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Beta & boredom

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , on April 6, 2012 by zarigar

The other morning I checked my email and there was a pretty little invite into the beta for MoP. “That’s nice,” I thought but didn’t really think anything else about it. I didn’t rush over to the computer to immediately start downloading the beta. “Maybe this weekend or whenever.”

What it did make me do was think about how (relatively) close that makes the end of Cata and the coming of MoP. And from what I’ve read from others, they absolutely cannot wait. Most of my last several posts have been about my friends being bored and going off to do other things.

Which made me wonder, why aren’t I as bored and why aren’t I more ready for MoP?

Is it my ridiculous number of alts? Is it the fact that I have so many of them, each with different plans and goals? Hmm, I don’t think so. They tend to follow the same path when leveling and gearing up; so if anything, doing the same questlines over and over should have burned me out long ago. 

I think all these things saying “MoP is coming! MoP is coming!” is only just reminding me of all the things in Cata that still have to do and see. I don’t know if it was because we only had 5 levels to grind, but it seemed like I only saw parts of a zone before I was off into the next one. Ding! Oh, goodbye weird underwater zone. Ding! Good luck, Harrison Jones.

Each toon that made their way to 85 pretty much took the same path. So now I have a handful of max toons who have never seen a lot of stuff in Cata. I think the only zone I’ve actually “finished” is Deepholm. I blasted through a lot of story.

So now I have to decide if I want to go back and look at some of this stuff before it’s too late. (Too late in the sense of doing it before MoP.) I would like to have someone finish each zone at least once. Even that awful, awful Vash’jir.

As for the beta, I will probably give it a whirl. I really am excited to play MoP when it comes out. I just want to be satisfied with Cata first.

#$!% this

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , , on December 5, 2011 by zarigar

How many updates have we had since 4.3 and they still won’t fix the mature language nonsense? I can’t have it be resetting every time I log out. Fuck that, I need my damn swear words, bitches!

Without swear words, how will I know what’s going on in trade? (Ok, that one might be good.) But we also have many potty mouths in our guild and I can’t look at a guild chat full of random characters.

Fix this shit!


In less psycho news, I pretty much spent most of my time online grinding through the new instances. I was trying to work on Zarigar first but then Notari went on several guild runs and picked up a lot of upgrades. Ok, yes, a lot of the quest rewards had spirit on them, but the other stats blew away what she had before. So some of her gear is totally inappropriate for her but hopefully that can be replaced soon.

Thanks to doing a few Firelands raids, Jendora was actually ready for LFR from the start but I wanted to see how it was with a dps toon first. Plus, she had already did Dragon Soul as part of the guild raid so I basically left her alone this weekend. Zarigar was ready next, thanks to an offhand that he won on a greed roll that pushed his item level up to 372.

For some reason I didn’t realize that LFR was set up as a 25 man. 25 strange kittens to wrangle. Awesome. Even with the bosses nerfed, having to coordinate all those people seemed like it had potential to be so bad.

But, like the guild run I had done earlier, it went so smoothly because someone stepped up to lead. They gave a quick rundown to anyone new, gave out assignments, and directed the flow of kittens. It went by pretty quickly and Zari ended up with some tier gloves.

Well, that was easy. A couple of points later, Notari was eligible so let’s throw her in, too.

Ha! The experience couldn’t have been more different.They had downed the first boss and were on the slime boss. The 15 or so ghosts in the raid told me they were recovering from a wipe.

There was some heated discussion of which slimes were priority for killing. By heated, I mean there were some words being flung out that made me consider logging out and back in to get my mature filter turned back on. It sounded like there were at least 3 different people with different ideas of which slimes should be killed first.

When the slimes came out, 2 different people called out 2 different slimes. So half the raid ran to the black slime and half ran to the blue slime. Um. Fail. Neither slime died and it was a mess.

Invisibility + drop group for the win. It was already close to midnight and I was tired and didn’t want to deal with that. I had been spoiled by groups that work together!  

Oh well, I’ll try again tonight and see if I get something better.

People I hate

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on February 23, 2011 by zarigar

Nice sensationalist title to reel people in — check.

This post is inspired by the one written at Dots & Hots about people who fail. Pretty much all of the basics are covered: the INT geared tanks, the warlocks who lifetap themselves to death, the people who sit and wait for a rez. These are all things I’ve complained about before here, I’m sure.

My newest peeve are the people who die 3 seconds into a boss encounter and then just lay there waiting for everyone else to kill the boss. Sometimes they just sit there quietly and sometimes they offer “encouragement” of gogogo.

