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The new Slice

Posted in Healing, Raiding with tags , , , , on June 5, 2013 by zarigar

It’s the rare Tuesday when I can be logged on and playing at a decent hour so I guess it was destiny for me to raid last night. I’m sure the fact that they were missing like half their raid and they took all 10 logged on people doesn’t take away from my special snowflake-ness. Actually I think they’ve been rotating people in and using more back-ups, but it was still odd not to see Slice and Lyssi and Wok and Shadeey.

I was finishing up a TOES LFR on Lorethos when the grumblings started about putting the raid together. I was able to go but not sure what they needed. Jendora and Tenderloyne would have been lesser geared duplicates to Zarm and Vanicus. Zarigar and Zhari were options for dps, but I was already logged onto Lorethos.

I could be the new Slice! How hard could it be? I mean, we both like being pretty.

Going in as a healer meant Sorak could dps. While I’m sure Sorak > Lorethos in healing, I was also sure that the difference in Sorak > Zarigar in dps would be much more beneficial. As an added bonus that made me the only clothie.

My MoP “real” raiding history is the first wing or so of MV on Jendora, the first couple of bosses in HoF on Jendora (gah Attunement!) and one night on Zarigar spent wiping on the council in ToT. So not really the most impressive.

The vast majority of my raiding has been LFR and it’s funny how noticeably lazier that apparently made me. In LFR I mostly just amuse myself by smiting all the things and healing through Atonement. Every once in a while I’ll cast Cascade just to see balls of light fly through the air.

Now they were asking me for “cooldowns” and to cast things like “barrier” and “pain suppression.”

Um, come again?

I thought my role here was to provide Zarm with Leap of Faith via Symbiosis so that he could make Sorak die a lot. It was very confusing to me to know when they wanted me to heal Sorak and when they wanted to just let him die.

There was so much dying just in the trash to the first boss. I don’t know if that is normal or just that I didn’t know what I was doing but then I was super nervous for the first boss. OMG pleasepleaseplease don’t let me kill the raid with a lightning ball.

Hilariously, the boss is a one-shot, and I am so relieved I don’t pay attention to where I am and I step into an electrified pool. Oh, oops. And now my corpse is on fire. Thanks, Van. I guess I am really raiding now if people are torching my dead body. But I do get a new healer cloak so that’s ok.

Horridon is also one-shotted, though it got kind of deathy at the end and I was OOM for the last 30 seconds or so. It’s crazy remembering the posts people had about him, and now they just kind of barrel through him. Being the only one who could equip wands worked in my favor when one dropped. (I was still using an upgraded blue wand. Even unsocketed it was a way better upgrade.)

The council fight was a little more tricky. This was where they wanted all those “…own” things. And they I started to flashback to spending an entire evening on just this fight. PTSD! Aaaaaaargh!

The first attempt was a wipe but I think we got it on the next try. I went OOM again, which was particularly scary when they say “your job is to keep Arv alive.” Aack! But Arv likes to jump in front of things and take damage.

They dropped the tier gloves, which I guess both pallies already had since I ended up with them. So, yes, 3 drops in 3 bosses. Ninja Lorethos is in your raid, taking all your loot. Like Van said, he is going to end up being my best geared toon. 😦

After that fight there is apparently a cutscene that I never knew about. Everyone was mocking it and I was just sitting there enjoying it. Ha! You do miss out on stuff if you only raid via LFR.

Next was Tortos and that’s where we got stuck. I think we wiped like 47 times. I hate this fight in LFR and not just because the little bitch never drops my shield. I don’t even try to dodge the shells and just eat them in LFR. They seem to be slower in the normal raid but I was still not able to dodge as many as I would have liked.

Eventually the raid got called there and I got to run off with all my preciouses to enchant and gem. Lorethos ended up increasing his ilevel by 10 points. He’s not quite caught up to Zarigar yet but he’s getting there.

My smites are going to hit so much harder in LFR now.


Everyone is leveling alts

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on March 18, 2013 by zarigar

You don’t think so? The look at these posts by Arvash, Repgrind and Arioch. Though in Arioch’s case she leveled her alt first…


I’m a little surprised that Zarigar got to stay the only max toon on Drak for so long. I could blame all those dailies for taking up all that alt leveling time, except I didn’t do them. It’s actually kind of shameful that even Rekcals Karos had more max toons than I did.

I blame ping-ponging through my stable. Most of them have at least set foot in Pandaland, except for the mage. (No! You get off that airship now and get back into the bank!) I even went all OCD last night and rearranged my loading screen so that the max level toons were on top, and then put the rest in descending order of level.

