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Shammy shields!

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on May 28, 2013 by zarigar

It was a big week for Team Zarigar. Most of them got VP capped and raised their ilevels enough to either get into LFR or be able to queue further into it. (Upgrade vendor, I’ve missed you so; please never leave me!)

I even logged onto Winterhoof to see what’s going on with my Alliance shammy. The good news was that she could queue for MV, and that’s about it. Eh what the heck, a pity run for her would be super nice of me.

It is so weird to play the same class with different levels of gear. Zarigar and Khiaren are both elemental shaman but they don’t feel the same at all. If nothing else it makes me much happier to go running back to Horde.

At the last boss she picked up some gold. And the little bonus roll box came up. Oh bless her heart, she still has gold coins. What the heck? Use one up…and she gets a shield.


Bwahahaha. She actually was still using a shield from Gate of the Setting Sun, so she didn’t have to take that awkward “fan intermediate” step. Good for her, although really I should NOT have been surprised that a toon that’s rarely played gets to have a shield.

So then back to Horde to throw Zarigar at Tortos. Loot drop: gold. Waste a Mogu coin to get…a shield?


Zarigar finally gets to have a shield, too?


Sweet baby Jesus, thank you. No more ridiculous eyeball stick with an excess of Hit. I get to wear a shield like a proper shaman. My first instinct was to go run it to the upgrade guy and throw some VP into it, but I decided to wait and see if I could press my luck with the Twin Consorts. The shield they drop would cut out some of the spirit for a little more intellect.

I know, that was super greedy, but I was on a roll. Alas, no other shield for me, even though I got a fresh run on a Monday night, how much more luck was I expecting?

Now we all just look at the ridiculous paladin with a fan still and shake our heads. But at least my shammy has a shield now.

A shield that I will be mogging soon because for something I’ve wanted forever and ever it’s actually quite ugly.



A troll and his stick

Posted in Rant, Zarigar with tags , , , , on March 21, 2013 by zarigar

When you log into the game and the guild message reads GO DO THE NEW LFR IT’S SUPER EASY!!!! you think “why, Sorak hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I do believe I shall queue for the new LFR.” And so you queue.

And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

You go get mail. You make dinner. You eat dinner. You even get bored and do DAILIES.

But finally, your queue pops. You load into the game and land right in the middle of a trash fight.

Oh good, I waited 47 years for an in-progress LFR. I looked at the loot table and I saw that the turtle boss has a shield. The turtle boss is the first boss. This group is already past that. So whether I finish this one or not I still have to queue again and do all that waiting over.

Bah. Fine. Let’s do this last boss then. With my luck I would drop and then end up in another half of a group again.

So, yeah, I had no idea what I was doing. And sadly neither did anyone else. There were birds and green stuff on the ground and people getting blown off the platform.

Thankfully LFR buffs you 5% after every wipe. So at 20% our little LFR just brute forced the bird down LFR. 20% is 4 wipes/5 attempts which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in LFR that is an eternity. Especially when you have to wait for healer #6 each time.

Last night I went back to finish up the first 2 bosses of that and I even went and watched a video of the turtle. OMG. So much crap flying everywhere. It was normal raid mode so I knew it would be scaled down some for LFR but it still looked a mess. (Ok, the part where you kick turtle shells at the big guy’s face seems fun.)

I think the turtle went down after 2 attempts; the first attempt we all devoured by the bats. Bag of gold. Use my shiny new mogu coin relic thing whatever. More gold.


Onward to weird tentacle boss. I don’t even know what is supposed to be happening with this fight. The only thing we did was cluster up in a group (not a fight for SR!) and alternate killing the red and green tentacles. It doesn’t seem like a fun fight for heals, though.

When he died I won a stick. To replace my blue shield I got a purple stick. (Filthy!)


What are you looking at?

I don’t even know why Blizz hates me. That thing is ugly. It has a creepy eye on it that looks around. I hate it. It should be class specific to warlocks and their little blackened souls; not given to sweet, innocent shaman who only want a nice shield to weigh them down and keep them from standing upright.

I even tried to mog it with a shield and the Consortium guy laughed at me and said “bitch, please.”

