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510 eggs

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That’s how many eggs it took Zarigar to get the stupid Noblegarden mount. 500 to buy it and 10 that I accidentally turned in for the stupid daily so I had to go collect more to make them up.

I also ended up finding some tuxedo pants and a shirt so picked up that achievement, as well. No fancy dress, though, and I don’t care. Once I had enough for the mount I was done.

It took several days to collect all the eggs I needed, because I would get bored so easily and have to run away and do something else. There was rarely anyone else at Bloodhoof Village, so I would just run around in ghost wolf form making the circuit. I don’t know how many times I would see that stupid wolf running through the village and think it was another shammy collecting eggs. >.<

It would have been nice to get the mount as a drop and not have to collect all those eggs, but I guess I am not that lucky. I should just be grateful that the mount wasn’t only available as a random drop. Knowing there was a definite end helped a lot.

But oh, how I cursed those eggs. It got to the point where if it wasn’t a chocolate I was pissed. I got like 6 bouqets, 4 branches, 3 pets, 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

After about 200 eggs I was wondering which would piss me off more: if I never got the mount and had to collect all 500 or if the mount finally dropped after wasting so much time farming. I think I might have been mad if the drop came and I was left with hundred of chocolates. What was I going to do? Buy more stupid rabbit pets and ship them off to alts?

Anyway, that nonsense is done. No other toon will be collecting eggs; I would rather do archaelogy at this point.


Hardly eggs-citing

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Yeah, I resorted to a cheap egg pun. Whatever.

Zarigar got the Noblegarden meta achievement back in 2009, so the past couple of years I haven’t really paid that much attention to it. I don’t really go for the intensive holiday grinding or achievement chasing on my other toons.

Even with the meta, though, Zari is till missing some of the little achievements for the holiday. Finding a dress and finding the tuxedo outfit. Achieves that are part of the holiday but not part of the meta. And since they are not part of the meta and I didn’t “need” to do them, then I just didn’t.

And this year was going to be no different. The thought of farming eggs in the hopes of getting the clothes out of them was boring to me.

But then they put in a mount. A stupid little mount that you can get and all you have to do is collect eggs.

Wickedly genius, Blizz.

If I farm enough eggs I can get the mount. The mount could also be a random drop. And while I’m collecting eggs I might get those last few achievements. I could potentially kill several birds with one stone.

I don’t even have to wonder if I will waste the entire holiday farming eggs. Regardless of my luck, I can get the mount if I am patient enough.

Patient? Zarigar? Yeah, that would be the drawback.

Bloodhoof Village was pretty dead. There were only a couple of rabbits zipping around. Eventually it seemed like I was the only one there.

And OH.MY.GOD. how boring that was.

Farming will never be my strength. Whether it’s herbs or ore or pixel eggs I just don’t have the patience for it. I am the reason AH prices are jacked so high; lazy people like me will pay almost anything not to have to go out and do the work ourselves.

Unfortunately I can’t outsource egg farming. I stuck with it longer than I thought I would, only because I knew that having the place all to myself was a rarity that I should take advatage of.

I did eventually give up for the night with the only things found was the pet that I already had and a bouquet of spring flowers. I accepted the daily and gave her my chocolates before realizing in horror what I had done. NOOOOOOO, I NEEDS THOSE CHOCOLATES!!! GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!!

I’ll go back later and work on it some more. To anyone farming eggs on more than one toon, I have 3 words for you:

You are insane.

Happy new year

Posted in Holiday with tags , , on January 3, 2012 by zarigar

Here’s to another year of ridiculous WoW ramblings. So let’s get started.

I pretty much did nothing for Winter Veil, or whatever the name that WoW calls Christmas. One big thing I finally did was take Zarigar out to Outland and do the Ogrila daily there. So now I finally have one Merrymaker. I may soon finish the holiday meta. (By soon, I think sometime around 2015.)

What is taking up my time is getting 90 mains through LFR. On Drak I have Zarigar, Lorethos, Notari and Jendora who do LFR. My Alliance toons aren’t quite eligible for LFR, but my shaman will be soon so that will be one more.

