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Stay classy

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on January 22, 2013 by zarigar

A recent instance on an alt toon created a group with these interestingly named folks:


They are:

  • Sneakyturd the warrior (with appropriate brown colored class!)
  • Donkiepunch the monk
  • Cheesyrunoff the hunter

And for those of you wondering, no, none of these are me. I’ve seen worse and I know many of you have seen them, too.

What’s funny and kind of a little sad is if I had just seen one of these names alone I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it. But 3 people from 3 different servers in one group kind of stands out a little.

In fairness, I should say that none of these people were douches or rude or exhibited any kind of behavior one might expect with people named as they were.

But I look at these names and I wonder “why?” These are toons you may play for years. Even if you try to fight it, they will develop personalities and quirks and other traits. I can’t imagine staring at a log-in screen and thinking “ok, today I will take out Sneakyturd for a while.”

I just imagine someone sitting on the character selection screen, giggling as they try to find an available variation of the name that will represent their toon for all time.

I’ve posted before how Notari got her name as kind of a joke. But even if you didn’t know the joke or the story behind it, the name itself doesn’t really stand out. Tenderloyne was also created as a joke, and there are times I wished I had chosen a different name for her.

Does Cheesyrunoff ever regret his name? Or does he think it’s the coolest name ever?

I’m not really offended by their names, but I know for myself I wouldn’t be able to play something named like that past level 5.


Random post #200

Posted in MoP, Random with tags , , , on September 19, 2012 by zarigar

WordPress says this is my 200th post so yay me. That saves me having to find a coherent title for my babbling train of thought.

So, scenarios. I’ve now done both Alliance and Horde side and they were ok. I’ve read a lot of uncomplimentary things about them, but not being a lore person, I wasn’t overly bothered by them. They were nice little diversions but nothing that I feel the need to play over and over or something I have to have every eligible toon do.

I liked the tabard reward better than the bomb thing. The white tabard looks nice with my priest who is mogged in mostly white gear. My poor dumpy little dwarf, though, looks like she is wearing a sports bra on the outside of her clothes thanks to the giant WWE belt she has on.

I did notice that there was a guild achievement for doing all the MoP scenarios in a guild group, and there were 7 total, so it looks like we will have at least 6 more of these throughout the next expansion. Hopefully the future ones will please more people.

Am I upset there isn’t more of big world event? Not really. I don’t think I did the save troll islands/retake Gnomer stuff when it was out. I remember being annoyed at all the zombie people infecting everyone. I can see how other people wanted one last big thing to transition from Cata to MoP.

Speaking of transitioning to MoP, I guess I should try to figure out how I’m going to work this. The number of active alts I have now has grown insane throughout Cata. Roughly 12 (?) or so that will want some degree of playtime. The bulk of time, though, will have to go to the two toons scheduled to raid.

Sidenote: for purpose of ease, my main will now and forever be Zarigar. He may not be my raider but he is my main. My raiders are not my mains even if they get to 90 first and have an ilevel 300 points higher than Zari.

I’m not too worried about leveling Khiaren, since she is dps specced and is on a normal server. She can quest and pick flowers and maybe do some dungeons and go AFK when I allot myself 6 minutes to eat dinner.

The one who is going to be more difficult is Jendora. A freaking healer on a freaking PvP server. Oy. This one is going to be interesting.

I see her healing a lot of dungeons. Doing instances all the way to 90, though, already sounds exhausting and tedious. I will have to cobble together an awful boomkin spec and Wrath spam my way through some quests, I think, to retain what’s left of my sanity. I know I will be fresh meat to any alliance players, but sometimes in the beginning of a new expansion the players put world PvP on hold for a while, so maybe that will hold true again this time.

If not, I will be running to my corpse a lot. >.< That there won’t be flying initially available may or may not help, but it will make collecting herbs for Inscription a little more difficult. (I’m that druid who steals your flowers and flies away!)

And now that I’m thinking about healing dungeons I guess it would help if I went and read up on some of them. Just so I know when people die to something avoidable and I have a legitimate reason to rage.

After my raiders are ready, then it will be Zari’s turn. After that, who knows? I just envision a line of alts saying “Is it my turn yet?”

Can I outsource my leveling?

Bad head

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on July 25, 2011 by zarigar

Big weekend for Jendora. Finally took the leap from regulars to heroics but it was a little messy along the way.

I mentioned before that I was having trouble finding a decent helm for my resto druid. I could barely find any and those I did find were sorely lacking, so I was wearing that BoA one forever. I started to get excited when one dropped in Blackrock Caverns, but all the stats on it were worse than the BoA and it was missing spirit. Wtf?

I even almost gave in and got the PvP craftable, but again the no spirit made me sad. The one I could buy with JP looked good, but some of the stat increases were so low that I kept skipping over it to buy other things that looked like bigger upgrades.

But I am so dumb. I was only comparing stat to stat. Once I finally bought it, and gemmed it up, and added the Hyjal enchant…it was a HUGE upgrade. So dumb to have waited so long to get it.

