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I’m in love with a sunflower

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I’m not really a pet person. I’m not anti-pet, I just don’t love them as much as some people. I don’t really go out of my way to get them. I mentioned before that I’m only on my 2nd pet of the Veteran Nanny achievement and pets pretty much fall out of the sky with all the orphan stuff.

When I do get a pet they almost never get summoned. I don’t see the point. I even used to inwardly curse the people who had them out in raids, blaming those tiny 8 pixels or whatever as the reason I had so much lag.

Some pets are cute, like the tiny sapling summoned by a druid in tree form. Some are creepy, like the little orc squire you get from the Tournament. I expect “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” to show up and ask that the child be released from the pokeball of pets he is crammed into.

oh crap

So it was a surprise to me to find one that made me go squee. I think it was in a Blackrock Caverns group when I first saw one. I’m sure my first thought was “omg a stupid little flower pet”. It made me think of the racist sunflower on Family Guy who was mean to poor Cleveland:

"you're ignorant!"

Then it opened its mouth and sang:



singing sunflower…I must haves you! Where could I get this magnificent creature?

Apparently they threw in a mini-game based on Plants vs Zombies sometime before Cata. I think I played 1 or 2 levels of PvZ on a trial version somewhere but nothing where I thought I could just go in and see what happened.

So I went out and researched. My builds are pretty much thrown together and I can’t be bothered to read up on anything relating to raiding, but for a singing sunflower I was taking notes and watching videos.


After grabbing some tips, I took the character I was on at the time–the holy pally–out to the mini-game to test my newfound skillz. Those poor zombies never had a chance. I was on a mission–gimme my sunflower!

Soon I had the pet on my pally. Sing for me! Now I was hooked on killing zombies with flowers, so I had to play again on Lorethos and again on Zarigar. Moar flowers!

zari and friend

I’m a little addicted now. (To both the mini-game and the pet.) Don’t be surprised if my bank alts end up getting themselves a sunflower, too.



C’mon get happy

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Whoops. Looks like I’ve been a naughty blogger and have been absent for a while. But I wasn’t gone a whole month like Arioch so at least that’s something.

[/throwing others under bus]


I had a nice weekend in the mountains, even though I returned home a lovely shade of pink. I guess that’s a step up from bone white.

I also had the bright idea of turning off the A/C while I was gone. The problem with that is you come home to a hot, stuffy house that probably won’t feel cool again until November.

Oh well.

I’m back at work now, which means I don’t want to work…which means a new post.


I have a half-written draft post about pugs but complaining about bad pugs is so 2009, so let’s flip it up a bit. Yay for heroic pug runs that don’t make you want to hate all people.

Yay to the people who say “hello” and actually talk to each other in a pug. I know, it should be considered sad that people exchanging pleasantries is sometimes shocking. But there are so many silent runs that it’s nice to know…interaction in a social game.

Yay to the people who set down a fish feast. Yes, it’s H UK. No, it wasn’t needed and probably wouldn’t make a difference one way or another. But it’s a nice gesture and still appreciated.

Yay to people who still use heroics to gear up. I admit, cynical me sometimes raises an eyebrow and assumes a ninja is amongst us. But then I see the GS and think “oh 2500, yes, please take those bracers, they will be an awesome upgrade” and cheer them. And then I go sit in a corner and reflect on what happened to that sweet, innocent troll I knew so long ago.

Yay to the people who use their other abilities that aren’t pewpew lazors. I’ve said this many times, but healing with a priest sucks when there is poison involved. And it sucks even more when multiple people are poisoned at the same time (totally looking at you, giant worm thing in UP). So I very much appreciate it when someone takes 2 whole seconds to dispel it off instead of me fighting to keep everyone up.


There. A happy post. Good thing I got it done now. If this sunburn starts to itch and peel then I will revert back to my cranky self with cranky posts.


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I rescued this post from the nether black hole of DRAFT status and saw that most of it really didn’t apply anymore. For the most part it was me wondering aloud if Lorethos was destined for healing or dpsing.

