you kick turtle shells at the big guy’s face seems fun.)

I think the turtle went down after 2 attempts; the first attempt we all devoured by the bats. Bag of gold. Use my shiny new mogu coin relic thing whatever. More gold.


Onward to weird tentacle boss. I don’t even know what is supposed to be happening with this fight. The only thing we did was cluster up in a group (not a fight for SR!) and alternate killing the red and green tentacles. It doesn’t seem like a fun fight for heals, though.

When he died I won a stick. To replace my blue shield I got a purple stick. (Filthy!)


What are you looking at?

I don’t even know why Blizz hates me. That thing is ugly. It has a creepy eye on it that looks around. I hate it. It should be class specific to warlocks and their little blackened souls; not given to sweet, innocent shaman who only want a nice shield to weigh them down and keep them from standing upright.

I even tried to mog it with a shield and the Consortium guy laughed at me and said “bitch, please.”

Now I can’t even go farm MV LFR for that shield since even if I won it, it would be a downgrade in stats. And as much as I hate the stick, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Of course I should run MV because now I WOULD WIN IT.

This is what happens when I listen to Sorak.

Everyone is leveling alts

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You don’t think so? The look at these posts by Arvash, Repgrind and Arioch. Though in Arioch’s case she leveled her alt first…


I’m a little surprised that Zarigar got to stay the only max toon on Drak for so long. I could blame all those dailies for taking up all that alt leveling time, except I didn’t do them. It’s actually kind of shameful that even Rekcals Karos had more max toons than I did.

I blame ping-ponging through my stable. Most of them have at least set foot in Pandaland, except for the mage. (No! You get off that airship now and get back into the bank!) I even went all OCD last night and rearranged my loading screen so that the max level toons were on top, and then put the rest in descending order of level.

I know…I need help.

It’s funny when I come in and read about how much Arioch hates heroics and doesn’t want to take her newest main through them, when I was all ready to post about how much I like them. On my healing druid, no less.

No daily grind for Jendora. It’s all heroics for her. Sometimes they really suck, but for the most part they are pretty fun.

She gets the benefit of a much shorter queue time and every once in a while even gets to Call to Arms. It would be nice if Shado Pan Monastery wasn’t in the mix so often, especially when there are 1 or 2 I know she still hasn’t seen. (Gate of the Setting Sun, where are you?)

Zarigar has already maxed out his VP for the week and Jendora is 1 run away from the same. I don’t remember the last time Zari maxed out, so it’s funny to me to almost have 2 done.

One odd benefit of running so many dungeons is all the JP Jendora picks up. 120 per boss. She’s pulling that stuff in hand over fist. Where is the upgrade guy now?!?!?!!? *sob*

Instead I’ve just been using that extra JP to upgrade old heirlooms. All of Jendora’s spell leather will be passed on to baby monk, who should hopefully be making an appearance someday soon. (As unplayed level 1, he is on the bottom of the loading screen totem pole.)

Hilariously, Jendora still doesn’t quite have the ilevel to get into LFR. I think she is still 3 points away. After I finish up my last random for the week I may just go through and pick & choose the dungeons that have the potential upgrades.

Or wait until next week. There’s no hurry. I still have other alts to level.

Why I no can haz shield?

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LFR, you suck.

Increased drop rate, my ass. The only thing increased is I just get more copies of the things I already have. Or worse, get gear that is worse than what I already have.

So I’m still rocking a ghetto blue shield, despite running LFR almost every week. Who knows how many gold coins I have wasted for 28g?

The only bright spot is it is the first half of MV, which isn’t too bad. If it was in that wretched Heart of Fear I would just give up and go play Hello Kitty.

As it is, I am contemplating giving up on the shield and using one of those stupid fans. I haven’t brought myself to pull that trigger, because…a fan? Really? That is just so wrong on an aesthetic level. Don’t make me do it, Blizz!

If I go with the fan, can I at least transmog it to look like a shield? Can I hide my shame that way?

Stupid LFR…

Another 90

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I finally did it. I thought it was going to be the warlock, but it ended up being the druid. I kind of blame Darkmoon Faire for this. As I was going through each toon, doing their monthly quests out there, I saw that pretty much all of them had that grisly trophy quest still.

So then I started playing each of them long enough to finish it out and turn it in. Why? I don’t know why. That quest doesn’t even give XP, just rep. It was on toons that barely get played, so why did I care if it stayed in their log another month (or 8)?

But care I did, so they each got a couple of hours to pick up their ears and turn that in. So that next month I can pick it up and do it all over again. Anyway, in doing so I saw that Jendora was actually pretty close to 88 and she should have enough rest XP stored up to get her pretty far. I don’t know if it was the new patch stuff or just Jendora’s natural luck, but she came across no one the times she was leveling. No alliance anywhere.

Somehow Jendora flailed and moonbeamed spammed her way to max level. In between terrible boomkin play she healed some instances, it’s not very exciting though when there are only 2 instance that come up and one is that awful, awful monastery. I didn’t really think it through, though. I thought I would be happy and relieved to finally put away that boomkin spec until I remembered that 90 is just the start of dailies and it will never end.

The AH on Drak is pretty miserable for gear. (I would blame AHmule but I don’t think he dabbles outside the gem market.) There wasn’t a whole lot to pick up for my newest 90.

Jendora has Inscription but I couldn’t even make the staff, unfortunately she didn’t have enough motes. (The dark side to leveling primarily through dungeon finder.) I was able to make a fan and run a quick scenario for a new weapon. She used her JP to buy a wrist piece, then I ran her through her first heroic (Scholomance!) where she promptly picked up an ever better wrist piece. Yay for refunding!

That was basically all I was able to get through last night. Thanks to Daylight Savings it was already 1 am. I’ll have to go through Zarigar’s LW and see what ghetto PvP pieces he can make to fake bump Jendora’s ilevel. It might still be a while before she’s LFR ready, but I’ll be damned if I go boomkining my way through dailies.

(Next week’s post will be about me complaining about doing dailies as a boomkin.)

SR meet: Haiku

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There may be an actual post to come later, but for now enjoy these crudely written attempts at haiku:



starburst in his mouth

don’t you see him bleed for you?

who is the vice now



WoW enabler

awesome mat and cards for all

lock that chair in place



left us toys in bed

nasty pizza tastes so bad

where my cholula?



the HFB yo

elastic pants next time yo

don’t trust his ‘riff yo



follow the hunter

around the u-turn we go

google maps own us



shoots Adoe for fun

sucks you got stuck with Jaina

she will never win



alliance shirt worn

almost left at the airport

I don’t like prison