Especially since holding onto that BoA was killing my average gear level. I noticed Friday night that I was eligible for heroics, but when I checked later I was not. Oh, um, yeah must have been that agility quest reward helmet I picked up that gave me a temporary boost before I sold it. The next quest reward I picked up I held onto so that I could queue into heroics when I felt ready.

Just to make things fun, my first heroic was a guild run. The day before I got called out by Sorak for only healing pugs and not healing guildies.  I said it was because it was easier to drop a pug run if things went bad. It’s half-smartass, half true. In a pug I could just drop and go onto the next one. (I suppose I could drop a guild run, but I don’t want to end up as the MotD.)

So with Sorak’s chastising words in my ear (I think pretend-Sorak even called me a bitch) I volunteered my druid up when we formed up a guild run and realized there were no healers. We got Stonecore and it was not pretty.

Why are people dying? Where is all my mana? Why can’t I keep people up? Why won’t Arv hide when the dragon starts shooting spikes?


I was scrunched in my office chair, dying of embarrassment every time I had to rez someone and wishing I could just drop. Or that my internet would act up and kick me.

[Sidenote: I’ve had fantastic latency ever since bitching about AT&T. Thanks for my $10 off, bitches.]

So after that run was finally over I said “fuck this”. Obviously I wasn’t ready for heroics so back to the regular grind for me. My broken pride queued up back into regulars.

A couple of upgrades later, I decided to try again, without guildies. In fact, I had a plan. I decided to specifically queue for Blackrock Caverns and do just that first boss on heroic. He drops a decent mace and is right by the entrance with minimal trash. He’s pretty straighforward as long as people break chains and get out of range.

And then if I got my mace I could drop. Hell yes, bitches, you read correctly. I was planning to ninja and run.

Because karma laughs at me the mace didn’t drop. But nobody else did, either, so I slowly decided to continue on and not drop. Everyone fails at the beams on the next boss so the group will probably fall apart then and I don’t have to be the dickhead who dropped first.

So sadly we did fail at the beams and the group disbanded. But now I’m ready to keep trying so into another heroic I went. Then another and another. The JP was racking up. I could buy so much stuff and my mana pool went up and up. I even did my first Call to Arms, though all I got was a stupid agility flask.

So then last night when Cayle wanted to do a guild run I threw myself back in. 2 DKS? I’m surprised Slice didn’t dig his out, too. Throne of the Tides, bitches, with bonus side hall of death. Too bad nobody died this time.

Yay, nooby healer is finally moving up.

Now I’m impatiently waiting for Tuesday and the random rewards to reset. I need moar veepee!!!


A long overdue update

Posted in Alt with tags , on June 17, 2011 by zarigar

Yeah, I have no clue where I left off prior to my AT&T rant, so let’s try to bring everything back up to speed. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like my internet has been getting a bit better. I’ve been going off and doing other things during “peak” time and have been logging on later instead.

My co-mains have gotten a little abandoned. Lorethos pretty much logs on to DE stuff and make enchants for everyone else. Zarigar at least gets called out…to go kill other trolls. Sigh.

What is almost just as sad is that he finally killed the Lich King. A group of people had gone in the week before and knocked out a bunch of achievements. I went on their second run and they did a bunch of the achievements again for me. (Thanks, guys, that was really swell.) It was pretty comical how everything got steamrolled. Stupid LK fight that Zarigar did many times and LK goes down in one shot in a matter of minutes. Ah well.

My holy pally got to 85 and is still kind of chicken about doing heroics. She’s still doing random regulars and it makes me cry at how people play those and I don’t know if I want to see the heroic versions as a healer. People still standing in bad. Not killing adds. Not breaking the freaking healer out of the bubble in Halls of O!!!! Ahh, calm down, take a Xanax.

It could be worse–it could be a run with 4 DKs. o_O

Baby lock got shelved for the moment so that I could play with baby druid.  I have a non-guilded cow druid who I haven’t played in a very long time. Mid-30’s or so. I logged onto him and everything was a mess. I didn’t know where to start to clean everything up so I said eff it, I will make a new one.

I made the new one a troll so I could see that the new starter zone was like and, of course, I had to make it female so it wouldn’t look like a Zari clone. But I made them similar when I saw that the females also come with a version of mohawk.

The first version that came up was white and it reminded me of the X-Men comics where they all go to Japan for Wolverine’s wedding and Storm goes all batshit crazy and shows up to the wedding in a black, leather punk outfit with a white mohawk and Kitty Pryde is all “wtf?”

I don't shapeshift

So my druid ended up with a white mohawk. Now I haz 2 mohawk trolls! I took all the BoA caster stuff that my mage was holding (sorry, you’re not leveling anytime soon) and sent it over. At ten she got specced into Resto. Unlike my pally, I will probably use the off-spec for when I am not in instances. It was too painful otherwise.

Originally I was going to use this new druid to get familiar with the class and then switch back to my cow druid. But I kind of like this new druid better.

It must be the mohawk.