Back when I started this post, I was still farming heroics for badges. Going in as healer, it was very quick to get in, get your badges, get out, and queue up again. Triumph badges were super easy to get, and I was able to get the T9 sets for both specs in a fairly short amount of time.

The problem was I still hadn’t settled on what would be my “mainspec” for this character. I had leveled up as shadow and liked it, but I had farmed mostly as healing and liked that as well. (As holy even, though apparently disc is the place to be. Party people!)

Sidenote: this may be a reason why my mage doesn’t end up in the DELETE pile;  I will never have to make the “heal or not” choice with her.

Lorethos had gone into a couple of ToCs as shadow and picked up some pieces for both specs, but that was the extent of any raiding he had done to that point. Meanwhile, I was slowly accumulating frost badges and that was adding to my dilemma. Frost badges aren’t as easily farmed as triumph, so whatever spec I chose to spend those on would by default become the main spec I would concentrate on.

An ICC run would help, but who would be crazy enough to take my lesser geared priest into ICC?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tirael.

I declined the invite for ICC 10 because I swear there were already more than enough people accepted when I looked at the invite. Now that Zar has his cloak I wasn’t going to fight my way into a raid if there were other people who needed to get in and gear up.

Because of that, I had just planned to run my random then do some bank cleaning and call it a night. So I was surprised when Tir announced that he didn’t have enough people for 10 ICC and for us to get our asses into the raid NAO!!! I was even more surprised to see the invite pop up while on Lorethos.


Then other people started bringing in their alts. Here was Selwyn. And Tel swapped out for his druid. Our whirlwind loving warrior brought in his hunter. Even our normally resto shammy went enhancement. It was a raid composition that I haven’t seen before with this guild. The characters & specs might have been different, but the people behind the keyboards were the same.

And what happened? In one night Lorethos went from seeing Marrowgar once when he was the weekly, to seeing Sindragosa for the first time. Zarigar has yet to see her. If Sindy had gone down, then Lore would have gotten farther in one run than Zar had in all the times he had been to ICC.

As for the loot, I ended up with 4 pieces of spellcaster hit gear. I guess that made my choice for me. Unless I get in a raid with Selwyn and I can nab some healer pieces she already has, it seems that my shadow spec will be the one I will focus on for now. But…my healer spec will not be tossed aside like it was with Zar. There will be some healing, bitchez. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow….but one day.

The gear and the emblems were nice, but I walked out of that ICC pretty happy for other reasons. I was half-expecting a “switch to Zar pl0x” request and hope that, since I didn’t, it means my little priest was kind of able to keep up.

Or at least not drag everyone else down.

Ding: Part 2

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I think I should keep a laptop by my bedside. I fell asleep last night with a post halfway written in my head. It was awesome and funny and revolutionary. It would be linked all over the blogosphere. Non-WoW players would read it and be inspired to play.

But then I woke up and forgot it.

So instead you get this.

Days after my holy priest hit 80, my shadow priest finally caught up to her. He might have hit 80 the same day that the others in the alt group did, except he ended up with Halls of Stone as a random and that freaked out the tank, who immediately dropped group. I stayed around for a while, but it was already pretty late so I ended up dropping and saving the big ding for another day.

The next day I queued for a random and got UP. The tank actually dinged 80 a few pulls in; several mobs later, I was also 80. I took a screenshot of it, but now I can’t find it and am too lazy to put more than a moment’s effort into finding it. I know it was on some trash mob, which is a little anti-climactic for the big moment. (“Because of your death, puny vrykul, I am now ultimate!”)

80! You’re a big boy now. You can get frosts and spend those triumph badges that used to yell at you in red text: REQUIRES LEVEL 80.

After that normal UP run, I decided to try my hand at heroic. I still had to go learn my 80 spells, fix up my talents and build, get that last glyph and go through my 80 gear and equip it…but as dps I figured I had time to do all that before I got called.

“Your random instance is ready”


I could accept it and go in half ready or step out and get myself put together first. Being the selfish bastard that I am, I decided to just do it and see how it went. I was already on my way to train, so I was able to buy my spells quickly before the timer ran out. (A good thing about hurriedly buying all those spells is I didn’t have time to cry over how expensive it was to train.)


