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Recount is still the devil

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**This experience actually happened a while ago but since I haven’t played that much lately it’s getting pulled from Draft Purgatory and getting a chance at life.

The original title was “I play with assholes” but then this post wouldn’t have gotten past many nannyphones and I shudder to see what kind of hits I would get then. This is going to be one of those rambly-type posts, so flee now if you want.

I took Lorethos into a heroic random the other night and he got Shadowfang Keep. SFK is an ok instance; a bit long, but as long as pugs avoide boss #3 it tends to go fairly quickly.The rest of the party was a pally tank, a druid healer, a DK and a warrior.

Get to first boss. He suffocates us. We fight him. He goes into his frenzied dark archangel phase. Healer says “oom”. Warrior dies. Boss dies immediately after.

Warrior gets rezzed. We rebuff and pally gets ready to start bringing in the courtyard trash. Warrior then says “I have to go you guys, I’m not feeling too well.”

DK says “really?” and does my favorite thing in an pug instance: he posts the damage meter for the last fight. DK was at 11K, Lorethos was just at 10 and the warrior was at 5. “gtfo you suck”

Um, wow. I get that 5K isn’t that great, especially on what’s essentially a stationary boss. But the warrior was voluntarily pulling himself from the group. Why feel the need to kick him on the way out?

I do get the DK’s frustration. DPS queues suck. He was probably in one for 40 minutes, got a group, killed a boss and saw that someone else was not keeping up to his level. AKA he now had to “carry someone”. There may now be doubts that the group would be able to finish.

Does that excuse being a dick? No. In fact, he made things worse. Instead of just letting the warrior drop group and we replace and continue on, he had to give an unnecessary insult.

Instead of dropping, the warrior had to stick around and defend his honor with a “fuck you asshole”. Or “asswhole” as he wrote it.

While this is all going on, I’m considering dropping myself. Partly because I didn’t want to stick around with the rude DK but partly because I was concerned what was going on with the healer. The low DPS and being the only death in the boss fight most likely was the warrior being undergeared. But I was curious about the healer, as well.

The resto druid was rocking about 65K mana. Lorethos has about 80K mana and has tons of room for gear improvement. It was troubling that the druid had gone oom in the first boss fight and the warrior had died, but all the focus was being put on DPS numbers.

Well, apparently the DK wasn’t used to being called an “asswhole” because he dropped group himself, followed by the warrior. Goodbye, DK, may your next group appreciate you calling out people after boss fights.

They get replaced by a warlock and a rogue. Continuing forward and it becomes obvious that the druid is having issues. He goes oom on the kitched trash ghosts. Then goes oom again on the banquet hall boss.

Thankfully no one else dies, but it gets a little close at times.

So why am I not dropping? It’s obvious by now that the healer is undergeared and/or overhealing to make himself go oom on trash fights.

  • Is it because I don’t want to wait in queue again? By then I had been in long enough that I shouldn’t get the deserter debuff. But it would have still meant another long wait in queue and no guarantee that the group or instance I get next would be any better.
  • Is it some sort of odd feeling of guilt? I play a healer class but not as a healer. The worst is when a healer drops and replacing him seems to take forever and it’s like I feel the others’ accusatory eyes on me: “Why won’t you heal?”
  • Is it because I want to feel superior to the first 2 who just left? “We may be having some issue but I’m going to stick this out and show you that I am much better than that elitist DK or that warrior who didn’t know what he was doing.”

Who knows? It was probably a little bit of all.

Thankfully the tank zips on by boss #3 without even pausing. The red light/green light boss is pretty deathy but that’s sadly par for the course so there isn’t any one person to blame there.

(Red = stop. Green = go. These are not difficult concepts. I’m pretty sure even people who don’t drive cars can master this concept. *Totally looking at you, Arioch.”

Also, this is one of the bosses where it’s possible to get back in a timely manner if you die. Unlike other instances, the guy will still teleport you even during combat, so it’s a quick run back. Though I suppose if someone doesn’t understand the encounter, it’s not really worth it for them to run back just to immediately die again.)

