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A friendly warning

Posted in Public Service Announcement with tags , , , on January 24, 2011 by zarigar

Beware: When you spend the day being nice to your GM instead of mocking him and he finally unbans you and says you can go on a guild run and you group up for your first guild heroic and you get Throne of the Tides and you are on the last boss and you are in Phase 3 where you are all supercharged and you are going batshit crazy with the dps and the boss is almost dead….DO NOT USE SHADOW WORD: DEATH…you will crit it and it will bounce back to you and hit you for 136K and, of course, you don’t have that much health and YOU WILL DIE!!!

Thank you


Mom and dad are away this weekend!

Posted in ICC with tags , , , on June 11, 2010 by zarigar

No guild leader or raid leader! Whoo hoo! Party time!

Since this is WoW, though, we party by raiding. (Omg, did I really just type that?) There were a couple of people who kind of weren’t feeling the idea of raiding, but we made them come anyway. (giggity) I think Njeri and Nel even flipped a coin to see who had to got to come along. Njeri “won” and brought along her mage for yummy strudel and Int buff.

The rest of the raid was a mix of main toons and geared alts. I know I’ve said this before, but the toons on screen may be different, but the people at the keyboards were the same. Skill > gear.

We go in and I get a little Mind-Sear-happy on trash and die. Release and run in. It’s just habit by now. No lookey loos waiting for rezzes in the raid! Our worst luck comes when we someone trigger ever trap in the place and we have 3 giants running around.

Wipe…however….we won’t do that again for a while. Even though it started a bit rocky, that ended up being a very smooth run.

Lower Spire: bam, bam, bam everything down. I do have to offer a special “fuck you” to Marrowgar for insisting on bone spiking me 50-11 times. And I did get a little nervous when the Blood Beast would get uncomfortable close to me. But otherwise it was business as usual.

Oops, I lied. We did have one more wipe, and that was when we got the rotting-giant-pass-the-disease-around weekly. We ended up pulling the trash and the giant, so our first attempt was a bit of a clusterfuck. The second time was like a well-oiled machine. Slice was calmly telling people where to go, who to pass the disease off to next.

And what happened? Not one single person died that second time. People say it’s an “easy” weekly and I never really agreed, since my only experience with it was people dying constantly and running back in in a repeating pattern.

Rotface and Fester go down. Boom boom. Someone remarks that it seems like the bosses are going down faster than normal. Professor…down. Again, I don’t think we lost a single person in the wing.

Blood Princes. No pet classes. Oh well, will have to watch for kinetic bombs ourselves. Boom, Princes are eating dirt.

Blood Queen. A tiny issue with not running when the dark shadow were chasing someone and all the bad got kind of clumped up in the middle. But no one freaked out. Boom, down. I even got the “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” achievement.

Dreamwalker. Someone said it took a long time to heal her up, but I was just focusing on killing and killing. Boom, she goes….up?

Just to clarify: every boss up to Sindragosa was one-shotted. I have done the Sindy fight many times but she has never gone down for me (giggity). Was tonight going to be the night?

I won’t keep anyone in suspense: no.

The odd thing is I really like this fight. There are a shit-ton of things going on and it requires everyone to be aware at all times. One random slip-up from someone is all it takes to make everything come down. Still, I think this fight is a lot of fun and it will be that much sweeter when she finally dies.

I got to be the DE person last night and awesomely there wasn’t a whole lot to DE. Most of the drops were usable by someone, so that’s always a good thing. I even wrestled some bracers from Njeri’s mage. Don’t feel bad for her, she went home with many prizes; 3 different spellcaster staffs dropped and she had her choice of them.

Giving a special shout-out to Slice for stepping up and keeping the raid together in the absence of our usual leadership crew. And a big cheer to everyone else who came in and did their job and made it a fun experience.


Posted in Alt, ICC with tags , , , , , , on May 18, 2010 by zarigar

I rescued this post from the nether black hole of DRAFT status and saw that most of it really didn’t apply anymore. For the most part it was me wondering aloud if Lorethos was destined for healing or dpsing.

Back when I started this post, I was still farming heroics for badges. Going in as healer, it was very quick to get in, get your badges, get out, and queue up again. Triumph badges were super easy to get, and I was able to get the T9 sets for both specs in a fairly short amount of time.

The problem was I still hadn’t settled on what would be my “mainspec” for this character. I had leveled up as shadow and liked it, but I had farmed mostly as healing and liked that as well. (As holy even, though apparently disc is the place to be. Party people!)