Sidenote: Am I the only one who consistently gets LFR popping up that is 2/8? What is going on? Who are these people that can’t get past the first 2 bosses in the first half of the raid?

It’s nice in being able to finish faster and grab the VP, but if I want to try my hand at loot from the first 2 bosses, then I need to re-queue and hope for a fresh run. Of course, then that means that after the first 2 bosses *I* drop and the whole cycle starts again for someone else.

I may have to give up on complete runs, though, because now I am working a little bit more on my pally. (Everyone else: “you have a pally?”…..shut up, bitchez) I really do like the changes they made to pally healing; it is nice to have more options instead of spamming one heal. Healing with the pally doesn’t flow like it does with the druid, but it’s not really meant to.

With my pally I was mostly sticking to the “old” heroics. According to my ilevel, I could queue for the new ones, but I wasn’t ready. Plus I had a bunch of non-holy pieces in my bags that were skewing my ilevel up. If this was a dps toon I would have eagerly exploited it and went for the newer content, but I tend to be much more conservative with my healers.

Which is why I was surprised when I was queued for an old heroic and End Time came up. Erm. Ok. There was the message at the top of the screen showing they were at Jaina, and she is an easy boss, so I stayed around for that. Yay, caster shield dropped. Next boss, Baine. Oh, all right I guess I’ll finish the instance.

The upgrades from the new instances are nice and it’s funny how big some of the gear leaps are. I can really feel the difference in healing with better gear. Again, my pally is not comparable to my druid, but she’s getting there.

Soon I may have 5 (!!!!) toons on one server eligible for LFR. Looks like that we won’t be seeing that warlock leveling up anytime soon.

Rambling Thoughts: Weekend Update

Posted in Holiday with tags , , on October 3, 2011 by zarigar

Moar ramming….and kodos, too

I’ve been doing the Brewfest boss shuffle on everyone eligible and it’s finally over. Mounts are just falling out of the sky for some of them. It started off with my “alt” Zarigar getting a kodo. Sarinde got a ram. Freaking abandoned Tenderloyne got both. Then Jendora got both. Glad to see my shapeshifting druid now has mount options…

Beyond the Brewfest boss, I haven’t done a whole lot. I’ve totally ignored the daily where you beat the ram through Orgrimmar and yell about beer or something. So that’s a huge loss of potential tokens. I think by the time this is over everyone will pick themselves up a new pink elek pet and that will be it. Anyone else who needed Brewfest clothes or a beer membership will have to wait until next year. Or the year after that.

As long as Zarigar is all done with Brewfest achieves I don’t really care what the rest of them do. ­čśŤ

Bringing up the rear

Notari, conceived as a joke and close to becoming a bank alt, is actually close to max level. This is me stunned. Getting over the mid-Northrend hump was huge and it’s been fairly smooth since then.

It’s funny because I don’t really care if this toon gets achievements and the Brewfest trinket is nice but not earth-shattering, but somehow making the goal of her reaching 84 and going for the boss has been a huge motivator. For all I know I’ll get bored with her again as soon as she gets to 84 and picks up the trinket, but who knows?

She might actually pass Sabryel and actually level up. Nice work, joke toon, nice work.

ICC for me!

Working on my Brewfest rotations I logged onto Sarinde and was met with “come to ICC”. I responded back that Sarinde does not have a dps spec, thinking that will be the end of that. But, no, there is my invite and repgrind will suffer as ret for me. Sweet, sweet repgrind.

I probably should have told them that Sarinde’s raiding experience was non-existant and I had no idea how she would fare healing a raid. Whatevs, it’s ICC.

It was very funny to see the Alliance side of ICC. Where haz the Saurfang RP gone? And, as Sorak innocently pointed out, their gunship cannons did look particularly penis-y.

I did have trouble on Blood Princes when my stupid toon decided to get stuck walking backwards. Gah. I panicked and did a “/reload ui” and came back to find myself in a corner, nearly dead. Some people did die. Whoops.

