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New patch, new you

Posted in WoD with tags , , , , , on October 20, 2014 by zarigar

All right, I was a couple of days late to get to the new patch. I hate, hate, hate that last patch before a new xpac that breaks everything and changes everything that I had grown used to. But since I hadn’t been playing as much lately, I was hoping this one wouldn’t annoy me as much.

But really I had to see what was going on with the new looks.

OMG. I love, love, love how the trolls came out. Here is the new Zarigar:


It’s hard to see in a static picture but I love his ears. They move slightly now as he breathes and it sounds kind of cheesy but it looks great. Even his mohawk seems to look better!

Older pic for reference:


Then, when I went over to Alliance, I saw that some of them weren’t quite so lucky. This was Khiaren previously:


This is an older pic. She was cute and proportioned ok, I thought. Then I got a look at new Khiaren:


Holy hell, what is this? Ugh she looks like she lost a ton of weight unhealthily and her head is now too tiny for her body. Yes, some of it is the armor she’s wearing but it’s like she lost some of her spark.

I immediately ran her to the barber shop to see if I could fix this monstrosity. Hilariously, I noticed that she could go from earring to no earrings for the small price of 12 gold. Yes, she could pay the barber for the privilege of removing her earrings.

I then changed hairstyles and facial features but couldn’t really find one that looked good. I think one of the issues is that dwarves don’t have a lot of full hairstyle options to compensate for their smaller heads. A lot of the hair was very short and close to the head.

This was what I left her looking like for now:


It’s not exactly where I want her to be, but I’ll keep playing around with options. (Yes, I will drop all of my gold into the barber shops!) It looks a little better in-game than it does on the loading screen and, of course, I only see her from the back of the head when I’m playing.

Maybe soon I’ll venture into actual content.


Raiding keeps me humble

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on December 5, 2012 by zarigar

It started off as a quiet night. I had left work early for once, was eating dinner and taking all 9000 alts to Darkmoon Faire to do their monthlies (?). While Lorethos was flinging breaded frogs into a vat of oil, Lyssi asked if I was available to raid.

I had done some of MV with them a while back but I knew they had also started into Heart of Fear, which I had only done on LFR. When Lyssi confirmed that they were going to do some HoF, I did say that I only seen the raid finder version but she said the fight was basically the same.


I remember the first few times SR went into MV. Just getting past the stone dogs was brutal. Now they just go in and clean up. First 3 bosses, bam bam bam!

On to the 4 Kings and where my trouble began. I don’t know if doing LFR has made me arrogant or what. Less then a minute in, dead to shockwave. Fail troll. Popped back up, only to die again to Volley on the 2nd king.

Am I freaking serious? Apparently I had to be brought down a peg by real raiding. Twice dead to stupid, avoidable mechanics. That’s the sad part, is I know where to place myself better and I just didn’t. Even in LFR you have to be aware of all the stuff going on so I can’t use that as an excuse.

The clincher there is that SR has it down so well that they kill the kings anyway. This is my view for several minutes while I wait for them to finish:


so peaceful

I had to wait to take this shot because Slice decided to stand on my head and pewpew for a few minutes. Even now, writing about it, I am so annoyed at myself for dying on this boss. It shouldn’t have happened. Bah!

Onward to Heart of Fear and my new hell. Oh sure, the fight is basically the same, but there is a huge difference between ignoring all mechanics and playing the fight correctly.

Oh this fight. What’s with the dancing bosses, Blizz? Do you hate me?

I have nightmares of Heigan to this day. Getting the Safety Dance achievement by deliberately staying outside the room while everyone else went in.

And of Alysrazor’s tornadoes. Don’t get hit we want the achievement! Gah pressure!

Now we have Attunement, or whatever the hell it’s called. What’s odd is I can see the spiraling pattern. I get the little arrow from DBM or whatever showing which direction it’s going to go. But on some attempts I can’t get my hands and my brain to work together and dance like I should.

AND IT NEVER ENDS. I don’t just have to live through it once or twice. Oh no. It’s the fight. Do it or bring the whole raid down.

Also, can we lower the cooldown of selfrez from a half hour, please Blizz? I thought there was a glyph to lower it but I didn’t see one. Maybe it was an old talent that got taken out.

Either way, as always, it sucks to die so early and then they use a battle rez on you. Only to then have someone else go down who could have benefited from the battle rez more than I; especially when some of the attempts are so close. There is seriously nothing fun about being dead and having to watch everyone else pick up your slack.

