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Oh pally

Posted in Alliance, Alt with tags , , , , on September 9, 2013 by zarigar

I guess there is a big patch or something coming up. People are all preparing and capping and doing important stuff.

I am working on my alliance paladin.

I have an alliance paladin? Apparently. I thought I had even mentioned her a couple of times but the first time she went into an instance with Repgrind it took her a while to realize it was me.

Her role is basically to make me learn how to ret. So, needless to say, she isn’t leveled up very high and she doesn’t get a lot of play.

She is a human almost by default since my DK and priest are both dranei and my shaman and mage are both dwarves. The fact that humans get a spirit bonus that would be handy if she went holy was not a factor. No sirree…nothing to see here, move it along.

She is staying ret if it kills me. Or her. I won’t even buy the dual spec option for her because then it will all go downhill and I’ll have her decked out in INT plate 2 hours later.

So I don’t really play her. Sometimes I click on her log-in picture and stare at her screen. Eventually she sighs and knows it’s not going to happen and I laugh and go off to play shaman #7.

Then Slice and Lyssi got on a kick to leveling their tank/healer duo with Rep. Lyssi asked if I had any toon in their range and of course the only one was the pally.

I’m still not the biggest fan of being melee in instances but it’s less painful when it’s a mostly guild group. That Slice goes through the mobs like Zug on crack is nice, too.

Finally we hit BRD which is the MOST ANNOYING INSTANCE EVER DIE DIE DIE. Someone (Slice?) wanted to do all the bosses so deeper we went into the dungeon and prayed we would one day be able to find our way out.

Somewhere along the way I won some blue pants on a greed roll. I laughed because they were healer pants and I was probably just going to vendor them after the run. Then someone commented how pretty they were so I looked more closely at them.

Ooh, yes, they had a nifty flame effect. Ok, I wouldn’t sell them. I would just put them in the bank and save them for some future mog.

Later, in that same run, I realized that fail pally had hit Exalted with Stormwind and didn’t have any other tabards in her bag. Bah. I would have to go buy a new one. She was stationed in SW, so after the run, I made her go to the closest city to pick up a new tabard.

She ended up in Ironforge. where she then equipped her new tabard.

Her new orange tabard.

Hmmmmm….I just got some flamey pants. Maybe we should take another look at that mog now. A quick rummage through her bank and the AH for a missing piece and this was her end result:


Yes, I cheated and hid both the helm and cloak. There was a fiery axe on the AH that would have looked cool but not for 3500g.

And, yeah, when she hits Exalted with Ironforge and has to change the tabard it’s going to ruin the whole thing and I’ll have to start over. At least, for now, I like the way she looks and she may get to do more than hang out in the city and go to the Faire once a month.


ilevel round-up

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on July 30, 2013 by zarigar

Last week was the first time I really took my alliance shaman out in a long time. Some of the folks in Crits have been running LFR together so Khiaren went out with them.

She has the ilevel to get through TOES but is still way too low for TOT, but I didn’t really think anything of it at first. But when we were in the LFR, it was pretty noticeable how she–for lack of a better word–sucked.

Some fights were better than others, but there were some where she was in the bottom half. I’m not even really that competitive but I found that unacceptable. Khiaren actually has a shield, she should be #1 always!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t help to compare her to Zarigar, who has like 30 ilevels on her. It’s so weird to be playing the same class but have them feel so different due to different gear levels. I later went and ran some TOT on Zarigar and it was noticeably smoother.

Ironically one thing that may be hurting Khiaren is that she is my only 90 on Winterhoof. In theory that should mean more playtime for her. What happens is I focus on capping the 90s on Drak and continually pass her over. There is no other 90 to benefit from the VP bonus so I don’t even attempt to valor cap her. (My priest is slowly working her way up, so it should help when I get a 2nd 90 there.)

So seeing the difference in ilevels between my shaman made me curious about how the rest of my toons stacked up with each other:

Khiaren: 476 / 475 equipped

She picked up some gloves and a belt from LFR so this is actually an increase from where she started.

Zarigar: 508 / 508

Ironically his weakest piece is the 496 gloves he got from doing a real raid in MSV.

Jendora: 506 / 506

She has the 4-piece tier from TOT and then kind of got set aside. Could use some new boots.

Lorethos: 506 / 506

My healers are twins! He benefits from a couple of big kid TOT pieces but he still has that ghetto Inscription fan!