The fight with the green-dragon-you-have-to-heal-whose-name-escapes-me-right-now was interesting since I’ve never done the inside part. Since they were going for the portal achievement that was what I was focusing on mostly—not missing the portal. Anything else that I managed to get right during that fight was just icing on the cake.

On LK, the other healer was a druid, so by default I was on diseases. Sorak claims that I am an expert on diseases. It’s to CnG’s innocence that they think Sorak is saying I am good with the disease mechanic of the fight when he is actually calling me a disease-riddled-whore.

We try a couple of attempts on heroic, the switch to normal to just get him down. This is only the 3rd time I’ve seen the LK go down and, an entire expansion later, it’s still pretty awesome.

Derp, derp…adventures in Brewfest

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Since my “achievement main” Zarigar has all the achievements for Brewfest done already, there isn’t a pressure to get everything done in the 2 weeks or so that this holiday is out. Instead, I’ve been doing more sharing of the wealth among my toons.

I’ve been working on a routine to get as much done for each toon. Basically they do those quests at the festival area and the ones who are high enough do the boss each day. Thanks to the holiday, I’ve been playing toons that were abandoned for months. As such, some derpiness can be expected.

Derp the First

My horde mage took a backburner because she was stuck in the hell that was Northrend. A couple of dungeons and she’s over the midpoint hump and can kind of see the finish line towards Cata. I *might* be able to get her up high enough to be able to queue for the boss, but I won’t be too disappointed if I just miss it.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another mage on the alliance side. I don’t know if I’ve talked about him here yet. He’s a little level 40-ish dwarf and I made his as old looking as possible with an old face and a scraggly gray beard. It’s kind of creepy when he and Repgrind’s druid flirt with each other.

The awesome thing about doing the holiday quests as a low level is you get pretty good experience for it, so I decided to do some of the quests with him. I caught my wolpertinger and threw mugs at a robot and went around the world zapping pink eleks.

In between working on the quests I queued for instances. Apparently multi-tasking is not my thing, because I had gone around the world when I realized I was on a boat and on my way to a flight point. I had traveled Amazing Race style on a boat, a griffon and my own mount…

…instead of porting myself around.

What was even more shameful was once I realized how dumb I was I noticed that I didn’t even have any reagants so I couldn’t have teleported even if I wanted to.


Derp the Second

When I mentioned that toons I don’t play often got to come out for the holiday, I was mostly thinking about my DK. Still stuck at 84, she was once known for hanging on to the Noblegarden bouquet in her weapon slot months after that holiday was over.

But, at 84, she can do all the quests and queue for bosses. Hey, one day she might actually level just by doing holiday crap.

Which may be her only hope because I’ve lost any enthusiasm for melee toons. Just doing that one boss is annoying to me. Having to position myself and then I get launched into the air by a mole machine thing and then I realize I am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the tank.


I want nothing more to do with this. Hopefully all those candy buckets at Halloween will level her up because I’m not taking her out any other time for the foreseeable future.

Derp derp

Derp the Third

I’ve mentioned before but Lorethos doesn’t do anything or go anywhere anymore. He’s basically the enchant bitch and when my mage gets a few more levels up he will be her tailoring bitch.

So he was quite excited to go outside Org, even if it was only to do some holiday quests. Except that he couldn’t pick anything up.

Quest log is full.

Eh? Really?

He doesn’t do Molten Front and I don’t think I’ve bothered to take him out to Tol Barad. Usually when my log is full it’s because my ADD has kicked in while working on those daily quests and I’ve wandered away to let them sit in my log.

Well there weren’t any dailies in there.

But there were some lovely quests from Children’s Week still pending.


Derp derp derp

This is what happens when I try to play characters who aren’t druids.

Jendora the Explorer

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Yes, I like to stay several steps behind everybody else. While everyone is now working on Firelands and doing the new dailies, I am continuing leveling my resto druid.

Like my holy pally, I am doing most of my leveling in dungeons. My holy pally actually went out and did quests occasionally but I pretty much stopped questing Jendora once she was able to queue for instances. I’ve done a few here and there for ones that I knew opened up some dungeon quests but that’s about it. (And of course I did the set to get my sunflower. Whoo hoo!)