(I’m pretty sure if I go back into my past posts I’ll find a similar sad post after some Alysrazor attempts. LOL)

Thankfully he did finally go down. This troll has been humbled; I return to LFR with my mohawk a little more droopy.

The panda shuffle

Posted in MoP with tags , , on October 1, 2012 by zarigar

I will admit I haven’t played as much as I could have, but I was hoping to be at least past level 86 on any of my toons by now. Whoops. I haven’t even made a fat panda monk, but I knew that was something I wouldn’t do initially.

I’ve been doing a round robin of switching between Khiaren, Zarigar and Jendora. Playing the one with the most rest XP has gotten them all to about the same level, but I’ll probably have to focus on one and just work on them. Otherwise no one will be at 90 until around December.

Leveling Jendora has confirmed my fears. I do not like Balance. I do not understand. I read sites and it sounds like Greek to me. So now I just push buttons and keep an eye out for any spells that flash and hope that stuff dies before I do.

What is hilarious is that I estimate I am about halfway through the first zone with Jendora and yet she already has max Inscription. All from the beginner herbs of Jade Forest. I thought it would take more time to level up that profession, but I guess the “fun” of it is trying to learn new recipes each day.

One evening, while Jendora was flailing around with Wraths and Starfires, she ended up grouped with Lyssi and Bocat. It was nice to zoom through some quests quickly but adjusting to where everyone else was on a quest was new. It was hilarious for all of us to jump on Lyssi’s travelling mount, only to see her veer course because an herb dot showed up on the map.

Two quests almost broke me, though. The first was the one where you swim in the small lake and you have to both kill crocodiles and grab some fish. Crocodile kills, fine. Grab fish, gah! Eff, eff, effity, eff! There is a reason I never finished the Vash’jir zone. I hate underwater and I hate 3-D and I hate z-axis and I hate that I am right there by the fish by the stupid hand doesn’t light up and the fish zips away from you at 100 mph and the crocodiles have a 3 second respawn time so I killed like 400 crocodiles in the time it took me to catch 5 fish.

But I’m not bitter or anything.

The second quest was the flashback one where Kyryn goes through the village and you have to snipe all the villagers off her. Gah. That quest kept bugging out on me. It kept skipping parts; like all of a sudden she was in the net and the part with the hozen was skipped. And if I got to the last part where they get swarmed I kept dying. That quest ended my grouping with Lyss and Bocat because I couldn’t get past it and got so frustrated I had to log off.

When I tried again later I changed my tactic from trying to snipe each villager individually to just going all Rambo-style and showering the screen with shots. That worked so much better and I was able to move forward. I was worried when I tried again with Zarigar later, but the same no-finesse style worked again. (I actually found the Alliance version of this quest so much easier.)

The good thing about doing both Horde and Alliance is being able to see both sides of the storyline at one time. It looks like starting with Dawn’s Blossom, the stories converge and they are the same going forward. But prior to that I enjoyed seeing how both factions started off in the new land.

I don’t have pretty screenshots like other bloggers do, but I have been taking my time reading quests and seeing what NPCs have to say. I am glad I did not miss this gem:



It actually made me LOL. Monkeys are always hilarious.

Those two awful quests aside, I am still enjoying the quests and new stuff in Pandaland. Since I’ve gotten my toons to a point where they are all doing the same quests now, it will probably be easier to just pick one and focus on to 90. It really should be my non-herbalist; I’m so tired of all the Green Tea picking.


Posted in MoP with tags , , on September 27, 2012 by zarigar

Normally I hate expansions–hmm…maybe hate is the wrong word–I’m not comfortable with them because everything is so new and different and I don’t know where everything is. Plus everything is broken and I have different spells and I feel like I have to relearn the game.

Not so much this time, and I’m loving it. So far, it seems like all the potential issues were dealt with in the previous patch. So the roll-out was so much smoother than I anticipated.

When I first heard that this would be the panda expansion, I know my first thought was “meh” and “how silly.” Even with people talking themselves blue about how Pandaren were not a new concept to WoW and were not being stolen from Kung Fu Panda, it was hard to take the idea of it seriously.

Now that they’re here, I don’t see the Pandaren as intrusive or sillier looking than any other race. And what little I’ve seen of Pandaria (my apologies if that’s incorrect) I think it’s quite beautiful. I am very glad that I stayed out of beta and got to experience it as a finished product.

