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One more point

Posted in Alt, Healing with tags , , , , , on May 15, 2013 by zarigar

All I needed was one more point to be able to queue my new pally for LFR. Since it was Monday night, I really wanted to get an attempt in before everything reset.

So I kept running stuff and I would get drops, but they were the wrong kind of drops. I got a shield in Gate of the Setting Sun (yay!) which was an upgrade, but I had the inscription fan in my bag so I didn’t give me an ilevel boost.

Why not equip the fan? Shut up shut up shut up! Pallies don’t get fans! It’s bad enough I have a shaman with a stick! That fan is for my priest.

(And yes, I know that ranting about it means LFR is going to give my pally the fan offhand instead of the shield. I accept this but I will not willingly equip a fan unless I have to!)

No drops for me, but as I was leveling my paladin I was taking advantage of the bonus faction rep for running a random each day. She was already honored with Shado Pan so I knew eventually I would just get enough VP for the cloak and that would be that. Sure I wanted to be ready sooner than that, but Blizzard hates me so that was what ended up happening.

Finally I could get into MSV LFR. I am being nice when I say that the Monday night LFR crew is not exactly the A-squad of WoW.

3 other holy paladins in with me? Yes, that sounds about right.

It’s actually kind of hilarious when I cheese my way into LFR and I am not the worst person there. The “raid leader” was one of the other holy pallies and he bragged that he had just hit 90 and was his first time there. You don’t say. He was so vocal about the “fail dps” and the “fail tanks” that I took satisfaction in staying above him on the healing charts. (AMG EPEEN!!!!!!)

For my troubles that run I got a new ring. Ok, that’s cool. Our illustrious raid leader then said that he was going to queue for the 2nd half so anyone that wanted to continue could stay.

I dropped.

Putzed around, queued up for the 2nd half. Oh, yes, I got into the raid with my new holy pally buddy. The tank promptly said he was stoned and had no idea what he was doing. So, you know, just a normal LFR run…

Elegon was a wipe when both tanks fell the first time the floor disappeared. One tank then left and we were in queue forever. I did consider leaving, but it seemed like this was the only LFR going on anyway and I really just wanted to finish. Finally one of the dps stepped up tank and he died. For that I got a new helm.

The last boss was uneventful and I was done with my first week of MSV. Yesterday, when I ran it again, it was funny how much smoother everything went.

Sadly the only drop I got was the same helm I already won. So that’s another toon with no shield. But at least I haven’t been given the fan.

Why I no can haz shield?

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , , on March 15, 2013 by zarigar

LFR, you suck.

Increased drop rate, my ass. The only thing increased is I just get more copies of the things I already have. Or worse, get gear that is worse than what I already have.

So I’m still rocking a ghetto blue shield, despite running LFR almost every week. Who knows how many gold coins I have wasted for 28g?

The only bright spot is it is the first half of MV, which isn’t too bad. If it was in that wretched Heart of Fear I would just give up and go play Hello Kitty.

As it is, I am contemplating giving up on the shield and using one of those stupid fans. I haven’t brought myself to pull that trigger, because…a fan? Really? That is just so wrong on an aesthetic level. Don’t make me do it, Blizz!

If I go with the fan, can I at least transmog it to look like a shield? Can I hide my shame that way?

Stupid LFR…

Stay classy

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on January 22, 2013 by zarigar

A recent instance on an alt toon created a group with these interestingly named folks:


They are:

  • Sneakyturd the warrior (with appropriate brown colored class!)
  • Donkiepunch the monk
  • Cheesyrunoff the hunter

And for those of you wondering, no, none of these are me. I’ve seen worse and I know many of you have seen them, too.

What’s funny and kind of a little sad is if I had just seen one of these names alone I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it. But 3 people from 3 different servers in one group kind of stands out a little.

In fairness, I should say that none of these people were douches or rude or exhibited any kind of behavior one might expect with people named as they were.

But I look at these names and I wonder “why?” These are toons you may play for years. Even if you try to fight it, they will develop personalities and quirks and other traits. I can’t imagine staring at a log-in screen and thinking “ok, today I will take out Sneakyturd for a while.”