Regardless, we get to the final boss. Yay, it’s almost over. It’s a fairly easy boss: don’t sit in bullet spray and we win. Easier because we have a druid that can decurse.

Except…he doesn’t. The curse just sits on people and he tries to heal through it. With his low mana pool.


Well…yes…of course you went oom. I explain nicely that’s it’s easier to remove the curse than to ignore it and throw out a bunch of heals.

“Oh, ok.”

Next attempt. Some curses get dispelled but not all. Even worse, now people are standing in the bullet spray.


We wipe. And wipe. And wipe. There is discussion each time: don’t stand in the bullets, don’t sit there and let the adds eat you. There is some sloppy game play but, again, no one really looks at the healer. If he isn’t dead 7 seconds into the fight he has gone oom and there is no way to win.

But stubbornly we keep running our corpses back into the instance to try again. After attempt #729, the healer says “this might go better if the priest would help me”.

Excuse me? Help you what?

“priest get all the curses off so i can just heal”

I slowly unclench my Fist of Death to nicely type out that I cannot dispel curses. I can bubble. I can life grip you out of the bullets. I can even through out about 2 heals before I go oom. But curses I cannot help with.

After a couple more attempts the healer gives up. He apologizes and says he’s probably just not geared enough and wishes us luck before he drops. I’m a little relieved but, for some reason, I also feel a little bad. It’s so much easier to feel scorn for rude people. Why couldn’t he have called us fail noobs before he dropped?

The replacement healer is also a druid and when he zones in I see he also has less than 70K mana. I start to weep until the druid says “oops, wrong spec” and suddenly he has more mana than I do. Oh, glory day.

Unfortunately the results aren’t that much better. People are still dying. The healer is going oom. This is just isn’t going to happen.┬áMaybe we’ve been at this one boss too long.

After attempt #834 I drop group without word. It feels like I’ve been in there for hours and no points to show for it. Unlike the DK who dropped group after the first boss, I stayed with the group until almost the end. But in the end, we both did the same thing. We each came to the conclusion that the instance couldn’t be done with the group we were given. The only difference was that he figured it out a good hour and a half before I did.

Of course, I wasn’t a dick about it like he was, but does that make me better? That I said nothing and stuck with it and instead wasted all that time? In the time it took to run through that incomplete attempt, the DK probably got another group and got his points and was done for the day.

I had reservations about the healer but somehow felt it was my duty to stick around and give it a shot. Maybe that healer would have been just fine with a stronger overall group. Maybe there wasn’t one person that could be blamed for not being able to finish. That I ultimately decided to stay and see how it played out was totally all on me.

Lesson learned: don’t be a dick but don’t be a martyr.

Dungeon is in progress

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Are there any 4 scarier words while waiting for a random group?

Zarigar was only a few points away from being eligible for heroics so he got a concentrated effort last night to gear up. A random dungeon for points. A shield upgrade, woo! A new relic, woo! Bah…I forgot to check some of the faction upgrades. Ooh a new cape, woo!

words on clothing don't lie

(Random sidenote #1: can I say how much I hate when I do a questline and I get to the end and the rewards are all blue items and the one mail piece is for a damn enhancement shaman? Grrr… )

I do think it’s amusing how it applies whatever gear you’ve picked up into your average gear score before you’ve even put it on. “I’ve filled my bags with purplez, Ma, I’m ready for raiding!” At least it was stuff I could use, so I didn’t end up with some weird inflated score.

Into the heroic queue I go. While I wait, I go farming leather for leatherworking. It actually doesn’t take too long for the dungeon is ready pop-up to appear.

Yay–oh, wait…it’s currently in process. Uh…. I don’t really mind seeing this when I running a regular. Like that period in Wrath when the last boss gave 2 frost emblems, it was beneficial to get the reward with doing a short as run as possible. I would have no problem dropping into a middle of a regular instance and seeing what was going on.

But with a heroic….meh. I don’t even know yet how Zarigar will do in a heroic. I certainly don’t want to be dropped into the middle of a problem-riddled one for the first time.

