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New patch, new you

Posted in WoD with tags , , , , , on October 20, 2014 by zarigar

All right, I was a couple of days late to get to the new patch. I hate, hate, hate that last patch before a new xpac that breaks everything and changes everything that I had grown used to. But since I hadn’t been playing as much lately, I was hoping this one wouldn’t annoy me as much.

But really I had to see what was going on with the new looks.

OMG. I love, love, love how the trolls came out. Here is the new Zarigar:


It’s hard to see in a static picture but I love his ears. They move slightly now as he breathes and it sounds kind of cheesy but it looks great. Even his mohawk seems to look better!

Older pic for reference:


Then, when I went over to Alliance, I saw that some of them weren’t quite so lucky. This was Khiaren previously:


This is an older pic. She was cute and proportioned ok, I thought. Then I got a look at new Khiaren:


Holy hell, what is this? Ugh she looks like she lost a ton of weight unhealthily and her head is now too tiny for her body. Yes, some of it is the armor she’s wearing but it’s like she lost some of her spark.

I immediately ran her to the barber shop to see if I could fix this monstrosity. Hilariously, I noticed that she could go from earring to no earrings for the small price of 12 gold. Yes, she could pay the barber for the privilege of removing her earrings.

I then changed hairstyles and facial features but couldn’t really find one that looked good. I think one of the issues is that dwarves don’t have a lot of full hairstyle options to compensate for their smaller heads. A lot of the hair was very short and close to the head.

This was what I left her looking like for now:


It’s not exactly where I want her to be, but I’ll keep playing around with options. (Yes, I will drop all of my gold into the barber shops!) It looks a little better in-game than it does on the loading screen and, of course, I only see her from the back of the head when I’m playing.

Maybe soon I’ll venture into actual content.


Oh pally

Posted in Alliance, Alt with tags , , , , on September 9, 2013 by zarigar

I guess there is a big patch or something coming up. People are all preparing and capping and doing important stuff.

I am working on my alliance paladin.

I have an alliance paladin? Apparently. I thought I had even mentioned her a couple of times but the first time she went into an instance with Repgrind it took her a while to realize it was me.

Her role is basically to make me learn how to ret. So, needless to say, she isn’t leveled up very high and she doesn’t get a lot of play.

She is a human almost by default since my DK and priest are both dranei and my shaman and mage are both dwarves. The fact that humans get a spirit bonus that would be handy if she went holy was not a factor. No sirree…nothing to see here, move it along.

She is staying ret if it kills me. Or her. I won’t even buy the dual spec option for her because then it will all go downhill and I’ll have her decked out in INT plate 2 hours later.

So I don’t really play her. Sometimes I click on her log-in picture and stare at her screen. Eventually she sighs and knows it’s not going to happen and I laugh and go off to play shaman #7.

Then Slice and Lyssi got on a kick to leveling their tank/healer duo with Rep. Lyssi asked if I had any toon in their range and of course the only one was the pally.

I’m still not the biggest fan of being melee in instances but it’s less painful when it’s a mostly guild group. That Slice goes through the mobs like Zug on crack is nice, too.

Finally we hit BRD which is the MOST ANNOYING INSTANCE EVER DIE DIE DIE. Someone (Slice?) wanted to do all the bosses so deeper we went into the dungeon and prayed we would one day be able to find our way out.

Somewhere along the way I won some blue pants on a greed roll. I laughed because they were healer pants and I was probably just going to vendor them after the run. Then someone commented how pretty they were so I looked more closely at them.

Ooh, yes, they had a nifty flame effect. Ok, I wouldn’t sell them. I would just put them in the bank and save them for some future mog.

Later, in that same run, I realized that fail pally had hit Exalted with Stormwind and didn’t have any other tabards in her bag. Bah. I would have to go buy a new one. She was stationed in SW, so after the run, I made her go to the closest city to pick up a new tabard.

She ended up in Ironforge. where she then equipped her new tabard.

Her new orange tabard.

Hmmmmm….I just got some flamey pants. Maybe we should take another look at that mog now. A quick rummage through her bank and the AH for a missing piece and this was her end result:


Yes, I cheated and hid both the helm and cloak. There was a fiery axe on the AH that would have looked cool but not for 3500g.

And, yeah, when she hits Exalted with Ironforge and has to change the tabard it’s going to ruin the whole thing and I’ll have to start over. At least, for now, I like the way she looks and she may get to do more than hang out in the city and go to the Faire once a month.

Little blue warlock

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on September 17, 2012 by zarigar

Zhari the little goblin warlock is cruising along; he got past level 50 this weekend, which means soon he will be ready for Outland. It seems weird because I just got my draenei DK on Winterhoof through Outland. I’ve pretty much been switching off between the two of them, taking turns leveling one while the other gets their rest XP.

I think it’s funny that these are the closing days of Cata and I’m finally getting my goblin leveled. I guess that means I won’t seriously work on any kind of panda until about 2014.

I actually have seen a lot of other goblins out there, which means there are other slacker people that also put off leveling a goblin. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

One group had a goblin priest and I kept getting confused about which one was me, since we were both rocking the heirlooms and looked identical. Wait a minute…I don’t have Prayer of Mending…

I am grateful to the person who noted that you could transmog heirloom gear; which is such a nice option. If you have helm, cloak, shoulders, weapon and chest piece, you’ve basically got your entire look set from level 1 until you start phasing out the heirlooms. And that’s boring.

The problem was that I didn’t have a lot of pieces that I kept to transmog. The AH is pretty dead and what stuff there is in there is ridiculously overpriced. I started Zhari’s look based on the hat he won as a random greed roll. I liked the witch-looking hat with the goblin ears poking through.

Yes, it covers his mohawk, but it wasn’t as glorious as Zarigar’s so it’s ok.