I know that some bosses have a lock-out feature that keep you out of the fight if you release, and a lot of times the boss is so far away that you can’t get back there in time. And, of course, if the boss only has 10% left it’s better to stay dead. But I’m not talking about those times.

I mean like the worm boss in Stonecore or the first boss in Lost City who throws the bombs everywhere. You can get back to those bosses fairly quickly and easily. Yet most of the players who die to these bosses don’t release and come back.

Why not? Why just sit there and wait for the other players to kill the boss for you? Is it lack of knowledge of the fight? (Which would explain an early death.) General laziness? It’s especially annoying when the fights then take a long time to complete. Can you go AFK while you’re dead?

I don’t even know if it’s necessarily the idea of “carrying” someone that bugs me about it. But in all the situations where someone is failing or lacking, it does put pressure on the other people to have to step up and cover for them.

For people who don’t release after a wipe: yes, the healer has a spell that will rez you. But why would you count or expect that, especially when you have the means (releasing and running back in) to bring yourself back to life? Especially when every one else is as well.

After a wipe, the healer has to run in back to where you all died. Possibly drink to get the mana to rez. Rez you. Rez any other asshats who were too good to release. Most likely drink again. Re-cast group buffs (unless they are a shaman). Stare in disbelief at the people standing around with half-full life bars who can’t be bothered to eat. Heal if they are feeling nice. Sit down to drink–

–no, wait the tank has already run off again to pull. Bah! I haven’t healed at all this expansion and I still feel for them.

My last little peevey thing is people who don’t bother with their utilities. Removing curses used to be a resto shaman thing, but now all us shammys can do it. It’s kind of weird to get used to–the first time I saw a purple box to be decursed I went “wha-?”

I don’t mind decursing people, but for some reason it bugs me when people who also can decurse do not. They don’t even take curses off themselves. Why?

So, I realize this is totally petty of me, but I sometimes leave curses on people who can’t be bothered to fix themselves. I don’t know if it’s only resto druids that can remove curses or all druids. I will decurse a resto druid, though, because healers are already doing enough. Mages, though, those bitches are on their own.

I will totally own my hypocrisy here. I am willfully choosing to withhold a utility function to “teach someone a lesson.” If someone realizes that their cast time is slower or their cooldown time is doubled, maybe they will realize they need to take a second to get that curse off of them.

Though I will say a lot depends on my mood and what fight we are doing. If it’s Cursed Bullet or whatever it is on the last boss in SFK, I will just decurse everyone just so we get that done and get out of there. But I do have to say I understand better all the mages who did decursing on fights like Noth and Saphiron who screamed at everyone else with decursing abilities that didn’t use them.

Thank you for letting me rant.

Dungeon is in progress

Posted in Cataclysm, heroic with tags , , , on February 8, 2011 by zarigar

Are there any 4 scarier words while waiting for a random group?

Zarigar was only a few points away from being eligible for heroics so he got a concentrated effort last night to gear up. A random dungeon for points. A shield upgrade, woo! A new relic, woo! Bah…I forgot to check some of the faction upgrades. Ooh a new cape, woo!

words on clothing don't lie

(Random sidenote #1: can I say how much I hate when I do a questline and I get to the end and the rewards are all blue items and the one mail piece is for a damn enhancement shaman? Grrr… )

I do think it’s amusing how it applies whatever gear you’ve picked up into your average gear score before you’ve even put it on. “I’ve filled my bags with purplez, Ma, I’m ready for raiding!” At least it was stuff I could use, so I didn’t end up with some weird inflated score.

Into the heroic queue I go. While I wait, I go farming leather for leatherworking. It actually doesn’t take too long for the dungeon is ready pop-up to appear.

Yay–oh, wait…it’s currently in process. Uh…. I don’t really mind seeing this when I running a regular. Like that period in Wrath when the last boss gave 2 frost emblems, it was beneficial to get the reward with doing a short as run as possible. I would have no problem dropping into a middle of a regular instance and seeing what was going on.

But with a heroic….meh. I don’t even know yet how Zarigar will do in a heroic. I certainly don’t want to be dropped into the middle of a problem-riddled one for the first time.

And, sure, I know there are lots of reasons why people leave in the middle of runs. People D/C or their child catches on fire or someone’s mom realizes they are playing past their scheduled bedtime. People only do the first boss that has the drop they want and when they don’t–or do–get it it’s “sayanora suckers.”