I just imagine someone sitting on the character selection screen, giggling as they try to find an available variation of the name that will represent their toon for all time.

I’ve posted before how Notari got her name as kind of a joke. But even if you didn’t know the joke or the story behind it, the name itself doesn’t really stand out. Tenderloyne was also created as a joke, and there are times I wished I had chosen a different name for her.

Does Cheesyrunoff ever regret his name? Or does he think it’s the coolest name ever?

I’m not really offended by their names, but I know for myself I wouldn’t be able to play something named like that past level 5.

Pretty people really do get nice things

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by zarigar

Omg I actually play my horde toons!

First I planned to take Notari the Now Beautiful Failmage through LFR. I went to take off her tabard, since there was no rep to gain and I wanted her to go in pretty. I noticed she had on the shirt that level 1 belfs come with and wondered what she would look like if it was taken off. So I took off her shirt (giggity) and saw that her robe now looked like this:

So apparently that shirt was covering up her exposed belly. Erm ok. The weird cut-off for her belly looked wrong. There was so much detailing in the neck and top part of the robe that having her stomach randomly showing seemed really distracting. Shirt back on, get into queue.

Right from the start it was a mess. It seemed like 10 seconds into the raid (the 2nd half) the entire floor was covered in purple fire and no one was taunting the dragons. Wipe #1. Mass exodus of people, including tanks, then off again. Same issue, wipe #2.

Well, I’m done here. I decided instead to take Notari out to Magister’s Terrace and see if she could get some pretty clothes. She got some shoulders that went into her void storage and, after killing Kael’thas Sunstrider, she was picking through his spoils and found herself with a new pet.

Ugh. Ok, well at least it wasn’t the mount.

I wasn’t done with masochism so I switched over to Tenderloyne the Forgotten Holy Pally and sent her into LFR next. It went much smoother for her; she ended up with a new belt and a head token.

I hadn’t realized that she had never done the 2nd half of LFR before so it was kind of embarassing when her achieve popped up. Whoops. I don’t even think I would have taken her in if I realized she had never been there.

That was only the first part of the embarassment, because once I turned in the head token and gemmed and enchanted that thing up, I put it on her and was stunned. Horrible. It was horrible.

I had to take a ghetto screenshot because I couldn’t get one from the loading screen. The thing is so huge that most of it goes off the screen. Maybe when she gets more matching pieces it won’t look so awful, but I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t even think I had the patience to try to mog around it at this time.

So I did the rare thing for a non-mohawked toon and turned off helm. Sigh. One day I will make you pretty, just not right now.

After that, I wanted to run Sabryel the Other Blood Elf Toon But This One is a DK through MT and see if she could find some mog stuffs. I raced through that place and was feeling leet when I got the achieve at the end and saw that I had ran through it on normal.

Oops. Switched it to heroic and went through again. She got a cool looking axe that would be cool to mog. She also picked up a dagger that I really liked, too bad DKs can’t use them.

Killed Kae’thas again, got the achieve for Heroic MT and was going through his loot when…are you effing kidding me?

Sabryel got the mount of her very first friggin’ try??!! Sonofawhore.

I send two rarely played alts into a heroic with the intent of them finding some dress-up clothes and they each come out with something nicer? I don’t have the pet or mount on Zarigar. I mean, sure I don’t farm that regularly on Zari or anything, but it’s annoying that they picked up that stuff with so little effort.

Sigh. The beautiful people get everything.

A little less fail

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on June 11, 2012 by zarigar

Or fayle, if you prefer.

Now that Notari was all pretty, she got the notion that she should step out of Orgrimmar and let the people gaze upon her gloriousness. So off into LFR she went.

It’s always pretty telling when the dragon trash at the beginning goes terrible with many deaths. The people who drop at that point are probably the smart ones. Well, no one ever accused me of being smart.

Ultra, then, is a disaster with one of the tanks not picking him up and it becomes death city. The amusing thing is one of the tanks says, “I’ve never been here and no one told me how the fight goes.” Well, that part is sad. The amusing part is that people still complain that it was the heals’ fault or that there was not enough dps. Really, guys, scroll up and read.