I know…I need help.

It’s funny when I come in and read about how much Arioch hates heroics and doesn’t want to take her newest main through them, when I was all ready to post about how much I like them. On my healing druid, no less.

No daily grind for Jendora. It’s all heroics for her. Sometimes they really suck, but for the most part they are pretty fun.

She gets the benefit of a much shorter queue time and every once in a while even gets to Call to Arms. It would be nice if Shado Pan Monastery wasn’t in the mix so often, especially when there are 1 or 2 I know she still hasn’t seen. (Gate of the Setting Sun, where are you?)

Zarigar has already maxed out his VP for the week and Jendora is 1 run away from the same. I don’t remember the last time Zari maxed out, so it’s funny to me to almost have 2 done.

One odd benefit of running so many dungeons is all the JP Jendora picks up. 120 per boss. She’s pulling that stuff in hand over fist. Where is the upgrade guy now?!?!?!!? *sob*

Instead I’ve just been using that extra JP to upgrade old heirlooms. All of Jendora’s spell leather will be passed on to baby monk, who should hopefully be making an appearance someday soon. (As unplayed level 1, he is on the bottom of the loading screen totem pole.)

Hilariously, Jendora still doesn’t quite have the ilevel to get into LFR. I think she is still 3 points away. After I finish up my last random for the week I may just go through and pick & choose the dungeons that have the potential upgrades.

Or wait until next week. There’s no hurry. I still have other alts to level.

Another 90

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on March 11, 2013 by zarigar

I finally did it. I thought it was going to be the warlock, but it ended up being the druid. I kind of blame Darkmoon Faire for this. As I was going through each toon, doing their monthly quests out there, I saw that pretty much all of them had that grisly trophy quest still.

So then I started playing each of them long enough to finish it out and turn it in. Why? I don’t know why. That quest doesn’t even give XP, just rep. It was on toons that barely get played, so why did I care if it stayed in their log another month (or 8)?

But care I did, so they each got a couple of hours to pick up their ears and turn that in. So that next month I can pick it up and do it all over again. Anyway, in doing so I saw that Jendora was actually pretty close to 88 and she should have enough rest XP stored up to get her pretty far. I don’t know if it was the new patch stuff or just Jendora’s natural luck, but she came across no one the times she was leveling. No alliance anywhere.

Somehow Jendora flailed and moonbeamed spammed her way to max level. In between terrible boomkin play she healed some instances, it’s not very exciting though when there are only 2 instance that come up and one is that awful, awful monastery. I didn’t really think it through, though. I thought I would be happy and relieved to finally put away that boomkin spec until I remembered that 90 is just the start of dailies and it will never end.

The AH on Drak is pretty miserable for gear. (I would blame AHmule but I don’t think he dabbles outside the gem market.) There wasn’t a whole lot to pick up for my newest 90.

Jendora has Inscription but I couldn’t even make the staff, unfortunately she didn’t have enough motes. (The dark side to leveling primarily through dungeon finder.) I was able to make a fan and run a quick scenario for a new weapon. She used her JP to buy a wrist piece, then I ran her through her first heroic (Scholomance!) where she promptly picked up an ever better wrist piece. Yay for refunding!

That was basically all I was able to get through last night. Thanks to Daylight Savings it was already 1 am. I’ll have to go through Zarigar’s LW and see what ghetto PvP pieces he can make to fake bump Jendora’s ilevel. It might still be a while before she’s LFR ready, but I’ll be damned if I go boomkining my way through dailies.

(Next week’s post will be about me complaining about doing dailies as a boomkin.)

After the patch

Posted in MoP with tags , , , , on September 3, 2012 by zarigar

Such a busy week. As much as I hate the mess patches make, I do like that it is our first glimpse of MoP and starts to draw people back to the game. Both guilds raided this week to try out our new specs.

Shadow Rising

SR went into DS on Wednesday, with a lot of things still broken. Since Jendora will be my MoP toon, that is who I brought along, even though it would put us at 3 healers. Prior to the patch, it was basically a 2-heal raid with them occasionally being crazy and trying to single heal parts of it.

I did make sure she had some major gylphs on. She’s missing a ton of the minor glyphs, so she can’t yet do anything fun like let people ride her. (Filthy!) The saddest part is she is actually a scribe. I may have to work on learning some new ones soon; the inflated AH prices are too ridiculous.

Getting back into druid healing was different and yet not really. Once Jendora had hit a certain gear point in the past, she because incredibly lazy. It would just be about throwing Rejuvs around and using Wild Growth whenever it was on cooldown. “Oh, tank only has 97% health? Rejuv plus Swiftmend now!”