Tenderloyne: 475 / 474 equipped

Ahhh, such a mess. Green shoulders and a terrible weapon. (Not to mention THE FAN!) Poor cow.

Sabryel: 472 / 470

Technically my worst geared 90, but I actually think she’s geared up ok for how much I dislike melee. Some blue pieces hold her back but there is no hurry to gear her.

Zhari: 493 / 493

Eek! I almost published this without including him. His ilevel should go up quite a bit with a new trinket and shoes. Oops. Does anyone do Sha anymore?

So, in summary, Khiaren sucks compared to Zarigar and most of my other Drak toons laugh at her. They can be such buttholes.

One more point

Posted in Alt, Healing with tags , , , , , on May 15, 2013 by zarigar

All I needed was one more point to be able to queue my new pally for LFR. Since it was Monday night, I really wanted to get an attempt in before everything reset.

So I kept running stuff and I would get drops, but they were the wrong kind of drops. I got a shield in Gate of the Setting Sun (yay!) which was an upgrade, but I had the inscription fan in my bag so I didn’t give me an ilevel boost.

Why not equip the fan? Shut up shut up shut up! Pallies don’t get fans! It’s bad enough I have a shaman with a stick! That fan is for my priest.

(And yes, I know that ranting about it means LFR is going to give my pally the fan offhand instead of the shield. I accept this but I will not willingly equip a fan unless I have to!)

No drops for me, but as I was leveling my paladin I was taking advantage of the bonus faction rep for running a random each day. She was already honored with Shado Pan so I knew eventually I would just get enough VP for the cloak and that would be that. Sure I wanted to be ready sooner than that, but Blizzard hates me so that was what ended up happening.

Finally I could get into MSV LFR. I am being nice when I say that the Monday night LFR crew is not exactly the A-squad of WoW.

3 other holy paladins in with me? Yes, that sounds about right.

It’s actually kind of hilarious when I cheese my way into LFR and I am not the worst person there. The “raid leader” was one of the other holy pallies and he bragged that he had just hit 90 and was his first time there. You don’t say. He was so vocal about the “fail dps” and the “fail tanks” that I took satisfaction in staying above him on the healing charts. (AMG EPEEN!!!!!!)

For my troubles that run I got a new ring. Ok, that’s cool. Our illustrious raid leader then said that he was going to queue for the 2nd half so anyone that wanted to continue could stay.

I dropped.

Putzed around, queued up for the 2nd half. Oh, yes, I got into the raid with my new holy pally buddy. The tank promptly said he was stoned and had no idea what he was doing. So, you know, just a normal LFR run…

Elegon was a wipe when both tanks fell the first time the floor disappeared. One tank then left and we were in queue forever. I did consider leaving, but it seemed like this was the only LFR going on anyway and I really just wanted to finish. Finally one of the dps stepped up tank and he died. For that I got a new helm.

The last boss was uneventful and I was done with my first week of MSV. Yesterday, when I ran it again, it was funny how much smoother everything went.

Sadly the only drop I got was the same helm I already won. So that’s another toon with no shield. But at least I haven’t been given the fan.

Pally makes number 4

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on May 13, 2013 by zarigar

This was a very odd weekend for me. I was sick with a cold and I hate hate hate being sick. No, people don’t like being sick; but I hate it. It always makes me sleep funny and I end up awake at 6am on a Saturday despite being up until 3.

Wonky sleep schedule = random play time! Yay!

In case you have an outdated scorecard, my max toons on Drak are a shaman, a warlock and a druid. For the longest time I only had the shaman at max. It really is just recently that the warlock and druid leveled up.

Now I have a paladin.

“Zarigar, why?” you ask. “What is going on in that mohawked head?”

Who knows. I am insane.

Oh yes, it is another healer.

My paladin and my priest both got played a little more to take advantage of the bonus faction rep that you now get when you run randoms. Despite not doing more than a few quests in Jade Forest, they are both already honored with Shado Pan.

They’ve both kind of hovered at level 88 together, then the pally just pulled ahead. Before I knew it she was at 89 and I just finished her out.

So I have 4 max toons on Drak, almost to be 5. Lorethos is right behind still. I thought I wouldn’t get them leveled up until the grind from 85-90 was lowered but oh well.

Of course when I level a new toon all the other ones get shuffled to the side. I oddly like the gearing up phase where you just run chain heroics all day.