The second attempt is also pretty deathy, but he goes down and I am still alive. Yay, it’s wonderful being pretty and getting to live! His drops include 2 helm tokens and 1 chest token. Homina-homina-homina…give me! I’ve ragged on Notari’s spirit helm so long–she needs this upgrade! And there is only one other mage, good for me?

I won a roll! I won a roll! I got…the chest. Sigh. Oh well. It’s still very much an upgrade so it’s all right.

Lootship is a one-shot deal. I am terribad at getting out of the shockwave part–if I had a nickel for every time one of Rep’s pallies has to use Lay on Hands on me–but Blink makes it 50x easier.

On Spine I am dutifully spamming Arcane Blast when the trade window pops open and someone puts the helm token inside. Wha-? Is this a trade for the chestpiece? They can have it. Then the other person competes his part, so I complete the trade.

Then get a whisper: I got this by accident. Enjoy.

Zomg! I gets to haves 2 upgrades!?!?! I wonder if he truly didn’t need it or was just giving it to me because I’m so pretty now. People really do bend over backwards to give you things when you are good looking. (Giggity.)

It really did make up for the part on spine where the new tank was warned not to take a healthy amalgamation through the bloods and then proceeded to pick up 9 stacks immediately. It was deadly, though the pretty mage once again lived.

After that it was Deathwing. Another surprising one shot with an amusing 3 tentacle swords dropping at the end. Because I am not a whore, I pass on all the loot before I drop.

Time to turn in my tokens! With new loot, that means new gems and enchants. It also means I have to re-mog. I went back to the white robe, even though it looks like a priest outfit. Ah well, that’s the beauty of mogging, I can change my look whenever I want.

It’s good to be pretty.


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You have been removed from group.

Um, what? I’m back in Stormwind? How did this happen? Let’s back up a few steps.

Torvell, the old grampa mage, needed to do one more instance to cap out his VP. He had been doing a mix of the HoT heroics and the old school ones. I’ve been trying to build up my JP among my 3 85s on Winterhoof so that they could buy heirloom stuff for the druid. (My priest got heroic HoO earlier in the week and that group did every single boss. Normally that would annoy me to hell but that time I was thrilled.)

So grampa mage queued for an older heroic and got ZA. One that was already in progress, even. Because I am lucky like that.

I started figuring out how long I would have to wait before pulling a Slice. Or I could just eat the deserter debuff and work on Children’s Week stuff. I saw that they were at the trash in front of the bear boss–and he’s pretty easy–so I would stick around and see what happened.

It took a while to get going since the hunter was apparently lost and couldn’t figure out how to get to us. Which is kind of understandable because when I loaded in, I was on the path up to the eagle boss, but everone else was at the last trash by the bear boss, with everything between them already dead.

We worked out a strategy to take the surges, then he dies and I win the crystal. Go me. Onward to the bird boss.

On the first trash the mob they mark for sheeping is immune to it, but he dies anyway and we go to the next group. This next group wipes us. Oh well. We come back in, sheep one of the remaining mobs and kill the rest.

(We do this 4 person because the hunter is lost again. Everyone released and got back in, but now he’s wandering somewhere near the front.)

We go to the next group. One mob is marked for sheeping. I sheep it–

–then I get a loading screen and I’m back in Stormwind. That’s it. We are back to where the story began.

So what happened? I don’t know. And since I will never know, I can only guess.

I can cross being mouthy off the list. I don’t think I said anything during that run; no one else did, either.

My dps & damage were right in line with everyone else’s. There was no wild variance where one person was carrying someone else.

Were they mad that I didn’t set a table? Nobody asked for one or for any food. I don’t make a table for every run, maybe that makes me a bad mage, but whatever. (I don’t think is the reason, I’m just listing all the ones I could think of.)

Was my PvP cloak offensive? Maybe. I had found it in Sarinde’s bag and sent it over to boost Torvell’s ilevel. Then I just ended up wearing it. If I’m going to cheat I might as well go all the way. It’s the only PvP piece I have, but it’s highly noticeable, so someone wouldn’t even need to do an inspect to see I’m wearing. So I can’t discount it.

My other guess is that is was by mistake. Well, that would be the least offensive reason. They “accidentally” picked Vote to Kick instead of Inspect and then they “accidentally” put in a reason and then they “accidentally” clicked OK. It could happen, right? Or I could say that they meant to kick the clueless hunter who was wandering around and got me instead. Yeah?