Now I have to be much more aware of my mana. I can still hear Slice grumbling about our wimpy mana pools, but it does make healing much less passive than flinging out a Wild Growth and flipping over to Facebook real quickly. Spamming Wild Growth = bye mana. So now I have to learn when it would be better to use it and not just because there is some miniscule damage left to heal and I want to see green numbers fly.

Part of being lazy was that I had also given up on using cooldowns. I rarely used tree form and don’t even think Jendora was specced for additional healing when she was a tree. Innervate was rarely used; it was used primarily if a caster had just been battle rezzed and needed mana.

I have to devote a section to the new healing Wold Mushrooms, or, as I like to call them: Smurfs Village. Druids can set up to three mushrooms on the ground and then bloom them for AoE heals. It’s such a weird little mechanic, I don’t know if I like it or not. Setting each mushroom individually is such a pain, but using up all those GCDs does stop me from spamming Wild Growth, so there’s that I guess.

The healing from Smurfs Village is ok, but since it is “set it and forget it” I have to use it for those times when we are stacked together to get the most bang for it. (It did look nice on Ultraxion when I was stacking it with other heals.) Otherwise it does feel like a novelty spell, and when we get to content where we need 3 healers, I might just forgo it for more active healing.


Saturday was Crits’ turn to go into DS and time to bring in Khiaren and see what happened to shammys. I was already sad to lose my full-time totems and I was annoyed that I would have to learn which times to use the situational ones.

(Sidenote: this run included a cameo appearance by Arioch. It looked like we were going to run DS with less than 10 and she was on her DK anyway. I think she was going for an incognito, stealth approach…but maybe she should have changed her vent name to somethng besides Arioch then.)

Like a lot of other classes, I did notice a nice DPS boost, even though I didn’t feel totally comfortable at first. Outside of the totems, elemental didn’t change all that much. Lava Burst seems to proc so much more often now and in some of the fights that seemed like all I would cast for 5 full seconds.

I do love that they reduced the cooldown of Fire Elemental. At least one of my totems stuck around, and I can use it more often now.

The healing support changed a lot. Before it was cast Healing Rain when the healers need help. (Or, as Addoe likes to call it, “shaman tears.”) I used it, looked at my mana bar, and went “that’s not great.” Thankfully there are other options. Healing Totem has to be used situationally, but it seems to be stronger than its previous version. There’s also a new talent that is like a smart heal in that it converts damage done into healing targets that need it.

What was funny was that I seemed to have much fewer mana issues with my shaman than with my druid. The only time I saw huge dips in my mana pool was when I spammed Chain Lightning or when I used healing spells. This works for me, Blizz, please don’t wreck this. Go over there and mess with pallies. 😛

Overall I was pleased with both raiding experiences. Tuesday I did my usual “patch broke it all my add-ons I needs them the old way was better die Blizz” wailing. I’m not 100% comfortable with the changes yet, but I don’t feel it was the gloom and doom that I was ready for MoP to be.

Let’s see some pandas now.

I have been spoiled

Posted in Healing with tags , , , on July 9, 2012 by zarigar

It began–as it usually does–by Sorak mocking me:

“WTF are you doing in LFR?”

Well, I had thrown my druid in there to get some VP. And if there was something she could pick up for herself, that would be cool, too, but I was looking to throw some VP boots and bracers at my lesser geared toons.

After that it was time for some heroics, but I couldn’t commit to any. I wanted Call to Arms bags, dammit, and I wasn’t going to queue until I got one. I don’t care if I only get Amberjewels or tanking flasks, I wanted my special snowflake reward for specialness.

And because I’m stupid and think I’m too cool for HoT instances, I queued for the lower level ones and of course get the troll instance. Every. Single. Time. When will I learn?

I don’t know which one it is. It’s the one I hate the most of the 2. They are at the boss that randomly kills people and the spirit guy rezzes you midfight. Do you know if you die enough times (YAY SHOCKWAVE BUFF!!!!) eventually the spirits run out and you get no more rezzes? Because I know that now.


And then the game started to be a little bitch to me and tell me CtA was up, but then when the queue popped up the bag would not be listed as a reward. What the hell kind of trick is this? It happened a few times and when I did a quick search online, apparently it is thought to be some kind of bug or just unfortunate timing.

Some people claimed they still got the bag at the end but I wasn’t going to risk it. Hell no. The worst times were when people would not accept the queue and the bag would be gone the next time it came up. Eff that. I declined every time.