My druid just recently got the achievement for 250 quests sometime after level 70. The only reason she had even that much was thanks to all the bonfire stuff that racked that number up. Thanks to old world flying, those achievements were too easy. The hardest part about those were the bonfires that got moved to some of the new towns.

Like my old druid (RIP) I made Jendora a scribe. (What? I don’t want to have to do the Therazane grind again if I can avoid it.) Which means I have to leave instances every once in a while to go out and farm herbs.

Why does that sound familiar?, you might ask. Um yeah. I had also made my holy pally an herbalist. So yes, I could have just send the pally out collecting herbs for my druid, but I really love collecting with my druid. I can swoop in on an herb, pick it, and fly away all without leaving bat form. Really high level mob close to the herb I want? I’ll make an attempt but if I get aggro I’ll just fly away.

The little bit of Inscription I did on my old druid seemed tedious and annoying. But now I’ll go out farming for a bit, take my stockpile over by the trainer, and work on it pretty steadily. My Herbalism and Inscription are now stuck at the point where I need to level up to 75 to be able to continue on.

And since I was flying all over anyway to collect herbs and pee on Alliance bonfires, I might as well get some exploring out of the way. I finally finished exploring all of Northrend last night while pointedly ignoring all the quest exclamation points that were begging for my attention.

Ay, dios mio!


My druid is right at the point where I got my mage and then got bored with doing all the NR instances. It is pretty boring to get UK and Nexus 80 billion times in a row, but you can make a game out of it.

In Nexus, for example, I like to see how many times a dps will die on┬áKeristrasza due to not moving. Sometimes I’ll warn them beforehand to jump or move but sometimes I’ll just sit back and watch. Don’t get me wrong, they will get heals and I will try to keep them up, but if they don’t move the debuff will eventually overwhelm them and down they go.

Then they get the lecture while they are getting rezzed. I don’t want them thinking it’s a healer error and not their own fault they died. The saddest thing is when the boss is dead and they just sit there with their health ticking down. Especially if they are a hybrid class with the ability to throw a heal on themselves. But they don’t. And they die.

If you can’t see the debuff on you, or see that you are bright blue, or notice that your health is steadily going down… Sigh.

Yes, I know I’m a horrible person. I’m almost disappointed when I get a group where nobody dies. I admit it; I’m not right.

You can’t spell orphan without Oprah

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Another holiday gone by; another chance for progressing the meta gone by. Maybe sometime around 2035 one of my toons will get the Long Strange Trip achievement.

This has to be Zarigar’s 4th or even 5th Children’s Week, but this year he only just got the second pet needed for Veteran Nanny. Whoops. I’m still not sure if Lorethos has ever rented out of those children.

Matron: “Here you go, Little Zuglet, this nice zombie will be your guardian for the week.”

Orphan: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” *wets himself*

I’m still not sure what kind of reckless Orphan Matron lets a troll take charge of one of her children for the week. She is lucky she got the kid back with all of its limbs intact.┬áThankfully Zarigar’s shoddy parenting and child neglect overrode his desire to BBQ a small child’s tasty arm and make a bracelet out of its teeth.

My holy pally did a few of the orphan quests only because they gave out some good XP and they were a change from instance grinding. Even the old world ones aren’t so bad now that you can fly everywhere.

I would make my annual complaint that I don’t like Children’s Week coming right after Noblegarden, but when you mostly ignore both holidays, it’s hard to complain about being overwhelmed by them. What is the next one, the summer flame one? That’s another one I tend to ignore but–again, thanks to old world flying–it might not feel so tedious to do now and I might actually work on that one.

Or not. We’ll see which alt I’m working on at the time.


And just to tie my thread title in, I have to say that I’m so glad that Sorak can check up on everything WoW remotely. It also means he can keep an eye on his auctions while not missing his favorite talk show. I might even watch if it had more shows like this:

Happy Monday bitchez!