Something I forgot to mention was that every person from the group came from a different server, so it was unlikely that it was a group of people banding together to kick someone out “just because”. Or maybe it was. Whatever the reason was, at least 3 people had to agree on it.

The act of being kicked actually doesn’t bother me.  The anonymity of it is frustrating; I would like to know the reasoning behind it yet I would never want to get a message saying something like: “You have been removed from group because of…RETARD.” I will never know if I did something or they did something or it was a mistake or they were just being mean.

If I was the lost hunter and got kicked or was doing less damage than the tank or something obvious, then it would be understandable. Maybe the explanation is nothing more complex than “4 (or 3) people wanted to be jerks.” I queued up again and got Hour of Twilight. The group was much more geared and I was definitely the scrub doing the least dps. But I didn’t get kicked. Explain that, internets!

I will not give you head

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , on February 9, 2012 by zarigar

I’m starting to get sick. Not mentally sick, we’ve passed that exit long ago. Actual physical sick with a scratchy throat and nose blowing. So that is my excuse for being mean.

After a Firelands run last night, I decided to throw Jendora in to the 2nd half of LFR. I had done the first part earlier, so wanted to get that done for her.

It started off well. The trash before Ultraxion was already done and I managed to snag one of the crystals. The lootship was a bit trickier. It’s LFR, so I wasn’t really in danger of dying, but OMG apparently I cannot avoid the charges. I mean, there is a bright red line that I am in the path of, but apparently that doesn’t trigger anything in my brain that says “MOVE!” until I have been run down.

The upside is there isn’t really any competition for tier and I win the head token. Yay. It’s only my 3rd tier piece, so no bonus, but it will be a little upgrade over my 378 helm.

And then a cute little DK whispers and asks if he could have it.

LOL…um, no.

He says that he will trade me something for it.

Um, again, no. The only other tier that dropped was pants and I already have those.

Then he goes to full on begging and links the green helm he is apparently wearing. He REALLY NEEDS a new helm, won’t I please help him out?

No. I need it and I won it. Actually what I need by then is to crawl into bed so I drop raid like a ninja and take my loot and log out.

And so this morning I am curious if he really went into LFR with a green helm so I decide to look him up on armory. I had to log into the game to get his name off Recount and for a moment I couldn’t find it. Then I see it way at the bottom.

DPS 6581

Oh, dear. I also notice he is from my server. So that’s a great representative of Drak.

But, yes, according to armory he is currently wearing a green helm. And his equipped ilevel is about 6 points lower than his average. I can’t really judge there because I’ve done the same thing.

What I also notice is that the rest of his gear does not contain either a gem or an enchant. The only “enchant” he has is the DK rune on his weapon. This is where I have to shake my head and wonder what is wrong with people.

And because I warned you that I was in a mean mood today, here is the armory page so you can see for yourself.

So, no, you cannot have my helm. I will at least gem and enchant it.

That magic moment

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on February 3, 2012 by zarigar

You know you love it in LFR. That special little moment between when the boss goes down and the loot flashes. The waiting and anticipation.

C’mon, big money, big money, no whammy, stop!

waah waah!

Isn’t it annoying when nothing comes up for you? Don’t lie to yourself, if you’re using LFR it means you want some upgrades. “But, Zari, you get VP.” Bitch, please, you can get VP faster running dungeons, especially if you get in an awful LFR.

(What is one of the scariest things to hear in LFR? When the tank says: “How does this fight go?”)

Even worse than seeing nothing for you are the tease loots. At least when there is nothing to roll on you can just shrug and go on to the next boss. What qualifies as a tease loot? Basically something you can’t really use or something you already have but those pretty Need dice show up on them.

Ooh, tier gloves. Since it’s the token you have to open up your character sheet and see what you currently have and– oh, nevermind, I have these already. Pass.

Ooh, a new trinket….hmm, that procs off heals. My ele sham does not want. Pass.

But then comes the cruelest part of all. When something drops that you want and is an upgrade and would turn your life into rainbows and bunnies. MY PRECIOUS I MUST HAVES!!! Unfortunately you have to roll against other people who also wants their preciouseses.