And, sure, I know there are lots of reasons why people leave in the middle of runs. People D/C or their child catches on fire or someone’s mom realizes they are playing past their scheduled bedtime. People only do the first boss that has the drop they want and when they don’t–or do–get it it’s “sayanora suckers.”

(Random sidenote #2: When someone drops group right before the boss, it’s annoying as hell to try to take him down anyway. “I can tank this boss. We can totally 4 man this.” That’s great, but once we kill it we become a Dungeon in Progress and theoretically lower our odds for someone to accept a run which is now incomplete.)

But, again, I’m still kind of wary, so I leave the dungeon queue. In theory I could have accepted and seen what the issue was, but if it was something awful I would have been saddled with the deserter debuff before I could requeue.

Back to farming. Random eventually pops up again. Yay! Throne of the Tides…um….yay?

Hey. What is this? Why are there ghosts and I see skeletons and we are standing in front of the boss? You bitches tricked me!

Obviously I’m not thrilled at coming in after how many failed attempts but since I’m unproven I guess I can’t be too picky. Give me my justice points.

I can’t even really describe this “attempt” because the tank sits in a waterspout and is dead. Everyone else quickly falls. We don’t even get to the first add phase. And now everyone is dropping group. Oh noez!

Oh well, no deserter buff for me. Moar farming!

3rd random pops up. “Dungeon is in…” Are you effing kidding me? What kind of conspiracy is this? Is WoW trying to tell me “get over it or no heroic for you tonight!”?

Because I am a stubborn bitch I decline and keep farming. My back is starting to hurt from all this leather. Time to make some things for Lorethos to DE.

4th pop-up. No dungeon in process. Tentatively accept. Hahahahaha. It’s Throne of the Tides again. Of course it is. Whatever. It’s either get through this one or go to bed.

I guess 4th time is the charm because it goes pretty smoothly. We do skip the mind control boss, which is disappointing, but I know how much that hallway leading up to him sucks. No pretty drops for me, but I get my points and my rep and my snazzy achievement.

One more heroic cherry down.

LifeGrip is not for you

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Yes, it’s actually called Leap of Faith or something not as cool. I prefer Lifegrip.

Whatever the name, it’s not something I used. It’s on my toolbar but I never really had a chance to use it. I guess its intended purpose is to save other people and pull them out of danger or something.

Yeah, whatever. It’s me. I use it for shenanigans.

Next guild run with Lorethos: Throne of the Tides again (but I didn’t kill myself at the end! Woot!) Slice and I amuse ourselves by Lifegripping each other. When Slice goes AFK I amuse myself even further by lifegripping his unattended toon all over the screen.

Then I notice Lifegrip’s huge drawback. Using it causes me to drop Shadowform. Hmmm…that’s not good.

So Lifegrip is really intended for healing priests? I don’t know why they would “punish” shadow priests if they were helping move someone out of the bad. Lifegrip in and of itself doesn’t seem like a “healer only” spell. It seems like it should have the same mechanics as Power Word: Shield. I can cast that as much as my mana and cooldowns let me and it doesn’t drop me from Shadowform.

Maybe they specifically did that because they knew how much I would use a spell like that for evil?

So we’ll have to see if this is something I use more in the future. I may have to become very selective in the people I decided to save using it.


Baby’s first heroic

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I was bored with just running regular instances on Lorethos so I decided to throw him into a heroic and see how that turned out. I won’t keep you in suspense: I finished it, didn’t get any gear, but got rep and points and experience and a story. What more could I need?

Your random dungeon group is ready and it is….Vortex Pinnacle. I actually don’t know if that’s good or bad. If that’s considered an “easy” heroic or not.

What I’m not also sure about is whether the revolving door of players is also common. People dropped so often I can’t even remember what classes they all were. And most of them gave no reason for dropping. We would just be pulling things and killing mobs and then they would drop.

The final permutation was a pally tank, 2 warriors, a shadow priest and a holy priest. So….yay for diversity.