(Random sidenote #2: When someone drops group right before the boss, it’s annoying as hell to try to take him down anyway. “I can tank this boss. We can totally 4 man this.” That’s great, but once we kill it we become a Dungeon in Progress and theoretically lower our odds for someone to accept a run which is now incomplete.)

But, again, I’m still kind of wary, so I leave the dungeon queue. In theory I could have accepted and seen what the issue was, but if it was something awful I would have been saddled with the deserter debuff before I could requeue.

Back to farming. Random eventually pops up again. Yay! Throne of the Tides…um….yay?

Hey. What is this? Why are there ghosts and I see skeletons and we are standing in front of the boss? You bitches tricked me!

Obviously I’m not thrilled at coming in after how many failed attempts but since I’m unproven I guess I can’t be too picky. Give me my justice points.

I can’t even really describe this “attempt” because the tank sits in a waterspout and is dead. Everyone else quickly falls. We don’t even get to the first add phase. And now everyone is dropping group. Oh noez!

Oh well, no deserter buff for me. Moar farming!

3rd random pops up. “Dungeon is in…” Are you effing kidding me? What kind of conspiracy is this? Is WoW trying to tell me “get over it or no heroic for you tonight!”?

Because I am a stubborn bitch I decline and keep farming. My back is starting to hurt from all this leather. Time to make some things for Lorethos to DE.

4th pop-up. No dungeon in process. Tentatively accept. Hahahahaha. It’s Throne of the Tides again. Of course it is. Whatever. It’s either get through this one or go to bed.

I guess 4th time is the charm because it goes pretty smoothly. We do skip the mind control boss, which is disappointing, but I know how much that hallway leading up to him sucks. No pretty drops for me, but I get my points and my rep and my snazzy achievement.

One more heroic cherry down.

The same old path

Posted in Alt, Cataclysm with tags , , on January 31, 2011 by zarigar

It’s a new expansion and I’m already in a rut! How did that happen? That’s actually a rhetorical question because I have a pretty good idea what the problem is.

I’ve been doing the same quests over and over.

I praised the low “only 5 levels to max cap” before but it does seem to encourage the gogonow power leveling. Why you still on level 83? You so lazy!

The accumulated rest XP and the guild perks help rocket someone up the levels. And it’s beyond easy to level up into the next zone before finishing the current one. I’m currently alternating between leveling Zarigar and Sabryel. Zarigar has more of a lead and is 84, Sabryel is 81.

When I leveled Lorethos he didn’t have the benefit of rested XP or special guild perks, so by default he saw more content on his leveling path. And I have to admit, doing some of the quests in Vashj’ir (sp?) were so tedious that I really don’t want to do them again.

He actually started first in the underwater zone and didn’t really do a lot in Hyjal. The concept of the underwater zone was nice and it was obvious that a lot of time and effort had been put into it. I just hated a lot of the zone and the idea of dragging another character through it makes me want to run away screaming.

I am directionally challenged just moving side to side, so adding an up and down motion was just annoying. (I realize how dirty that sentence reads–deal with it.) Every little flightpoint was, understandably, in a little cave that looked the same as the cave before it. And I spent way too much time looking for some of those cave entrances when I wanted to turn something in or find a vendor to unload my excess junk.

The worst was that wretched questline in the middle where you become a battlemaiden or some such nonsense. Again, a cool concept and I’m sure many people enjoyed it. I just hated it. Between the fact that it was a bunch of vertical levels and all the phasing that was going on, it was enough to make me want to rip out my mohawk. There were too many times I would not be able to find my mob or the questgiver to turn something in. “I’m standing on top of the damned yellow question mark! Where the hell are you?”


Too much?


(Generally, though, I will give props to the phasing. It’s nice to not have to wait for some mobs to respawn or wait for an NPC to get back to his starting position after escorting another player elsewhere.)

But even Lorethos never finished the underwater zone. I don’t even know if there are Throne of the Tides quest. I got bored, rode my seahorse out to the middle of the ocean to get the dungeon entrance, then left for Hyjal. At 82 I flipped off both starter zones and went to Deepholm. Since then I’ve done the “ding! new level time to go to a new zone” strategy.

With Zarigar, I went to Vashj’ir long enough to pick up the seahorse and a few flight points then headed over to Hyjal. I did the same with Sabryel. If Notari ever makes it out of Northrend I wouldn’t be surprised if I did the same thing.

I do feel bad that I’m missing a lot of story and now that I see I’m just running the same leveling pattern for all my toons I do want to change it up. I just don’t know if I have the patience to actually sit in a zone long enough to finish it. Especially when new zones with potentially better gear rewards are waiting for me. (It’s all about the lewtz!)