Now I can’t even go farm MV LFR for that shield since even if I won it, it would be a downgrade in stats. And as much as I hate the stick, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Of course I should run MV because now I WOULD WIN IT.

This is what happens when I listen to Sorak.

Bye totems

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on August 28, 2012 by zarigar

It’s patch day. One more step closer to MoP. Or, as my Debbie Downer self would say, the day everything breaks.

I did hope to sneak out early today so I could start downloading, but that doesn’t seem to be possible, so instead I will post some pics.

I don’t know how the new shaman totems will work going forward, but I decided to be all sentimental and play with them one last time.

Goodbye Call of the Elements. I loved when you came along and I could throw all my totems down at once. No longer did I have to waste time placing them individually. And they all placed themselves in a neat little square around me. My OCD loved that.

Goodbye Totemic Recall. You were cool, too, only slightly less so.

Zarigar at Echo Isles

Khiaren in Stormwind

The seal is broken

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So, yeah, that’s going to happen now. I enjoyed mocking everyone who did archaeology and staring in confusion at those who did it on multiple toons. But, like fishing, I finally gave in.

I am so ashamed.


This next part has nothing to do with arch but Arv demands posts.

I was doing some Darmoon Faire stuff on Zarigar (omg, I actually play Horde sometimes!) and there were actual people on (omg again!) and they decided to run some heroics (omg say what?!)

Since it was Slice and Arv and Van, of course they needed my help. I could carry them through a few instances. Then Arv pulled a special guest star and Van and Slice got all giggly like schoolgirls.

We kept getting End Time and Well of Eternity and bitched each time, even though we are overgeared for them and steamrolled right through them. Then we started playing round robin and swapping toons in. (Slice has a DK? Who knew…)

Lorethos got to leave the confines of Org bank and go actually do something. It’s sad that at one time he was played so often that he bumped Zari off “main” status and now just hangs out by the mailbox and disenchants things for a living.

(Maybe if he got a healing spec back. Hmmm..)

(I wonder how many random things I can put in parenthesis.)

510 eggs

Posted in Achievement, Holiday, Zarigar with tags , , , , on April 16, 2012 by zarigar

That’s how many eggs it took Zarigar to get the stupid Noblegarden mount. 500 to buy it and 10 that I accidentally turned in for the stupid daily so I had to go collect more to make them up.

I also ended up finding some tuxedo pants and a shirt so picked up that achievement, as well. No fancy dress, though, and I don’t care. Once I had enough for the mount I was done.

It took several days to collect all the eggs I needed, because I would get bored so easily and have to run away and do something else. There was rarely anyone else at Bloodhoof Village, so I would just run around in ghost wolf form making the circuit. I don’t know how many times I would see that stupid wolf running through the village and think it was another shammy collecting eggs. >.<

It would have been nice to get the mount as a drop and not have to collect all those eggs, but I guess I am not that lucky. I should just be grateful that the mount wasn’t only available as a random drop. Knowing there was a definite end helped a lot.

But oh, how I cursed those eggs. It got to the point where if it wasn’t a chocolate I was pissed. I got like 6 bouqets, 4 branches, 3 pets, 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

After about 200 eggs I was wondering which would piss me off more: if I never got the mount and had to collect all 500 or if the mount finally dropped after wasting so much time farming. I think I might have been mad if the drop came and I was left with hundred of chocolates. What was I going to do? Buy more stupid rabbit pets and ship them off to alts?

Anyway, that nonsense is done. No other toon will be collecting eggs; I would rather do archaelogy at this point.

Laziness never pays off

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on April 4, 2012 by zarigar

I haven’t learned by now and I probably never will. (This is going to be one of those ramble type posts. This was your warning.)

Prior to the raid I remembered that I wanted to move some things around in Zari’s spec. Nothing major, just shuffling over a couple of points that I had placed in odd spots.

I didn’t want to undo everything and reset it, but then I remembered that empty off-spec that was just sitting there. Brilliant! I put in all the points where I wanted them, then pressed Learn. Excellent!

