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Pally makes number 4

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on May 13, 2013 by zarigar

This was a very odd weekend for me. I was sick with a cold and I hate hate hate being sick. No, people don’t like being sick; but I hate it. It always makes me sleep funny and I end up awake at 6am on a Saturday despite being up until 3.

Wonky sleep schedule = random play time! Yay!

In case you have an outdated scorecard, my max toons on Drak are a shaman, a warlock and a druid. For the longest time I only had the shaman at max. It really is just recently that the warlock and druid leveled up.

Now I have a paladin.

“Zarigar, why?” you ask. “What is going on in that mohawked head?”

Who knows. I am insane.

Oh yes, it is another healer.

My paladin and my priest both got played a little more to take advantage of the bonus faction rep that you now get when you run randoms. Despite not doing more than a few quests in Jade Forest, they are both already honored with Shado Pan.

They’ve both kind of hovered at level 88 together, then the pally just pulled ahead. Before I knew it she was at 89 and I just finished her out.

So I have 4 max toons on Drak, almost to be 5. Lorethos is right behind still. I thought I wouldn’t get them leveled up until the grind from 85-90 was lowered but oh well.

Of course when I level a new toon all the other ones get shuffled to the side. I oddly like the gearing up phase where you just run chain heroics all day.

It’s interesting when you start off and they are so difficult, especially with a healer who is gasping for mana the entire run. (Bless you, random boomkin who kept putting Innervate on me.) Then it starts getting much easier as you gear up and you don’t have to drink so often.

My pally is now about 3 points away from LFR. It is my goal to get that done tonight. I realize that is insane.

But what else am I going to do? Level my mage?


This is what happens without raiding

Posted in Achievement with tags , , , , on June 5, 2012 by zarigar

Suck it, Sorak! I guess now I can see what’s up with those arch quests they have in some dungeons.

It wasn’t a terrible as I thought it would be, just a little tedious and boring at times. I don’t have any plans to do it all over again–I’m not entirely crazy–but never say never. I probably should have made one of my dwarf toons be the archaeologist, but oh well.

I did throw arch on some of the lower leveled toons. I’m not going to actively work on it with them, but if they happen to be in a zone questing already and there is a digsite then it will be handy to have an extra source of XP. Trying to focus on archaeology on a toon that can’t fly would be the death of me so I’m not falling for that trap.

Some of the digsites were annoying when I COULD fly. Totally looking at you, Feralas. I will say that it was much easier once I was at Outland/Northrend levels just because everything was confined to a much smaller continent.

Now that that’s done with, what annoying time-suck should I work on next?

510 eggs

Posted in Achievement, Holiday, Zarigar with tags , , , , on April 16, 2012 by zarigar

That’s how many eggs it took Zarigar to get the stupid Noblegarden mount. 500 to buy it and 10 that I accidentally turned in for the stupid daily so I had to go collect more to make them up.

I also ended up finding some tuxedo pants and a shirt so picked up that achievement, as well. No fancy dress, though, and I don’t care. Once I had enough for the mount I was done.

It took several days to collect all the eggs I needed, because I would get bored so easily and have to run away and do something else. There was rarely anyone else at Bloodhoof Village, so I would just run around in ghost wolf form making the circuit. I don’t know how many times I would see that stupid wolf running through the village and think it was another shammy collecting eggs. >.<

It would have been nice to get the mount as a drop and not have to collect all those eggs, but I guess I am not that lucky. I should just be grateful that the mount wasn’t only available as a random drop. Knowing there was a definite end helped a lot.

But oh, how I cursed those eggs. It got to the point where if it wasn’t a chocolate I was pissed. I got like 6 bouqets, 4 branches, 3 pets, 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

After about 200 eggs I was wondering which would piss me off more: if I never got the mount and had to collect all 500 or if the mount finally dropped after wasting so much time farming. I think I might have been mad if the drop came and I was left with hundred of chocolates. What was I going to do? Buy more stupid rabbit pets and ship them off to alts?

Anyway, that nonsense is done. No other toon will be collecting eggs; I would rather do archaelogy at this point.

Hardly eggs-citing

Posted in Holiday with tags , , , on April 10, 2012 by zarigar

Yeah, I resorted to a cheap egg pun. Whatever.

Zarigar got the Noblegarden meta achievement back in 2009, so the past couple of years I haven’t really paid that much attention to it. I don’t really go for the intensive holiday grinding or achievement chasing on my other toons.

Even with the meta, though, Zari is till missing some of the little achievements for the holiday. Finding a dress and finding the tuxedo outfit. Achieves that are part of the holiday but not part of the meta. And since they are not part of the meta and I didn’t “need” to do them, then I just didn’t.

And this year was going to be no different. The thought of farming eggs in the hopes of getting the clothes out of them was boring to me.

But then they put in a mount. A stupid little mount that you can get and all you have to do is collect eggs.

Wickedly genius, Blizz.

If I farm enough eggs I can get the mount. The mount could also be a random drop. And while I’m collecting eggs I might get those last few achievements. I could potentially kill several birds with one stone.

I don’t even have to wonder if I will waste the entire holiday farming eggs. Regardless of my luck, I can get the mount if I am patient enough.

Patient? Zarigar? Yeah, that would be the drawback.

Bloodhoof Village was pretty dead. There were only a couple of rabbits zipping around. Eventually it seemed like I was the only one there.

And OH.MY.GOD. how boring that was.

Farming will never be my strength. Whether it’s herbs or ore or pixel eggs I just don’t have the patience for it. I am the reason AH prices are jacked so high; lazy people like me will pay almost anything not to have to go out and do the work ourselves.