Which also meant that I was it for CC. Mind Control is kind of fun to use, but there was some initial confusion about it. It’s not the same as a Hex or Polymorph, where it’s cast on the target and then the caster can work on another mob. When I MC, I become that mob. That’s it. All that I can do are that mob’s abilities.

So they were concerned that I would MC, then the other mobs would rush to kill me. Yes, yes let that MC healer die before you jump in. Instead they would jump in right after I MC, the mobs would move onto the party and I would be left with a MC mob that was going to be pissed as all hell at me when the MC wore off. Sigh.

I did have fun making the MC mob throw big-ass heals onto the party. What was not fun was when the healer was the last one still up but it wouldn’t die. It kept throwing heals onto itself and apparently neither of the 2 warriors knew was interrupt was. I think it healed itself back up about 6 to 8 times. >.<

Another fun thing I learned was, in case of imminent wipe, you can fling your body off the edge and it will teleport you back to the entrance. I have no clue if this worked on regular, but it saved me some unnecessary repair bills.

Also guess who ate lightning bolts on the final boss and promptly died? No, it wasn’t me, you asshole. It was the 2 warriors. The tank ended up making some RUN FOR YOUR LIVES macro that he spammed for the next attempt.

It does amuse me that I held off on heroics because I didn’t think I was ready. I always forget that there are way dumber people than me in this game.

(I had to make a snarky post to make up for yesterday’s cheerful one.)

Karma is a boomerang: Part 1

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Over at Murloc Parliament, there is an amusing set of posts about Zelmaru’s adventures in throwing pugs into “the bee pit” AKA kicking pugs out of an instance. It reminded me of 2 different encounters I recently had with my draenei priest. I share these tales with you even though I don’t come out of these well at all.

My first adventure takes place in AN. I’ve mentioned before how I’m not a fan of poison-heavy instances on my priest, but I do like AN because it is so short and you can be done in about 10 minutes.

I hate you

The rest of the group is a pally tank, a ret pally, a hunter and a dk. I idly notice that the tank has a pretty low gearscore, just over 3k, but this is a fairly easy instance so I don’t think much else about it.

The tank takes her time, slowly and carefully pulling. I don’t really mind that; I hate when lower geared tanks try to pull as if they are rocking 6k. Apparently the DK does mind because he starts grabbing extra groups in the first room.

Hunter asks DK to stop, that his wife (the prot pally) is new at tanking and doesn’t need him to pull more mobs for her. DK doesn’t respond and we down the first boss.

Then a vote to kick comes up trying to get rid of the tank. Um….ok. Apparently the DK didn’t notice that the tank was in the group with 2 of her guildies, one of whom had just identified himself as her husband. To the surprise of no one–except maybe the DK–the vote fails.

Immediately I get a whisper from the hunter “if he keeps pulling aggro off her I’m going to MD to him.” Oh sweet Christmas, I’m going to get pulled into the middle of this? Yeah the DK is being a douche, but I don’t know if I can passively sit by and let him die.

I cringe when we get to Hadronox and the DK tells the hunter to glitch the encounter.

Hunter: “fuck you”

DK: “ok then”

We do the Hadronox encounter without the glitch. I can’t tell if the DK is receiving any unwanted misdirects but I assume not since I don’t notice anyone taking any extra damage.

As we take the plunge down to the lowest level, I do make sure to levitate myself in case the DK gets any thoughts about turning on path of frost and sending us to a splat-filled death. Thankfully he doesn’t and we only have one more group of mobs before the last boss.

We finish with the last group and I follow the tank, grateful to be almost done with this. Then I notice that no one else followed us. Only the tank and I are in the pit with Anub and the 3 dps are trapped on the other side of the web. Whoops.

The tank and I try our best, but there are just too many mobs for her to handle by herself. When the poison starts stacking on us we are basically toast. The dps outside get overwhelmed by the mobs making their way down into the pit and it’s a wipe.

The tank apologizes in chat and I get another whisper from the hunter also apologizing. Eh, whatever. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s not the end of the world.

We release and run back into the instance. When I say “we” I mean myself and the 3 guildies. The DK stays dead. The 4 of us get inside and rebuff at the entrance. No DK.

