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Shammy shields!

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It was a big week for Team Zarigar. Most of them got VP capped and raised their ilevels enough to either get into LFR or be able to queue further into it. (Upgrade vendor, I’ve missed you so; please never leave me!)

I even logged onto Winterhoof to see what’s going on with my Alliance shammy. The good news was that she could queue for MV, and that’s about it. Eh what the heck, a pity run for her would be super nice of me.

It is so weird to play the same class with different levels of gear. Zarigar and Khiaren are both elemental shaman but they don’t feel the same at all. If nothing else it makes me much happier to go running back to Horde.

At the last boss she picked up some gold. And the little bonus roll box came up. Oh bless her heart, she still has gold coins. What the heck? Use one up…and she gets a shield.


Bwahahaha. She actually was still using a shield from Gate of the Setting Sun, so she didn’t have to take that awkward “fan intermediate” step. Good for her, although really I should NOT have been surprised that a toon that’s rarely played gets to have a shield.

So then back to Horde to throw Zarigar at Tortos. Loot drop: gold. Waste a Mogu coin to get…a shield?


Zarigar finally gets to have a shield, too?


Sweet baby Jesus, thank you. No more ridiculous eyeball stick with an excess of Hit. I get to wear a shield like a proper shaman. My first instinct was to go run it to the upgrade guy and throw some VP into it, but I decided to wait and see if I could press my luck with the Twin Consorts. The shield they drop would cut out some of the spirit for a little more intellect.

I know, that was super greedy, but I was on a roll. Alas, no other shield for me, even though I got a fresh run on a Monday night, how much more luck was I expecting?

Now we all just look at the ridiculous paladin with a fan still and shake our heads. But at least my shammy has a shield now.

A shield that I will be mogging soon because for something I’ve wanted forever and ever it’s actually quite ugly.



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Thanks to my druid I actually got one of my toons VP capped earlier than Sunday night. (And thanks to Sorak for letting me heal instead of making me go boomkin and then laughing when I did less damage than a resto shammy.)

With my new VP cap it was time to go back to the warlock. His luck in LFR has been kind of hit or miss. He had some drops but was still carrying awful trinkets and rings. Those low level pieces were holding his ilevel back to 479. Does that sound familiar?

Thankfully my new best friend the upgrade guy was back in town so I was able to burn off some of that JP and make my trinkets a little less sucky. It also gave me that last point I needed. Off to kill trolls!


What my warlock has over my other toons is that I’ve actually made him go to dailies. So he had some Mogu runes burning a hole in his robes. Time to spend.

First boss: gold + bonus gold. This is going well.

Second boss: gold + what’s this?


Some strange thing just dropped into my bag. Ooh a little pet. Let’s learn him.






(He probably looks more adorable next to my creepy minion who is eyeing that female pandaren like she’s his next snack.)

I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

If I ever do When I get around to pet battles he will be on my team.

Oh yeah, third boss I got new robes + glove token with bonus roll, but I got an adorable dino y’all!

Not a fan

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Well it is a fan. I’m just not a fan of the fan.


This is a paladin with a fan. Or course the fan dropped for her in MSV. Why would I be so silly as to think the shield would?

WTF, Blizz, why you hate me so?

Enjoy your new stupid fan, cow.

And then there were 5

Posted in Uncategorized on May 20, 2013 by zarigar

No suspense here: I have 5 90s on 1 server now. Somebody please stop me.

Shaman, druid, warlock, paladin, priest…just enough to give me the achievement for 5. As I mentioned to Rep yesterday, since it doesn’t look like there are any more achievements beyond 5, it’s not looking so great for the mage right now.

Lorethos was kind of odd in that he really did very little questing. Even my paladin did most of Jade Forest. Lorethos was at level 89 and he still hadn’t gotten to that starter Hozen village. He was still sitting on that quest where you have to strap yourself to a flying machine and throw shuriken at 50 hozen or something.

He just did cooking/fishing dailies and ran instances. Not the most glamorous or efficient way to level, but he wasn’t a priority. At about 89 1/2 I finally made it out to the Vale to set my Pandaland hearth. Then a few quests to ding up and the gearing game begins again.

I’ve done this before and the routine is the same. The only difference was when Adoe logged on and changed the guild message advising everyone to cap their VP for the patch. None of my toons was capped. If I was trying to be efficient I would have concentrated on 1 until he was capped, then work on everyone else when the buff was active.

Eh, I’ve never been accused of being efficient. I decided to stay focused on the priest, running chain heroics until he was geared for LFR and hope I could get him capped first.