I barely was zoned in when the tank jumped into the first room and pulled every snake mob in it. If I had been on my healer, I would be rocking in the corner sobbing. But, as dps, with all the mobs pulled together plus my AOE mind sear, all I saw was a wall of yellow numbers. Quiver. Now I see why people have to play this game sitting on a towel.

I did die once to a poison blast to the face. My low health pool worked against me and I was dead before I had time to even throw a heal on myself. After that run, I made sure I was properly ready to go before attempting another heroic.

I mentioned in my last post that I see Lorethos as shadow and death and that’s what I am focusing on for him. He does have a dual spec, but I can’t recall the last time I trained it for him or even spend any points for that build. Any healing gear I can pick up for him–I will–and will store them for sometime in the future; but for now this boy is about killing and killing and killing some more.


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80 time

My draenei priest hit 80 a few days ago. Yay! I had gotten her through 79 almost exclusively through random dungeons, but she only had a sliver of a bar left and I didn’t want to ding in an instance so out questing I went.

She doesn’t have an 80 sponsor, so it’s up to her to unlock the pervy quests in Storm Peaks. (Polishing the helm, hee hee.) Here is the exact moment of the ding, unfortunately my picture taking skills aren’t the greatest.

Too much flash!

Then it was back into instances for more emblems and gear. More on those experiences later.


Some happys for Zar, too

Almost equally as exciting for Zarigar was finally getting that stupid mount out of the stupid egg from the stupid Oracle people. I let the cracked egg sit for a while before opening it. I think it cracked open during an instance, but I wasn’t in the mood at the time to open it up and collect more yolks or tickbirds. Tickbirds! Gah!!!!! (If they filled DTK with tickbirds it would be my personal hell.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and reins fell out. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. My CDO made me buy dozens and dozens of these faileggs (DIAF, Tel!) with nothing but sadness to show for it.

And now I never have to buy another freakin’ egg again.

Flying high!

Also, on my last ICC run, Zarigar also hit exalted with Ashen Verdict. Woot! Spiffy new ring with a gem socket = Rawr! There’s no picture of that because I’m too classy to flash my bling.

Things to be thankful for

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Or “Things for which to be thankful”. Proper English. Whatever. A recap of recent things that made me happy:

Licensed to Drive

Raid weekly is Flame Loot Leviathan. Bring in like 15 or 16 guildies (who actually brings 25 people to a 25-man raid?), hop into assorted vehicles and collect emblems. I got into a chopper–vroom, vroom–, sprayed oil all over the place and picked up the 3 Car Garage achievement when it was all over.

Zarigar: Redemption

Neither Lady Deathwhisper nor her fanatic got to eat my face last night. I had a score to settle with her and I would only be satisfied if I was the one alive at the end. You and me, bitch, you and me.

Oh, she tried. She threw the death and decay nonsense on me. I took a few ticks but GTFO. A fanatic tried to make its way over. An earthbind slowed it down, but some handy roots stopped it in its tracks. Some ghosts tried to take me down, but I weaved and dodged like a prizefighter. (Unfortunately I think I got Arioch’s dress all dirty running back and forth over her corpse…)

Screw you, Lady D! You can kiss my totems!

CoS: now with 90% less downtime!

Thank you [deity of choice] for getting rid of all of that obnoxious roleplay in Culling of Stratholme. Apparently if you complain and complain and complain people finally listen and make changes. The funny thing now is how fast the instance starts. As soon as someone talks to Chromie you get the message that wave 1 has spawned. Like some pissed off designer who loved all the RP was like: “you want it to start fast, fuckers, well here you go”.

Flying high

My draenei priest finally hit 77, meaning she can now fly. Like Zarigar, she had to learn to fly on her own merits. She wasn’t spoiled like my undead priest and have flying literally handed to her. Both of my priests have the pokey, slow flying but neither of them have a gathering profession so I don’t really feel the need to upgrade them just yet.

When I say, I am ok with them being “slow”, I am talking speed-wise, not this:

For me: slow flying > epic land mount.

Enough happy. I’m sure I’ll find something to complain about tomorrow.