So since I’ve rambled on and not come to any actual conclusion, I think the best course of action is to just say the hell with my higher level characters and just work on the goblin lock!

Best quest ever

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , , on January 28, 2011 by zarigar

Zarigar is sitting at level 84. He should have enough rest XP to get him all the way to 85. (A nice thing about only have 5 more levels–not having to manage rest XP so closely.) Apparently my new Warchief wants me to go to Twilight Highlands but I still have some unfinished business to do in Uldum.

**Insert requisite spoiler here if for some reason you still haven’t done Uldum quests.**

For the rest of you, you probably know exactly what needs to be done.

Oh, yes. Gnome bowling.

I cackled with pleasure when I first did Gnomebliteration on Lorethos and I knew I wasn’t going to leave Uldum without also doing it on Zari. In short, you become a big fusion ball of energy and are then required (REQUIRED!!!) to kill 1000 gnomes by rolling over them.

Can you pick up the spare?


And it’s not a simple “oh I ran you over I get quest completion.” Oh no no. You send the little bastards flying. You hear their tiny shrieks of agony as you launch them to their deaths. And those are just the lucky ones. The unlucky ones get attached to your fusion ball and you use their crushed bodies to trample more of their kind.

It is Ultimate Gnome Punting. And it’s probably the single greatest incentive to level up your alts. So you can do it one more time.

Because, unfortunately, it’s not a daily quest. Too bad. I could slaughter gnomes every day if I could.


Troll in the heezy

Posted in Cataclysm, Zarigar with tags , , on January 13, 2011 by zarigar

(I’m already embarrassed by the post title.)

There were some complaints that it wasn’t right for me to call my blog Mohawk Troll if all I ever played and talked about was my priest. And since I am too lazy to change the name of the blog to Bald Forsaken here is a Zarigar post so you stop the crying.

a different kind of mohawk troll

But, I have to start off talking about my priest. (Sorry.) I started off with a “random” regular of Grim Batol. (Surprise, surprise.) Moar cloth, moar rep. The only notable thing about the run is when the kitty druid fell off the ledge when trying to mount the drake at the beginning of the run and died.

After that was done I was still kind of meh on doing heroic research and testing one out, so I switched over to Zarigar. I think one reason I didn’t want to level him was that I wasn’t sure how leveling as elemental would go. He had leveled from 1-80 as enhancement.

I kind of debated going back to an enhance spec and relearning how to play it, but I didn’t really have any good gear for it anymore. I had a bunch of ele gear and some resto pieces and a lot of pieces that worked for both ele/resto, but I seemed to have gotten rid of a lot of the enhance pieces that I previously had.

So, eh, I’ll try to level as elemental. If it fails I’ll just port back to Orgrimmar and cry. I decided to take Zari to Hyjal, since Lorethos did the underwater zone. (Started I should say…bleh, die zone of all swimming.)

The first few quests were going great, until I was offered a quest reward which was a mail piece with INT and spirit. Sigh. It’s hard to think that some beginner quest green would be considered an upgrade from a 25-man raid piece that I worked so much harder to get.

One of the problems when I leveled with Lorethos was that it was harder to justify why something like that would be an upgrade. “The new piece increases all my stats by 100 but my old piece has gem sockets in it and it’s already enchanted!!!111” With each new piece I would evaluate it against what I had and try to see where the stat increases would come from. After awhile it became too tedious to try to figure out what was the better piece.

I decided with Zarigar that I would simply replace what I had with whatever options were available for my spec. So even though now I am taking a little hit on some stats, it will be easier later on to compare pieces against each other when upgrades are available. More of an apples to apples comparison will be easier for my mohawked little brain.

So I’m just questing in Hyjal, nothing really interesting going on. But I have to ask. What the hell happened to paladins??? I was flying on my horse, got low to the ground and realized I could move. Oh, an alliance paladin stunned me. Ok. Um…now what? He was attacking me while I was stunned for like 8 minutes. Then the stun wore off and I flew away. HE WASN’T EVEN ABLE TO DISMOUNT ME. What the hell?

The good thing about abandoning Zarigar for a month was he had a ton of rest XP. Thanks to that and the guild perks, he was able to hit 81 in a short amount of time. Leveling as ele actually wasn’t as tedious as I feared. There was some quest where I had to kill some elite by luring him near some portals and weakening him, but I just whomped him without all that extra nonsense.

Go, go OP shaman.