It’s interesting when you start off and they are so difficult, especially with a healer who is gasping for mana the entire run. (Bless you, random boomkin who kept putting Innervate on me.) Then it starts getting much easier as you gear up and you don’t have to drink so often.

My pally is now about 3 points away from LFR. It is my goal to get that done tonight. I realize that is insane.

But what else am I going to do? Level my mage?

Of broken carnies

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on April 11, 2013 by zarigar

Darkmoone Faire.

I love it.

I hate it.

There shouldn’t be a whole lot more to say about it, but somehow I do. One thing I’ve noticed in parading the alts through there is seeing which toons I’ve actually spent some time on and which ones are just placeholders. If you are toon with no secondary professions to level and I just send you out there to do your main profession, you’re probably just a throwaway toon. You’ll be kept around until I need your character slot for someone new.

If you don’t even have first aid, then be very afraid for your future virtual life. First aid is ridiculous now. You just need to get past the linen bandage stage and you can just work on it via healing carnies. Even my healers have first aid.

Having first aid won’t necessarily save you, but if you don’t even have that basic skill trained then it’s not looking very good for you. It’s very convenient having the broken carnies all in one place. I don’t even have to travel far from the questgiver to get it done. (I’m totally looking at you blacksmithing and fishing questgivers!)

Every time I go to heal a carnie and they say this:


I always think “well maybe you shouldn’t be trying to move your arm.” I may have the skill level to heal you, but that doesn’t mean it comes with any sympathy.

What? You want trolls to be sympathetic? This whole patch has been devoted to slaughtering them. That kind of pain can’t be erased with a few ticks of a bandage.

April fool

Posted in Alt with tags , , on April 1, 2013 by zarigar

Apparently if you are a max cap toon in my stable I will not be content until you can queue for LFR. So Zhari the goblin lock ran eleventy million instances to gear up. He finally got the magic 460 and off he went.

Both halves of MV and he was done. He was also VP capped.

This is maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve capped VP since MoP came out. I guess unless I am single-mindedly trying to gear up a toon I just can’t hit that limit. At this rate Zarigar will be collecting his 6000 VP for the Black Prince until Christmas.

Once Zhari was capped I was done with him. So the logical thing would be to play either Zarigar or Jendora, since they now have a VP bonus. I mean, that would make sense, right?


Why make sense? I’ve been alternating running Lorethos and Tenderloyne through one random a day. In my mind, I’m taking advantage of that bonus rep you get for championing a MoP faction. Unfortunately neither one has taken more than a few steps into Pandaland, so the only faction they are earning is Shado-Pan.

This is like Darkmoon Faire. Every month I log onto every toon and take them out to the Faire. They do their “monthlies” and get their 5 bonus points for their professions. I say that they are getting freebie points, when sadly if I just took some time to work on their professions I could probably max them out. Instead they get their 5 points and back to the waiting room they go for another month.

It’s not the most efficient way to do things, I know, but it’s my way. Alts are bad. They do nothing but spread you out too thin.

(But they are so much fun.)

Except for that mage. She’s lucky she’s my JC or she would be demoted even further down to bank bitch.

Oops!… I Did It Again

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on March 26, 2013 by zarigar

So, yeah, Zhari hit 90 last night and joins Zarigar and Jendora as my max level toons on Drak. And, yes, I just did a post about when Jendora hit 90. Again, yes, I am probably insane.

This is the part where I go “I totally hit 90 by accident” but that would be a lie. Level 89 to 90 takes so long, but around 60-something percent, it’s like you can see the finish line. Something in that just motivates to finish it all out.

So here is Zhari at 90. Truthfully he doesn’t look all that different from Zhari at 89.

a goblin and his fan

a goblin and his fan

It’s actually kind of hilarious the difference between Jendora and Zhari. Jendora sucked. (Well, I suck at boomkin but I put the blame on her.) Doing those beginner Klaxxi quests was hell with her. She could only pull 1 at a time and had to heal herself up after every fight.

Zhari would just send his beefed-up voidwalker in and nab as many as possible. That little guy can hold aggro. It seriously felt like playing EZ mode after boomkin flailing.

Remember all my anti-warlock rants? Good times.

So now I have 1 dedicated dps, 1 dedicated healer and 1 dps who will heal only under threat of torture. I’m kind of scared to gear up Zhari now and have one more person for the LFR shuffle. Though I am kind of curious to take him out to Dino Island and see if the mobs there will smack some humility into him.

If he solos Devilsaur then I have a new main. 😛