I am now an entitled healer and I demand extra rewards for my time!!!!!!!!1111

So of course I did the next sensible thing and switched over to Zari. I’ll take the longer queue times for dps and Blizzard can keep their tease rewards and THEIR LIES!!!!

Back on the resto train

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on June 14, 2012 by zarigar

Eh, whatever, Lupeh the baby druid was already in resto spec; let’s take her out and see if we can’t try again at this healing nonsense.

Of course, it’s the one time Troutwort is actually on and he’s like “so how’s that NOT being resto thing coming along?” Grrr…. 😛

I should save the Grrr for when I saw that my random was Gnomer. I love that a lot of the older dungeons got broken-up into chunks and streamlined and made easier. Not Gnomer. Well, not so that I could tell if they did.

Back before Repgrind yelled at us for not using parachutes, I used to just fling myself off ledges and hope for the best. Now it annoys me when other people don’t use the parachutes. Especially when the parachutes float down in one place, they land in another nearly dead, and everyone manages to land on mobs.

Oh yeah and there is a wandering boss down there. >.<

It took a few fights but eventually I got my fingers to realize there is no Lifebloom and no Wild Growth and stop trying to reach for them. Good thing Jendora is not an often played toon, I might go crazy trying to remember 2 different ways to druid heal.

For weeks Lupeh has been hiding in town, sitting in rest XP and she soon ate through all of it. Oh well. It was nice to actually leave town and do something. After the run I thought about doing another random, but on a hunch, I checked the available dungeons and the only one that was yello was Gnomer. So my randoms would most likely be a string of Gnomers.

Meh. Pass. I’ll continue making Spice Bread until the next set of dungeons come up.

Slow toon

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , on May 24, 2012 by zarigar

My druid is stuck.

Usually when I want to work on a toon, I can level them fairly quickly. When I decide on an alt, it becomes a fairly involved project. I think about how I want to level them and what they will do when they are max level and what kind of role I’m interested in for them.

Sure, my account is littered with 85s I had good intentions for but are not played regularly. Tenderloyne. Sabryel. Torvell. But even those toons had times during leveling when I was obsessed with them and had lots of greats plans for them.

But not my alliance druid.

Her name is Lupeh and she is a worgen. (Get it? Har har.) She was created because I wanted to see the worgen starting zone and because I wanted an alliance equivalent for Jendora. My troll druid is awesome and I wanted to recreate that experience on an alliance toon.

Design-wise, I absolutely love her. In addition to wanting to see the worgen beginning, I knew I wouldn’t like it if I made her a night elf. (Sorry Ana!) Too many runs through Well of Eternity have shown me how annoying night elf animation is. Constantly bouncing on their feet and that annoying way they rotate their wrists when they are casting. Ugh.

To be fair, I also found male worgen to be equally annoying. The way they wave their arms about like they are signalling a rescue plane for help. No, thanks. Female worgen animation isn’t perfect, either, but it was the least ridiculous-looking so that’s what I chose.

The problem came when I was done with the starter zone and ready to segue into “normal” WoW. I had started as balance because I thought a caster would be easiest and I would still be able to kill stuff outside of dungeons. Then I felt like I wasn’t doing very good with balance so I thought I would go back to resto.

The problem with resto as a druid is that how you heal when you first start out is different than how you heal at endgame. For me, anyway. Jendora with her purples and big, old mana pool can just throw out hots and AOE heals and green circles of love and not particularly worry about anything.

Lupeh has one hot and a couple of brute force heals. I sent her into an instance as heals and it was like I had never played before. My fingers went to Lifebloom by reflex and found that it didn’t exist. Neither did Wild Growth. When I used Swiftmend it didn’t make a pretty green circle and actually ate my Rejuv hot. I was stuck with crude versions of the spells I regularly used with Jendora and they didn’t make any sense to me anymore.

So maybe back to balance? This is where I’m stuck. It feels like my choices are learn balance or re-learn resto. (Don’t suggest feral; that is not an option.) I honestly can’t decided which one I want to do so I do nothing.

To buy myself some time, I even told myself I wouldn’t worry about it until I had picked up a few heirloom pieces. Sarinde and Khiaren have been slowly doing dungeons and spending their JP on leather caster gear and now Lupeh is pretty set. Still missing trinkets, but everything else is in place.

When I said before that I do nothing, that isn’t 100% true. I don’t leave the city, but most days I log on and make her do the cooking daily. That’s it. Since I’ve been stuck with indecision she’s gone up about 4 levels simply by doing that one daily. I could add the fishing daily to her to-do list but I’m still doing Arch on Zarigar and I don’t have time for more than 1 boring profession.

My awesome druid who was going to do awesome things now spends her days making spice bread.