And, yes, I know it’s a lot of blues of varying hues.

Blues hues.


Even the staff was mogged to one with shades of blue on it.

The cape is one that I bought from the troll quartermaster. So even though I covered up his little baby mohawk it’s like he’s got a piece of Zarigar with him still.

He’s probably got about a week of playtime left on him. Once MoP hits the focus will need to be on getting the raiding toons to 90 and doing what I need to do for them. Then we’ll see what happens with the little blue warlock.

Mogging: Sabryel

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on June 21, 2012 by zarigar

I’ve spent the last few days working on my next mogging project, which was to find something new for Sabryel the DK. She’s barely stepped foot in dungeons, so a lot of her gear is still quest greens and craftables.

Before pic with tabard removed.

I have to back up a bit, because technically I wasn’t going to work with Sabryel next. I was looking over some mogging sites and was looking at completed gear sets for Tenderloyne the pally. One that I really liked was the Righteous Armor set, which actually is for pallies.

To get this set, though, I had to go and farm instances for the pieces. Sure, they were Outland instances, but my pally is still holy with no other offspec. I thought it would be too tedious to have her farm stuff as holy but I still wanted the set so I decided my DK would get it. Plus I thought it was kind of funny to make my DK look like a paladin.

I drove myself crazy farming these pieces. While the instances were easy and quick to run through, the drop rates nearly killed me. According to the armory, I killed the frikkin’ boss in Mechanar 15 times. (I seriously thought I would get exalted with Sha’tar before I got my helm.) I started to get envious of Arvash, quietly doing his PVP and accomplishing stuff, while I had to wait for the game to let me back into an instance because I had ran too many already.

I would probably still be farming if I hadn’t done some investigating and realized that Argent Crusade sold helm and pants that were duplicates of the ones I was farming. What worried me is that it required exalted with Argent Crusade to get the helm. I checked and somehow I was exalted with them. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. I must have done more with my DK back in Wrath and somehow purged the memory.

But now I had my set for Barbie clothes. I did have a mace that I wanted to mog, but apparently Main-Hand is not the same as One-Hand so the ethereal guy yelled at me. Oh well. This will have to do:

I swear I will eventually mog something with actual colors! I do like that the set gives her a lot more heft. She still has the stick upper arms but overall she looks a lot more sturdy.

weapons unequipped

I don’t know if I will do another pre-made set, though. I did like knowing how everything would look all together, but I think I prefer finding one piece I really like and trying to find other things that complement. That was much more of a challenge. Plus I can’t do farming anymore.

back view

I really would like to find something for Zarigar, but it would have to be something really unique. He’s bent over, so a lot of chest detail would be lost. And trolls don’t like to show their shoes. Also could I really cover that mohawk?

This sounds like a challenge.

A stranger told me I was pretty

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on June 18, 2012 by zarigar

And everyone knows strangers give out the best compliments.

(God, what has mogging done to me?)

I had to abandon an earlier LFR on Notari when someone decided to pull Deathwing with a tank and some healers missing. I was annoyed that they were still going to waste time trying so I just left.

The next day I tried again and went “yes!” when the pop-up box said 3/4 then said “no!” when I saw a half-formed group standing on a pile of skeletons. Oh well, waiting for the group to form meant Notari got to stand around looking pretty.

Ok, the word pretty is never actually used. But there is a sideways smiley face! That has to count for something.

It was a good omen since once the group finally formed, we were able to kill him one shot. Sadly, no loot for me.


Side tangent: I learned that if you roll Need on something, then you say “eff this” because the rolls are taking too long, and you drop raid, and you go to your mailbox later, it will be there if you ended up winning it. Hmm..I may have been the only person who did not know that.

You get that same message when your CtA bag can’t be given to you because all your bags are full. Blah blah we found this in the twisting nether, blah blah. So I don’t have to sit around waiting for the timers to run out because some jackholes just dropped group without passing.

Good to know.

Transmog kills me

Posted in Random with tags , , , on May 29, 2012 by zarigar

Transmog was supposed to be for other people. People who like to play dress-up or make their toons pretty. I still giggle when Lyss accuses Slice of only going on raids to pick up “more Barbie clothes.”

The idea of transmog didn’t bother me but it didn’t really interest me, either. And then my priest went shopping for a white cape to match the rest of her clothes. And from there the hell began.

I will say that I haven’t gotten to the point where I scour websites looking for matching clothes and directions on how to get them. But I know they are out there, so I suppose it’s only a matter of time.

I started to notice an issue when I sent Zarigar out to Outland to work on some old school rep. This involved lots of running old BC instances so I picked up a lot of loot. Before I would just vendor it all and not think anything of it. But then I started noticing how interesting some of the drops were.

Remembering back to BC days, a lot of that gear was ridiculous. A lot. But now, looking back, a lot of the stuff has a really unique look to it. The problem was how awful a lot of the pieces looked while wearing them together. They all fought each other for attention and looked like the poor toon had been dressed by a 3 year old.

But individually, things like weapons and shields really stand out on their own. So I saved those. Pretty much all the armor pieces I vendored.

It’s too late, though, I think the obsession is spreading. Even quest rewards I look at with a different eye. Before if there wasn’t anything that was an upgrade then I picked the thing that would sell for the most and that was that. Now I have to see what some of the stuff looks like before I make my choice.

“Hmm…how would this agility cloak look on my caster?”

I knew I was doomed when I was hanging out near a mailbox in SW and another priest came around with a nifty looking staff. I had to inspect, look it up to see where it came from and see if it was something I could get, too.  So then I was making plans to go to the Argent Tournament to get more badges to buy the staff so I could have one, too.


Slice may be having more competition when it comes to Barbie clothes.