I ended up using the same strategy I had just used for my pally: I used my VP to buy the Shado-Pan cloak which tipped my ilevel just enough to get me into LFR. I got a ring and a new cloak (lower ilevel than the SP one, of course) and then ran back to return the SP cloak. I lost a little ilevel but it’s still enough for LFR and I got to keep my VP stash.

I think I am good with my 5 for now. I’m stubbornly refusing to use the mage for anything more than gem bitch and the next closest is my DK, who I’ll have to level almost exclusively with questing. Or I could get the monk off Panda island.

We’ll see.

One more point

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All I needed was one more point to be able to queue my new pally for LFR. Since it was Monday night, I really wanted to get an attempt in before everything reset.

So I kept running stuff and I would get drops, but they were the wrong kind of drops. I got a shield in Gate of the Setting Sun (yay!) which was an upgrade, but I had the inscription fan in my bag so I didn’t give me an ilevel boost.

Why not equip the fan? Shut up shut up shut up! Pallies don’t get fans! It’s bad enough I have a shaman with a stick! That fan is for my priest.

(And yes, I know that ranting about it means LFR is going to give my pally the fan offhand instead of the shield. I accept this but I will not willingly equip a fan unless I have to!)

No drops for me, but as I was leveling my paladin I was taking advantage of the bonus faction rep for running a random each day. She was already honored with Shado Pan so I knew eventually I would just get enough VP for the cloak and that would be that. Sure I wanted to be ready sooner than that, but Blizzard hates me so that was what ended up happening.

Finally I could get into MSV LFR. I am being nice when I say that the Monday night LFR crew is not exactly the A-squad of WoW.

3 other holy paladins in with me? Yes, that sounds about right.

It’s actually kind of hilarious when I cheese my way into LFR and I am not the worst person there. The “raid leader” was one of the other holy pallies and he bragged that he had just hit 90 and was his first time there. You don’t say. He was so vocal about the “fail dps” and the “fail tanks” that I took satisfaction in staying above him on the healing charts. (AMG EPEEN!!!!!!)

For my troubles that run I got a new ring. Ok, that’s cool. Our illustrious raid leader then said that he was going to queue for the 2nd half so anyone that wanted to continue could stay.

I dropped.

Putzed around, queued up for the 2nd half. Oh, yes, I got into the raid with my new holy pally buddy. The tank promptly said he was stoned and had no idea what he was doing. So, you know, just a normal LFR run…

Elegon was a wipe when both tanks fell the first time the floor disappeared. One tank then left and we were in queue forever. I did consider leaving, but it seemed like this was the only LFR going on anyway and I really just wanted to finish. Finally one of the dps stepped up tank and he died. For that I got a new helm.

The last boss was uneventful and I was done with my first week of MSV. Yesterday, when I ran it again, it was funny how much smoother everything went.

Sadly the only drop I got was the same helm I already won. So that’s another toon with no shield. But at least I haven’t been given the fan.

Pally makes number 4

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This was a very odd weekend for me. I was sick with a cold and I hate hate hate being sick. No, people don’t like being sick; but I hate it. It always makes me sleep funny and I end up awake at 6am on a Saturday despite being up until 3.

Wonky sleep schedule = random play time! Yay!

In case you have an outdated scorecard, my max toons on Drak are a shaman, a warlock and a druid. For the longest time I only had the shaman at max. It really is just recently that the warlock and druid leveled up.

Now I have a paladin.

“Zarigar, why?” you ask. “What is going on in that mohawked head?”

Who knows. I am insane.

Oh yes, it is another healer.

My paladin and my priest both got played a little more to take advantage of the bonus faction rep that you now get when you run randoms. Despite not doing more than a few quests in Jade Forest, they are both already honored with Shado Pan.

They’ve both kind of hovered at level 88 together, then the pally just pulled ahead. Before I knew it she was at 89 and I just finished her out.

So I have 4 max toons on Drak, almost to be 5. Lorethos is right behind still. I thought I wouldn’t get them leveled up until the grind from 85-90 was lowered but oh well.

Of course when I level a new toon all the other ones get shuffled to the side. I oddly like the gearing up phase where you just run chain heroics all day.

It’s interesting when you start off and they are so difficult, especially with a healer who is gasping for mana the entire run. (Bless you, random boomkin who kept putting Innervate on me.) Then it starts getting much easier as you gear up and you don’t have to drink so often.

My pally is now about 3 points away from LFR. It is my goal to get that done tonight. I realize that is insane.

But what else am I going to do? Level my mage?