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Of broken carnies

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on April 11, 2013 by zarigar

Darkmoone Faire.

I love it.

I hate it.

There shouldn’t be a whole lot more to say about it, but somehow I do. One thing I’ve noticed in parading the alts through there is seeing which toons I’ve actually spent some time on and which ones are just placeholders. If you are toon with no secondary professions to level and I just send you out there to do your main profession, you’re probably just a throwaway toon. You’ll be kept around until I need your character slot for someone new.

If you don’t even have first aid, then be very afraid for your future virtual life. First aid is ridiculous now. You just need to get past the linen bandage stage and you can just work on it via healing carnies. Even my healers have first aid.

Having first aid won’t necessarily save you, but if you don’t even have that basic skill trained then it’s not looking very good for you. It’s very convenient having the broken carnies all in one place. I don’t even have to travel far from the questgiver to get it done. (I’m totally looking at you blacksmithing and fishing questgivers!)

Every time I go to heal a carnie and they say this:


I always think “well maybe you shouldn’t be trying to move your arm.” I may have the skill level to heal you, but that doesn’t mean it comes with any sympathy.

What? You want trolls to be sympathetic? This whole patch has been devoted to slaughtering them. That kind of pain can’t be erased with a few ticks of a bandage.


April fool

Posted in Alt with tags , , on April 1, 2013 by zarigar

Apparently if you are a max cap toon in my stable I will not be content until you can queue for LFR. So Zhari the goblin lock ran eleventy million instances to gear up. He finally got the magic 460 and off he went.

Both halves of MV and he was done. He was also VP capped.

This is maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve capped VP since MoP came out. I guess unless I am single-mindedly trying to gear up a toon I just can’t hit that limit. At this rate Zarigar will be collecting his 6000 VP for the Black Prince until Christmas.

Once Zhari was capped I was done with him. So the logical thing would be to play either Zarigar or Jendora, since they now have a VP bonus. I mean, that would make sense, right?


Why make sense? I’ve been alternating running Lorethos and Tenderloyne through one random a day. In my mind, I’m taking advantage of that bonus rep you get for championing a MoP faction. Unfortunately neither one has taken more than a few steps into Pandaland, so the only faction they are earning is Shado-Pan.

This is like Darkmoon Faire. Every month I log onto every toon and take them out to the Faire. They do their “monthlies” and get their 5 bonus points for their professions. I say that they are getting freebie points, when sadly if I just took some time to work on their professions I could probably max them out. Instead they get their 5 points and back to the waiting room they go for another month.

It’s not the most efficient way to do things, I know, but it’s my way. Alts are bad. They do nothing but spread you out too thin.

(But they are so much fun.)

Except for that mage. She’s lucky she’s my JC or she would be demoted even further down to bank bitch.