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The new Slice

Posted in Healing, Raiding with tags , , , , on June 5, 2013 by zarigar

It’s the rare Tuesday when I can be logged on and playing at a decent hour so I guess it was destiny for me to raid last night. I’m sure the fact that they were missing like half their raid and they took all 10 logged on people doesn’t take away from my special snowflake-ness. Actually I think they’ve been rotating people in and using more back-ups, but it was still odd not to see Slice and Lyssi and Wok and Shadeey.

I was finishing up a TOES LFR on Lorethos when the grumblings started about putting the raid together. I was able to go but not sure what they needed. Jendora and Tenderloyne would have been lesser geared duplicates to Zarm and Vanicus. Zarigar and Zhari were options for dps, but I was already logged onto Lorethos.

I could be the new Slice! How hard could it be? I mean, we both like being pretty.

Going in as a healer meant Sorak could dps. While I’m sure Sorak > Lorethos in healing, I was also sure that the difference in Sorak > Zarigar in dps would be much more beneficial. As an added bonus that made me the only clothie.

My MoP “real” raiding history is the first wing or so of MV on Jendora, the first couple of bosses in HoF on Jendora (gah Attunement!) and one night on Zarigar spent wiping on the council in ToT. So not really the most impressive.

The vast majority of my raiding has been LFR and it’s funny how noticeably lazier that apparently made me. In LFR I mostly just amuse myself by smiting all the things and healing through Atonement. Every once in a while I’ll cast Cascade just to see balls of light fly through the air.

Now they were asking me for “cooldowns” and to cast things like “barrier” and “pain suppression.”

Um, come again?

I thought my role here was to provide Zarm with Leap of Faith via Symbiosis so that he could make Sorak die a lot. It was very confusing to me to know when they wanted me to heal Sorak and when they wanted to just let him die.

There was so much dying just in the trash to the first boss. I don’t know if that is normal or just that I didn’t know what I was doing but then I was super nervous for the first boss. OMG pleasepleaseplease don’t let me kill the raid with a lightning ball.

Hilariously, the boss is a one-shot, and I am so relieved I don’t pay attention to where I am and I step into an electrified pool. Oh, oops. And now my corpse is on fire. Thanks, Van. I guess I am really raiding now if people are torching my dead body. But I do get a new healer cloak so that’s ok.

Horridon is also one-shotted, though it got kind of deathy at the end and I was OOM for the last 30 seconds or so. It’s crazy remembering the posts people had about him, and now they just kind of barrel through him. Being the only one who could equip wands worked in my favor when one dropped. (I was still using an upgraded blue wand. Even unsocketed it was a way better upgrade.)

The council fight was a little more tricky. This was where they wanted all those “…own” things. And they I started to flashback to spending an entire evening on just this fight. PTSD! Aaaaaaargh!

The first attempt was a wipe but I think we got it on the next try. I went OOM again, which was particularly scary when they say “your job is to keep Arv alive.” Aack! But Arv likes to jump in front of things and take damage.

They dropped the tier gloves, which I guess both pallies already had since I ended up with them. So, yes, 3 drops in 3 bosses. Ninja Lorethos is in your raid, taking all your loot. Like Van said, he is going to end up being my best geared toon. 😦

After that fight there is apparently a cutscene that I never knew about. Everyone was mocking it and I was just sitting there enjoying it. Ha! You do miss out on stuff if you only raid via LFR.

Next was Tortos and that’s where we got stuck. I think we wiped like 47 times. I hate this fight in LFR and not just because the little bitch never drops my shield. I don’t even try to dodge the shells and just eat them in LFR. They seem to be slower in the normal raid but I was still not able to dodge as many as I would have liked.

Eventually the raid got called there and I got to run off with all my preciouses to enchant and gem. Lorethos ended up increasing his ilevel by 10 points. He’s not quite caught up to Zarigar yet but he’s getting there.

My smites are going to hit so much harder in LFR now.