This is where I decide to be an ass. I have no intention of rezzing him. The rest of us released and ran back in, he could, too. Maybe if he had even just asked for a rez I would have done it. But, no. He just sat there silently and waited and just assumed it was going to happen.

By the time we got to where we jump down, the DK’s “Dead” status had changed to “Away”. Hmm…yeah, so you just went AFK while the rest of us run back? I’m not going to rez you and then wait to see if you are even there to accept it. Nor am I really in the mood for you to stay dead while we kill the boss and you collect emblems and possibly loot.

So, for the first time ever (I might have done it before but if so it’s been a while) I initiate a vote kick. I did it with 99.9% certainty that I had the votes from the others to get rid of him.

They did not disappoint.

Why no one else initiated a kick when he was bugging them I don’t know. Maybe they thought I wouldn’t go along with it. Maybe I wouldn’t have. (Though they wouldn’t have needed my vote anyway.) I did feel kind of guilty that I only did something when he personally pissed me off. Maybe his grandma fell down the stairs or his cat was on fire. I just assumed he was being a dick and acted accordingly.

Don’t worry…I get mine in Part 2.

Dirty HoR

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(Wonder what freaky google hits I’ll get off that title…)

My priest had been rocking a staff out on 10-man ICC for a while when he finally got his hands on a nifty dagger from 25-man ICC. Paired with a decent offhand, it would have been a nice upgrade for him.

When I went rooting through my bags and my bank, however, I saw that there was no real offhand to be found. I had leveled up using the BoA staff, then apparently segued to another staff before picking up the one from ICC.

There were some emblem offhands I could have picked up. But they were so ghetto compared to the stuff I had. It seemed criminal to pair my awesome dagger with something that stopped being cool 4 patches ago.

I knew there was an offhand in heroic Halls of Reflection, but that was pretty much the last place I ever wanted to farm for anything. It’s funny that in this time of epics dropping from the sky that it can still give groups so much trouble. I half-heartedly tried to farm it a few times, but the results were miserable.

Queuing as dps for HoR is a lesson in patience. I considered healing it for half a second before I pushed such nonsense thoughts away. The queue for it usually took forever.

Then, when the instance finally popped up, it was a gamble to see if people would even stick around.

“fuck no”

“I’m not doing this.”

[drop] [drop]

I don’t think I’d ever seen people drop out of Oculus that fast. Well, before they started bribing you for sticking around and finishing it. Where’s my blue drake, dammit?!?!?!

If too many people dropped (or just the tank and heals) then the group usually fell apart. And then I would have to re-queue all over again or else just say “fuck it” and see what was on TV.

Sidenote: I totally don’t blame the people who drop it. Since I wasn’t going to heal it, I couldn’t feel upset that other people didn’t want to, either. I tried to do a heroic one day on Helaena and I got HoR, dropped it, then tried again when the deserter debuff wore off. Then I got HoR again and decided Blizz was sending me a message and it was “no emblems for you today, bitch.”

So if I got a group that stuck around, my next step was seeing what competition I would have for the offhand should it drop. A group with mages and locks made me cry, though I had previously seen a pally make off with it once, so I pretty much eyed everyone suspiciously. A group of hunters and rogues was ideal.

And then, of course, you had to actually get through the instance. The offhand drops after the Lich King chase, so I couldn’t just do a certain boss and drop. (Not that I would ever do that……What?) If a group got a boss down but couldn’t go further, then I was saved for nothing. Better luck tomorrow!

And then if you manage to get all the way through, you have to pray that it actually drops. And then if it drops you hope you can win it. I know this sounds elitist and the RNG is just being a spiteful bitch, but it sucks when you do 40% of the damage and the mage who does 12% walks off with it. You just have to grit your teeth and keep on trying.

So a few nights ago, it finally came together: got into HoR, no one dropped, made it through the instance, the offhand drops…

…and the lock rolls Need.

…and I roll Need.

The lock gets a 38.

