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This is what happens without raiding

Posted in Achievement with tags , , , , on June 5, 2012 by zarigar

Suck it, Sorak! I guess now I can see what’s up with those arch quests they have in some dungeons.

It wasn’t a terrible as I thought it would be, just a little tedious and boring at times. I don’t have any plans to do it all over again–I’m not entirely crazy–but never say never. I probably should have made one of my dwarf toons be the archaeologist, but oh well.

I did throw arch on some of the lower leveled toons. I’m not going to actively work on it with them, but if they happen to be in a zone questing already and there is a digsite then it will be handy to have an extra source of XP. Trying to focus on archaeology on a toon that can’t fly would be the death of me so I’m not falling for that trap.

Some of the digsites were annoying when I COULD fly. Totally looking at you, Feralas. I will say that it was much easier once I was at Outland/Northrend levels just because everything was confined to a much smaller continent.

Now that that’s done with, what annoying time-suck should I work on next?


510 eggs

Posted in Achievement, Holiday, Zarigar with tags , , , , on April 16, 2012 by zarigar

That’s how many eggs it took Zarigar to get the stupid Noblegarden mount. 500 to buy it and 10 that I accidentally turned in for the stupid daily so I had to go collect more to make them up.

I also ended up finding some tuxedo pants and a shirt so picked up that achievement, as well. No fancy dress, though, and I don’t care. Once I had enough for the mount I was done.

It took several days to collect all the eggs I needed, because I would get bored so easily and have to run away and do something else. There was rarely anyone else at Bloodhoof Village, so I would just run around in ghost wolf form making the circuit. I don’t know how many times I would see that stupid wolf running through the village and think it was another shammy collecting eggs. >.<

It would have been nice to get the mount as a drop and not have to collect all those eggs, but I guess I am not that lucky. I should just be grateful that the mount wasn’t only available as a random drop. Knowing there was a definite end helped a lot.

But oh, how I cursed those eggs. It got to the point where if it wasn’t a chocolate I was pissed. I got like 6 bouqets, 4 branches, 3 pets, 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

After about 200 eggs I was wondering which would piss me off more: if I never got the mount and had to collect all 500 or if the mount finally dropped after wasting so much time farming. I think I might have been mad if the drop came and I was left with hundred of chocolates. What was I going to do? Buy more stupid rabbit pets and ship them off to alts?

Anyway, that nonsense is done. No other toon will be collecting eggs; I would rather do archaelogy at this point.

With no fanfare at all

Posted in Achievement, Alt with tags , on January 16, 2012 by zarigar

I now have a level 85 death knight.

There was originally no plan for it, though. I just logged into Drak, watched a tumbleweed roll on by, then decided to take my DK out mining.

Once I logged on and saw that she was 76% through 84 with the little left being all rest XP, I went “eh” and decided to quest out that last little bit. It’s kind of sad; all of my other toons I was happy to get to 85 and once they got to the Cata zones it was all about questing and dungeons and getting to the end.

But now…eh. Sabryel actually hit 85 finishing up the questline in Twilight Highlands where you go into the Maw of Madness or something and Thrall yells at you because you suck and let the whole world die. So she actually got that achievement at the same time as the 85 one.

And there were no grats because, of course, no one was on. In a weird way, that was sort of fitting for her, since I’ve treated her like the redheaded stepchild of all my toons. Even now that she’s max level I don’t really have any plans for her. She most likely has a long future of being a mining bitch ahead of her.

Once the others hit 85 it was all about doing heroics and, later, gearing up for LFR. Now, it’s just more eh. Playing a DK still feels like random button mashing to me. Ooh something lit up, let’s press it.

Maybe I will take her into some instances just to see how awful she is. I should start tracking “Sabryel/pug/sucks/noob” to see what kind of blogs posts she becomes the subject of.

Or maybe if some guildies are ever on Vanicus can relive her triumph of healing a run of all death knights. What a glorious moment that could be for her.


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…and other assorted news from the past few days.

Fail DK has a new home

It was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, most of House Vol is scattered to the winds. There were only a handful of people left in that guild, mostly just forgotten alts and people who are no longer playing. The guild vaults had long since been locked down due to a previous hacker experience.

So off DK went to Shadow Rising, to join the co-mains. It’s much more fun to be around actual people and not be alone. Even if I’m not in the mood to be social it’s nice to have them around.

Beware the mudpie

I finally took Zarigar into an ICC. I don’t remember the last time he went. I usually just take Lorethos since that’s the toon I feel comfortable using as a flex healer when necessary.

I wanted to see how Zarigar did with the new patch changes and to try out the new AOE earthquake spell–which I have dubbed “the mudpie”. I’m not really used to having an AOE like that and everything felt really awkward for most of the raid.

The rotation feels different and weird. It’s not just mindlessly casting lightning bolts while waiting for things to come off cooldown. Oh, Lava Surge…ack, Lava Burst has been reset. Must cast now!!!

The mudpie proved to be handy on the Sindy trash. I think I had to smoke a cigarette after that was done.


I love, love, love achievements that are based on RNG. [/sarcasm]

This is the problem with working on holiday achievements on multiple characters. You start comparing them to each other.

Like why the person who already has the Sparkling Teeth achievement (or whatever it’s called) keeps getting the toothpicks while the person who doesn’t have it keeps getting turned into a bat. Or why my cloth wearer gets the Horseman’s Helm out of the loot bag. Can’t sell it, can’t trade it, can’t vendor it, can’t shard it. Uh, yay, I get to DELETE it! (Guess I wasn’t quite done with the sarcasm.)