Then I realized that I would have to reset all my bars now, too. Fail! And apparently this was the spec that Zarigar used when he was a healer for 3 days so all the buttons were way off. Super fail!

I tried to recreate from memory where I had everything, but finally I had to just switch over to the old spec, screen shot the bars, then put them where they belonged on the “new” spec. (Yeah, I’m saving so much time here.)

Finally it was raid time and my new spec and I trudged off to DS. Heroic Morchok one-shotted and no one important died. (Sorry Zug and slice.)

Do I have any astute readers going “wait, zari, back the fuck up”? “You switched over to an offspec, set up talent points and redid your bars. And that’s it? There was nothing else you had to do? Nothing?”

Erm, yes I was raiding with no glyphs. Whatever >.<

(That would explain why my lightning shield kept falling off.)

So, kids, when you think cutting corners will save you time and effort, just remember that it usually doesn’t.

At least the rest of the raid went much better. Got the achieve for Taste The Rainbow and, later, the one for Deck Defender…(totally by accident.) This shithole boat dropped some lame-ass non-caster shield and Van and I both wept. While she would probably get it before I do, just never seeing it drop at all is so sad.

Speaking of Van, she writes briefly about burn out today. Yes, little zari weeps when one of his friends cuts back on their playing (even Sorak!) but it really is understandable and not at all surprising.

The cliche is still true: don’t play if it’s not fun. If you don’t want to be logged in 30 hours a week, then don’t. If raiding once a week or fishing or *eww* doing archaeology is what is fun, then just do that. I would rather have one of my friends logged on for only a short while and enjoy it, then feel like they are logging in out of habit or because they feel they have to.

And I know that Van knows all this already; it was more of a general throw out to my other 4 readers. I, on the other had, apparently have an alt addiction and have no desire to be cured. While leveling my dwarf mage, I decided I needed to have a ret pally in the wings. But that will have to be another story for another day.

Trolls just want to have fun

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , , on February 8, 2012 by zarigar

Finally, it’s all about Zarigar. The evening started with him collecting Elder coins and ended with a first-time kill of the endgame boss. (Non-LFR!)

So let’s start with the part you’re most dying to hear about. I was in Twilight Highlands, flying to the elder in the middle of the dwarf ruins… Oh, you don’t care about that…

Fine, into the raid. It was already going to be a good night because the raid make-up was 4 belfs, 3 goblins, and 3 trolls. 3!!! Trolls!!! This is a long way from the times when I was the sole troll representative. Back when a 10-man had no fewer than 7 belfs in it.

It was a bit disappointing that they all didn’t have the giant mohawks and Adoe didn’t even know at first what kind of hairstyle he had under his helm. It obviously wan’t a full mohawk, no way would that gloriousness be covered by a tacky helm. The higher the hair, the closer to God!

Most of the run was pretty smooth. Arv brought in his little goblin warrior to tank (The Tank!) and we learned what happens when you pull with rockets. (It doesn’t go so well.)

On Hagara, everyone looked to the trolls to see who would be the one to die during frost phase. Stunnah edged out Zarigar on the prediction of whose corpse everyone would be trampling on. But, haha, bitches…no one died. Take your haterade elsewhere.

Spine was noteworthy for Vanicus getting a worm in her hole. It’s exactly as dirty as it sounds.

I don’t like the Deathwing fight. I hate it on LFR, too. I hate moving and I hate switching targets and I hate trying to figure out if I’m standing in a bad spot that’s going to get someone killed and I hate leaping across platforms ever since I heard about people glitching and falling to their death.

So after a couple of attempts when some people brought up calling it there and trying again the next day, I didn’t care. I think I even cursed when Sorak said give it one more try. In Shadow Rising “one more try” actually means “ok, now it clicks and he dies”. And then, oh hai, I haz a new achievement.

Yes, it was a little bit anti-climactic because I’ve seen Deathwing die several times in LFR. But it was still exciting to get a “real” kill in, even if it was on “my alt”. Jendora has done everything else in Cata, so having it be Zarigar get this first was a nice bit of the circle coming back around.

Oh yes, and I also got Elders of Cataclysm, so it was a successful evening all around.