Posted in Random with tags on March 4, 2011 by zarigar

I don’t take vacations. I’m not opposed to them at all, it’s just that I don’t really have the patience to sit and plan them. I’m also probably the worst traveler on the planet. I get carsick ridiculously easily and have terrible anxiety about driving in unfamiliar places.

As a result, I usually don’t go anywhere that requires anything more than casual planning on my part. Since my “vacations” then tend to be the type where I stay home and do nothing, there isn’t a pressing need to schedule time off for myself.

Since I work from home I also tend to call in sick much less than I did when I worked in an office. Unless I physically can’t get out of bed or sit up, I will drag myself over to the computer even if I am not feeling that great. With no coworkers to worry about infecting and no one to judge me if I don’t shower that day, it’s not too bad to log in and get some work done.

Between the not travelling and not calling in sick, that means my PTO hours tend to accumulate faster than I can use them up. My last three supervisors have pretty much forced me to take time off when my PTO starts to reach the cap before it stops accruing anymore.

The point of all this? Next week will be another of these “forced vacations” I am taking to bring my PTO back down to a normal level. Which means I will have more time to log onto WoW and work on some of the goals I set out for The Plan.

(It also means I probably won’t blog during that time, since I tend to write most of them when I need a break from work.)

So instead of logging in and getting work, I will be logging in and going to play.

One of these days I will need to plan a real vacation.

I have to gouge my own eyes out now

Posted in Blogging with tags on July 27, 2010 by zarigar

Poking around the dashboard for my blog, I was looking at some of the search terms that led poor, hapless people to this site. There are many variations of “mohawk troll/mohawk/troll mohawk/mohawk” and I wonder how many of them were not WoW-related.

Troll trade macros is still generating a lot of hits. Whenever I see an xbox 360 I just do a 360 and walk away. Har har.

There’s also “it’s so hot outside”. Um, ok. Were people just posting their random observations into google?

One search for “census” which made me giggle. Sir, are you on medication?

“vdw resto shammy beating holy paladin” A healing reference…how cute that someone thought they would find one here.

“does earthbind totem effect blood beasts” Yes, it does. Make sure it is up when blood beast come out to slow them down. And then Thunderstorm them if you haven’t glyphed the knockback effect away.

“the name of little troll with the green” Green what? Hair? Because this blog doesn’t really talk about the trolls I suspect you’re looking for:

omg nudity

But the most disturbing search was apparently inspired by a post made back in June. My innocent post was the google result of someone doing a search of “i fuck mom when dad is away”.



There is not enough bleach to make me feel clean again.

Only read this if you have nothing better to do

Posted in Random with tags on July 9, 2010 by zarigar

So I had written a few posts back about how Zarigar skipped the entire Midsummer Event and I stopped playing for a while and I wasn’t really sure why. This week it hit me. I had to have been watching Big Brother.

Big Brother?


Mock if you will.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Big Brother is a cheesy reality show where a dozen or so people are locked into a house all summer with cameras recording their every move. When I call is cheesy I say it with love. BB is different than other shows in that it is live.

Unlike other shows which are filmed months in advance then edited into coherent storylines, the game of BB is happening right now. So the producers have to scramble with only days or hours to create and edit the shows that get broadcast. Because of that, there is often a low-budget feel to the show.

Also, because it is a live show, people can subscribe to CBS’s feeds and watch what goes on in the house live. So there’s a nice voyeur aspect of this show that separates it from others.

While they are being watched, they are playing a game similar to other reality shows: they play for prizes and power and vote each other out one by one.

This show used to be my shameful secret but now I openly confess to loving it.

I only watched the feed aspect one season. A friend of mine bought a subscription and let me use her log-in and password. Initially it was kind of interesting watching the people I had seen on TV go about their “lives” but it actually gets boring pretty quickly.

Watching someone brush their teeth or make dinner? Yawn. Often they’ve put their camera on someone sleeping, so you could literally watch someone take a nap. No thanks.

Thankfully there are other people who find such things fascinating, and will spend their hours glued to the screen. These brave souls sit through a lot of mind numbing stuff (would your life be interesting if every minute of your day was recorded?) to get through the good stuff. The uncensored fights and the people screaming at each other gets saved and youtubed within minutes.

It’s like having tivo. You can just choose to watch only the good parts and ignore the rest. Even if I wasn’t actually watching the day to day power struggles, I was keeping up on it via various forums and blogs.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how involved I get into this show. I will happily chat about Survivor or The Amazing Race, but Big Brother often feels like a dirty little secret. It’s not “Rock of Love” shameful, but it has its moments.

Last night was the premiere episode, and it culminated with the house split into teams of 2 racing to get their team from one end of the backyard to the other while riding giant hot dogs. Yes, giant hot dogs. And did I mention they were being squirted with ketchup and mustard while they tried to cling to their hot dog?

I watched it and thought “this is why people think this show is trashy”. It offered no less than 6 people complaining about how difficult it was to hang on to the “slippery, giant wiener”.

Classy? No. But I expected nothing less.

I actually intended to segue this into something WoW-related, but I’ve rambled long enough. I apologize to anyone who actually read this entire thing.