Does each toon really need 6 squashlings?

Thank you, increased drop rates, now both my priest and my shaman have gotten the Horseman’s Reins.

But the biggest pain remains the “collect all 20 of these masks” nonsense. Maybe you could get it…if you were on all the time…and maximized your trick or treat options…and didn’t get tricked a lot (giggity)…and got a treat bag…that contained a mask…that you didn’t already have.

*waits for someone to post how they have had the achievement since 2008*

Ahune is my beeyotch

Posted in Achievement with tags , , , , on July 1, 2010 by zarigar

Raids are on hiatus this week, so that means more time for the holiday tasks. Lorethos ended up getting the frostling pet immediately after Zarigar (and the enchanting recipe from the same run), and neither one particularly needs frost emblems, so I’ve kind of slacked off on doing the Ahune kills for them.

Enter the return of my draenei priest. 2 minutes work for 2 frost emblems? No problem. And as long as I’m on, I might as well run a heroic for 2 more. I’m not sure why this has now become an obsession in getting her emblems. She would be rolling in them by now if I had been running one heroic a day for her all these months.

The last time I played her as a healer for any length of time I had to combat “angry healer” syndrome. Now I think I just have “apathy healer” syndrome.

Who cares?

I can’t tell you how many pets and minions I see rushing into Ahune when he’s in defensive mode. I don’t play a pet class, so I don’t know if this is intentional or unavoidable. I just watch them run in and immediately get bounced back out. And they run back in again.

Huh. All right. Well, if you don’t care enough to put your pets on targets that aren’t going to chew them up, I’m not going to waste mana keeping them alive.

Beyond that, I think Ahune is kind of a fun fight. I do cry a bit when I see players getting launched into the air. The damage done is minimal, but I wonder if these are the same people who sit in fires in raids. And then I lose focus and find myself flying through the air and wonder how that happened.

The second part of the fight is my favorite. I get to jump in and help pewpew. A little shadow word pain, some devouring plague. And, of course, my favorite: the lolsmite.

I like to think I’m helping. The only time we’ve had to repeat the process was the time I beat a warlock in overall damage. Uh, ok. Maybe he was gimped by having his minion die so early.

Yeah, that’s it.

It’s getting hot in here

Posted in Achievement with tags , , , on June 28, 2010 by zarigar

Hot. It’s so hot outside. And it’s only going to get worse. I went outside yesterday afternoon and decided I should take my plan to become a total shut-in to the next level. At least until October. I wonder if I could find a grocery store that delivers…

peekaboo I see you

Are my groceries here yet?

Of course, all that extra time in my air-conditioned apartment = moar WoW. And what better way to remind yourself how hot it is that doing the Midsummer Fire achievements? (Even though summer actually started sometime last week, but whatever.)

I thought I was going to do them mostly on Lorethos, so I was surprised when I went to see how much of it Zarigar had completed and saw that all of those achievements hadn’t yet been done. I know some of the incomplete ones got reset or something but it seemed odd that he hadn’t done anything.

Until I remembered that I wasn’t really playing WoW very much last summer. I’m not sure what I was doing but I do remember just taking a break from the game. So I missed the whole event last year. I don’t think I even came back until sometime during the Brewfest holiday.

So, as much as I was planning on retired Zarigar for a while, I’m taking him off the shelf and working on some of these achievements. Even though a lot of holiday stuff can be a pain, it is nice working on other stuff besides raiding and dailies.

Of course, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I’m not sure how many of these I will get through. I’m working on the bonfires all over the world, but I’m not taking a path that any sane or normal person would take. I pretty much fly from fire to fire; sometimes I’ll detour to the alliance fire, sometimes not. As soon as my LFG pops up for Ahune, I run in there, kill him, collect my loots and switch over to Lorethos and do the same thing again.

The closer the end of the holiday comes, the more I will probably buckle down and actually fill in the missing gaps for some of the achievements. I have to say though, the ~20g for each set of Horde/Alliance fires is pretty nice. Just flying around Outland picking up gold for 15 minutes worth of work was pretty sweet.

What’s also pretty sweet is the 2 extra frost emblems each day for killing Ahune. If you need emblems, this is an easy way to increase your total. And then, the other day, on Zarigar I got something called Ice Chip.

Which turned out to be a pet!

I'm going to name him George!

He is the mini version of my Earth Elemental. They are like twinsies, except for the fact that I can’t make him tank for me:

Party people in the house.

I’m surprised I don’t hate this holiday more. Back to peeing on more Alliance fires.

Holiday blues

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Another holiday come and gone and I can’t really muster up the energy to care. Despite the fact that it’s free gold for dragging a child all over Azeroth, I couldn’t really get into Children’s Week this year.

Mommy, mommy buy me a dragon toy!

I could join the line of people complaining about the School of Hard Knocks achievement–and God knows I try to avoid PVP when I can–but that wasn’t the reason. I think that’s the only one Zarigar needs for the Children’s Week meta, but I don’t really care enough to check.

If I have to pin it down on something, I would guess temporary boredness with some parts of the game. I could use more money, but I can’t really get into doing dailies. Some free frost badges would be nice, but I get bored after doing one random on Lorethos. I could work on my new mage, but I’m not really looking forward to leaving the starting areas and worrying about getting ganked again.

Bored now.

Will Cata fix it?

Cata will fix everything.