And I get a 42.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

But there is one more hurdle to overcome: The Desperate Plea. (No, not that thing that pallys use to get more mana or something.)

“Please I don’t have anything in my offhand.”

Welcome to my world. Chin up, at least you now have one less person farming it against you.

With my offhand finally acquired, I could switch my staff for my dagger (that sounded vaguely dirty). I lost some GS (oh noez!) but gained some SP (huzzah!). Now at least I have a starting point to work with; I’ll be keeping my shifty eyes out for any possible upgrades.

Angry healer

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No, this isn’t a post about Tattia. ­čśŤ

Most of my WoW time-outside of raids–is spent on Lorethos, noob shadow priest. Zarigar is let out of the cage when it’s raid time, though he got to heal a CoS last night. (Aack!) Before I log out for the night, I usually switch over to my draenei priest and heal at least one heroic.

I actually rather enjoy healing with her; it just can be so frustrating sometimes.

As a relatively new 80, I don’t have the best gear. With that, I don’t have the best stats. My mana pool isn’t very large. I’ve had to be creative in my healing.

Shadowfiend comes out regularly to help me regain mana. (Though we won’t talk about the time I accidentally set him to aggressive and he pulled a group of mobs.) I usually try to drink when there’s a lull between pulls.

And I’ve had to pick and choose sometimes who gets heals.

By that I don’t mean “omg we’re all going to die…all heals to tank…fuck the rest of you!” It’s more like, if you’re being excessively stupid, I just can’t waste my mana pumping heals into you. Every one takes damage, that’s what I’m there for, to keep people alive. And even the best intentioned people sometimes have a lapse in focus and stand in the bad a second longer than they should. That’s fine; I can deal with that.

But, for example, as a priest I have no way to dispel poison. Poison heavy instances like OK make me cry because a lot of the time the only thing I can do is heal through it. If I get a ret pally who cleanses everyone or a dps shaman who drops cleansing totems they are my hero for life. On the flip side, if a ret pally can’t be bothered to cleanse at least himself when he’s poisoned, then that just tells me he doesn’t really want to live.

Maybe when my gear is better and I have more mana I won’t have to make these choices and be so angry. Or maybe not. Anger is the root of all healing…grrrr..

So last night for my random I get Halls of Stone. The tank decided to do a “short run”, which is fine. I still need badges, but it was late and I was ready for sleep. It can be pretty heal intensive will the mobs that random charge people and the mobs that charm and the los pulls and the bosses where people have to be spread out.

Oh yeah and that pesky little Brann encounter. Waves of mobs attack while lazors shoot out of the way and fire rains down on people who somehow don’t seem to notice it.

Good times.

Ok, it is a little exciting to throw off those heals and keep everyone alive. Yay, we won! Woot, some loot that’s going to become a shard. Hey, where’s everyone going? Eh, all right, I’ll talk to Brann then catch up to you.

Hold on, I’m running. Oh you’ve entered combat with a group of mobs. Ok, well hope you’re all still alive when I get there. Ahhhhhhhhh. You pulled a second group. Bitches! Heal heal heal.

Woo…lucky I caught up to you in time. Everyone’s alive. All right. Just let me get some mana and we can start the last boss.

What are you doing? I told you I needed mana.

No, don’t start it, assholes. I have 8% mana.

So, if you are sitting there drinking and the rest of the group starts the last boss, you can get locked out of the room.

This happened to me once before in AN. I said I needed mana before the last boss and they ran in anyway. The funny thing is you can see the party through the webbing that locks you out, they are just considered not in line of sight from you and you can’t directly heal them. I figured out if I throw group heals on myself (circle of healing, prayer of healing) they will pick up some splash heals.

This time, though, that wasn’t an option. I don’t think they even realized they ran in without me. They probably figured it out when they started dying.

By some miracle of Baby Jesus final boss gets taken down with only the pally tank left standing. Door popped open and–oh look–I can roll on all that loot you guys won. One frozen orb and abyss crystal later, I dropped group and was back in Dal.

No, I didn’t rez them. That was probably a dick move. Whatever.

Don’t make your healer angry.