Unfortunately I can’t outsource egg farming. I stuck with it longer than I thought I would, only because I knew that having the place all to myself was a rarity that I should take advatage of.

I did eventually give up for the night with the only things found was the pet that I already had and a bouquet of spring flowers. I accepted the daily and gave her my chocolates before realizing in horror what I had done. NOOOOOOO, I NEEDS THOSE CHOCOLATES!!! GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!!

I’ll go back later and work on it some more. To anyone farming eggs on more than one toon, I have 3 words for you:

You are insane.

Happy birthday to me

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on February 4, 2011 by zarigar

My sweet little blog turned 1 at the very end of January and I forgot to acknowledge it. Awww. They grow up so fast.


Hooray for MS Paint!


In other milestones, Zarigar finally hit 85 last night. I wasn’t even paying attention to how close he was, but apparently I had less than 10% to go when I logged in last night.

Now comes the fun part of gearing Zarigar up. Goodbye points, hello gear.

I ran him through Grim Batol for the first time, which was just as boring as when I ran it eleventy-billion times with Lorethos. Actually it was less boring, because people know what they are doing know and are much better geared for it.

It’s almost becoming like the Wrath instances. People aren’t communicating with each other that much anymore and there aren’t any wipes or even deaths. Just get in, do the job, and get out.

When I ran Vortex Pinnacle with Zarigar I was asked to hex mobs and bind elementals. But then people would immediately break them. So, just like in Wrath, people are still stupid.

Good to know some things haven’t changed.

Fine…you win

Posted in Alt, Holiday with tags , , , , on November 1, 2010 by zarigar

Go away Halloween. Or Hallow’s Eve. Or whatever the hell you are called.

In case you didn’t get the hint, no, I didn’t collect all my masks this year. The holiday ended with me short 3 masks. Oh, but I have bags just bulging with candy corn and chocolate and other assorted innkeeper throwaways.

Anybody want a wisp wand? I have 7.


not quite was I was looking for

Thankfully you don’t need that achievement for the meta. My alts swapped some wand jobs with another guildee, then all that was left for them was to go into a GNERD rage and kill some alliance.

For Lorethos, all it took was one trip to Wintergrasp. I’m not even really specced or geared for PvP and I was still ripping through a lot of alliance players. Nerf me! (But don’t really.)

Sabryel had a harder time. I tried Wintergrasp again, and the battle was over before I had all my kills. D’oh! By now it was getting late on Sunday so I was running out of time. All right, then, random battleground it is.

Arathi Basin. Ok, I like this one.

I gobbled down my GNERD candy, mounted up, then charged through with everyone else. We captured the blacksmith flag easily, then everyone moved on to the next one. Wait, bitches, someone has to stay here and defend!

I was torn. Do I go blindly follow other people and scout out kills or do I be a good team player and stay behind with the pally?

Bah! Good team player wins.

So I sat there. Occasionally one or two alliance would try to take the flag but they were soundly beaten back each time. Otherwise I just sat there.

Then I noticed I was still getting kills. Even without moving away from my flag. GNERD Rage came up quickly, with it my Halloween meta.

Then I got the achievement for “killing” 30 people in one fight without dying. :/ Then I got the one for doing 300k damage in one fight.

Meanwhile I am still hanging out at the flag. Then we win (for which I get another achievement). Um, yeah, that was kind of sad to rack up so many for doing so little. I pretty much figured I would have had to run another BG to finish up my GNERD rage kills.

Guess not. Lazy achievements FTW.


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…and other assorted news from the past few days.

Fail DK has a new home

It was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, most of House Vol is scattered to the winds. There were only a handful of people left in that guild, mostly just forgotten alts and people who are no longer playing. The guild vaults had long since been locked down due to a previous hacker experience.

So off DK went to Shadow Rising, to join the co-mains. It’s much more fun to be around actual people and not be alone. Even if I’m not in the mood to be social it’s nice to have them around.

Beware the mudpie

I finally took Zarigar into an ICC. I don’t remember the last time he went. I usually just take Lorethos since that’s the toon I feel comfortable using as a flex healer when necessary.

I wanted to see how Zarigar did with the new patch changes and to try out the new AOE earthquake spell–which I have dubbed “the mudpie”. I’m not really used to having an AOE like that and everything felt really awkward for most of the raid.

The rotation feels different and weird. It’s not just mindlessly casting lightning bolts while waiting for things to come off cooldown. Oh, Lava Surge…ack, Lava Burst has been reset. Must cast now!!!

The mudpie proved to be handy on the Sindy trash. I think I had to smoke a cigarette after that was done.


I love, love, love achievements that are based on RNG. [/sarcasm]

This is the problem with working on holiday achievements on multiple characters. You start comparing them to each other.

Like why the person who already has the Sparkling Teeth achievement (or whatever it’s called) keeps getting the toothpicks while the person who doesn’t have it keeps getting turned into a bat. Or why my cloth wearer gets the Horseman’s Helm out of the loot bag. Can’t sell it, can’t trade it, can’t vendor it, can’t shard it. Uh, yay, I get to DELETE it! (Guess I wasn’t quite done with the sarcasm.)

Does each toon really need 6 squashlings?

Thank you, increased drop rates, now both my priest and my shaman have gotten the Horseman’s Reins.

But the biggest pain remains the “collect all 20 of these masks” nonsense. Maybe you could get it…if you were on all the time…and maximized your trick or treat options…and didn’t get tricked a lot (giggity)…and got a treat bag…that contained a mask…that you didn’t already have.

*waits for someone to post how they have had the achievement since 2008*