When you do win, it’s so satisfying to hear that little clunk or tink sound as it drops into your bag. The clouds part and you hear a choir of angels. But when you don’t win…oh the sadness. Oh well, you can try again next week and at least you got some VP for your trouble.

But then some stranger–someone from another server whom you will probably never again meet–opens up a trade window and passes you the tier shoulders you just lost. Why? What is this? Is this a mistake? Is it some random good deed? Did he just like my hot pink mohawk?

*tear* I love you, random hunter.

LFR: pixels bring out the best in people

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on January 18, 2012 by zarigar

Yesterday Zarigar queued in for LFR. I usually only do the first 4 bosses and then I might do the Deathwing part later on in the week if I have time.

I am barely zoned into the raid when the raid leader throws up a warning. It basically calls out the fact that there is a guild in this raid and that they will ninja all the loot for themselves and nobody else is going to get anything. ZOMG!!!!!!11

Erm…ok. I mouse over the raid and, yes, there are 10 people in there from the same guild. There are other people in there with their guildies but apparently the 10-person guild is the one we are supposed to worry about.

The raid leader isn’t from their guild or even their server and it’s a fresh run with the trash not yet pulled, so I’m not sure why he’s trying to stir anything up. By the time we get to Morchok he’s repeated himself 3 times.

The people in that guild don’t even bother defending themselves. It’s a lot of “shut up” and “qq moar.” They don’t deny it but they also mention that in bringing 10 of their own in they are helping ensure the success of that raid. The implied undertone seems to be “we deserve more because of what we are bringing into the raid.”

I personally don’t agree with rolling on something for the purpose of trading it to someone else. But we haven’t even gotten to a boss yet and people are accusing each other. If that guild did come in with the specific intent to do that, then of course they are assholes, but it seems unfair to outright accuse them of that before they do it.

By now other people are questioning if they will get gear and some are starting to drop. Really? The guild in question has an assortment of different classes being represented. Their players are in all 3 roles. There is no way all 10 of them can roll on every item and win it all even if they were trying to. The Role Bonus would weed out a lot of their rolls. Maybe there might be an extra roll or two but nothing earth shattering.

Then up comes the window to kick the raid leader. I click no but it still passes and off he goes. That sets off the people who were on his side. They blame the guild for getting rid of him even though it’s something we will never know. It could have come from someone being an instigator. (Not me! There was more shenanigan potential in keeping him in the raid!)

Someone blames the guildies for kicking the raid leader with their 10-vote bloc. For some reason I thought it took a majority vote. Is 10 really all you need?

Morchok gets pulled. And then people start to drop. People dropped so quickly that at first I thought it was the guild in question just leaving en masse. It turns out to be everybody else. Whether it’s because they believe the ninja accusations or don’t agree with how the raid leader got kicked or just don’t think this raid is worth it, the raid dwindles down considerably.

Still the boss might have gone down except near the end of the fight someone pulled one last trick and aggroed the surrounding mobs before dropping. The raid was reformed with people who probably wondered what kind of noobs died on Morchok and continued on.

Did that raid roll Need to pass onto its guildies? Honestly I don’t know. I didn’t care enough to check. There was not one piece to drop that I could use. And, really, even if there was something, I would not have bothered.

When I lose a roll I don’t check to see if the person who won actually needs it. (It’s more sheer laziness than anything.) Are there people out there abusing the system? I’m sure there are. I just can’t be bothered to get worked up over little purple pixels.

But I will write about those that do.

Queue queue

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Hey bitch,

If you queue as healer then be prepared to heal. Yeah it sucked on the first boss when you let the tank and 2 dps die, but if you can’t do it then just leave.

Maybe that sounds mean, but no, I’m not going to swap with you and heal. And neither will the dps pally. Even if my healing spec was actually formed out I wouldn’t heal for you.

We dps ate our long queue time. You as a healer had a much shorter time and probably have a nice Call to Arms bag waiting for you at the end. Suck it up and do the job you selected.

I have a lot of patience for someone struggling but trying. Not so much for whiners who spend the time complaining and asking for someone to please swap roles.

Have a great day