Sidenote: this may be a reason why my mage doesn’t end up in the DELETE pile;  I will never have to make the “heal or not” choice with her.

Lorethos had gone into a couple of ToCs as shadow and picked up some pieces for both specs, but that was the extent of any raiding he had done to that point. Meanwhile, I was slowly accumulating frost badges and that was adding to my dilemma. Frost badges aren’t as easily farmed as triumph, so whatever spec I chose to spend those on would by default become the main spec I would concentrate on.

An ICC run would help, but who would be crazy enough to take my lesser geared priest into ICC?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tirael.

I declined the invite for ICC 10 because I swear there were already more than enough people accepted when I looked at the invite. Now that Zar has his cloak I wasn’t going to fight my way into a raid if there were other people who needed to get in and gear up.

Because of that, I had just planned to run my random then do some bank cleaning and call it a night. So I was surprised when Tir announced that he didn’t have enough people for 10 ICC and for us to get our asses into the raid NAO!!! I was even more surprised to see the invite pop up while on Lorethos.


Then other people started bringing in their alts. Here was Selwyn. And Tel swapped out for his druid. Our whirlwind loving warrior brought in his hunter. Even our normally resto shammy went enhancement. It was a raid composition that I haven’t seen before with this guild. The characters & specs might have been different, but the people behind the keyboards were the same.

And what happened? In one night Lorethos went from seeing Marrowgar once when he was the weekly, to seeing Sindragosa for the first time. Zarigar has yet to see her. If Sindy had gone down, then Lore would have gotten farther in one run than Zar had in all the times he had been to ICC.

As for the loot, I ended up with 4 pieces of spellcaster hit gear. I guess that made my choice for me. Unless I get in a raid with Selwyn and I can nab some healer pieces she already has, it seems that my shadow spec will be the one I will focus on for now. But…my healer spec will not be tossed aside like it was with Zar. There will be some healing, bitchez. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow….but one day.

The gear and the emblems were nice, but I walked out of that ICC pretty happy for other reasons. I was half-expecting a “switch to Zar pl0x” request and hope that, since I didn’t, it means my little priest was kind of able to keep up.

Or at least not drag everyone else down.

The call of the koala

Posted in Random with tags , on April 26, 2010 by zarigar

So I got to meet Lyssiana/Tat(t)ia/Koala Bear (whom I will now–in the interest of laziness–refer to as KB) and Tel for the first time this weekend. There were other SR members who put in an appearance but those were the 2 I had not yet met in person.

Sunday morning my adventure starts with me driving into Sacramento. I am not one of those people who enjoys driving. Obviously I tolerate it because it gets me places I need to go. But when I am driving long distances to places I don’t know very well I hate it. I am always afraid I am going to get lost and somehow end up in Cracktown USA where my ratty Dodge Neon will look like something worth stealing and I will end up dead and my body thrown into the dumpster behind the Del Taco.

The sad thing is the driving instructions aren’t terribly complicated. I just get myself so worked up about getting lost that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a sad feeling to be getting onto an exit and realize that it’s the wrong one. I ended up downtown, where we would be heading later, but I was able to get back onto the freeway and eventually to Arioch/Zam’s house.

I have to add here that Casa de AriZam is amusing in how it appears to discourage any kind of long-term visitors. There is a room for Arioch and a room for Zambra and if you are not either of them then GTFO. The lack of living room seating gives off a “don’t bother getting comfortable” vibe that is refreshing in its honesty.

Then KB burst in and proceeded to hug then punch me. Huzzah! In RL she is just how she is in game. Full of energy and fun and with the fantastic mouth of a sailor. I feel bad for the candy store employee in Old Sac who was trying to give out coupons:

KB: What’s this?

Candy store employee: Come in and try some candy.

KB: I can’t eat candy.

CSE: We have sugar-free–

KB: (cutting him off) No, thank you, that stuff tastes like shit.

But she says it with a smile on her face, so it doesn’t come off as excessively Tourrettes-y.

It was a nice day, good to see people I hadn’t seen in a while and nice to meet new people. I’m sure one of the other blogs will be chock full of fun and details, so I’ll leave them to it.

Sadly, I did manage to even screw up going home. Thankfully I was able to turn myself around before I headed all the way out to El Dorado Hills >.< (Tel, you are lucky I didn’t offer to drive you home because who knows where the hell we would have ended up.)

Tomorrow we will resume WoW-related posts. Just wanted to thank everyone for a fun day.