I played on both Horde and Alliance shamans yesterday and I like how different each storyline is. I was concerned having everyone start in one zone but so far I haven’t had any issues. If you play one side, and then the other, you do see elements in quests and stories. I haven’t even seen people of the other faction, though I probably just haven’t played far enough into it yet.

It actually took me a while to get Khiaren out of the start-off area into the first village, only because herbs kept sprouting up that I had to stop and pick. I guess I missed the mob of people, because I only ever saw a couple of other players out at the same time as me. So I kept picking Green Tea and I picked so much that their skill level turned green on me.

On the flip side, when I took Zarigar through, I was happily skinning and collecting leather. When my bags were full and I hearthed back to Org to put in my bank, I realized that I had never leveled up my professions to the Zen level.



Thankfully skinning is a profession that levels itself up pretty quickly, but I was annoyed that I had wasted all that initial time. Oh well.

I have more rambling, but I have to stop for a meeting. I am pleased so far with how MoP turned out and I can’t wait to log back in and see some more.

Bye totems

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on August 28, 2012 by zarigar

It’s patch day. One more step closer to MoP. Or, as my Debbie Downer self would say, the day everything breaks.

I did hope to sneak out early today so I could start downloading, but that doesn’t seem to be possible, so instead I will post some pics.

I don’t know how the new shaman¬†totems will work going forward, but I decided to be all sentimental and play with them one last time.

Goodbye Call of the Elements. I loved when you came along and I could throw all my totems down at once. No longer did I have to waste time placing them individually. And they all placed themselves in a neat little square around me. My OCD loved that.

Goodbye Totemic Recall. You were cool, too, only slightly less so.

Zarigar at Echo Isles

Khiaren in Stormwind

Hex appeal

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on February 15, 2011 by zarigar

So it looks like I’m back to Zarigar as my “main”. (Shrekjr: “Yay!”) When I log in, that’s the toon who seems the most fun for me to play right now. Playing a game for fun? What a concept.

Which then means that Zarigar is doing most of the heroic instances now. When he goes on guild runs, there isn’t much finesse needed. Some of them are so geared that they just bash through the instance in 8 minutes like a battering ram on crack.

When I’m in a pug group the pace is much more slower and the need for crowd control much more demanding. Because shaman are awesomesauce, they get both Hex and Bind Elemental. I usually only use Bind Elemental in Vortex if a stray mob is casting from a distance and a few times in Stonecore before it got all nerfed.

Most of the time then it’s just Hex. I like Hex, I have no problems using it to cc mobs, but, like last week’s Tremor Totem rant, there are some things I don’t like about it.

Usually when I get a Hex target it’s the mob in the back of the group. I understand’s usually a caster mob that is easier to contain that to try to lead it to the tank. What I hate, though, is that Hex has a 10 yard shorter range than my other spells. So I feel like I am creeping up almost into the group before I am close enough to cast.

(And yes, if I was an enhancement shaman I probably won’t cry so much about the range issue. I already pout when I have to move in closer because a boss needs interrupting and Wind Shear has an equally shitty range.)

Since it’s not an instant cast, my favorite is when I have to cast it on a mob that is patrolling around. Totally looking at you asshole mobs in Vortex who stroll in and out of that magic triangle thing. I always end up aggroing the rest of the group and I pray to the Earthmother that the tank can get them off me in time.

There is a cooldown on Hex that I don’t believe is on Polymorph. You can glyph it down, but it’s still there. If some eager DPS or AOE undoes the Hex, then you pretty much have to deal with it, because it can’t be re-Hexed for several seconds.

But these are all minor complaints. Shamans got Hex as their last spell at 80 in Wrath, but just wasn’t something we utilized very much. It’s nice that the stupid frog icon on my toolbar has a purpose now. Even though it’s slowly getting phased out as groups get better gear and confidence, at least I don’t feel it’s as useless a spell as I once thought.

Troll in the heezy

Posted in Cataclysm, Zarigar with tags , , on January 13, 2011 by zarigar

(I’m already embarrassed by the post title.)

There were some complaints that it wasn’t right for me to call my blog Mohawk Troll if all I ever played and talked about was my priest. And since I am too lazy to change the name of the blog to Bald Forsaken here is a Zarigar post so you stop the crying.

a different kind of mohawk troll

But, I have to start off talking about my priest. (Sorry.) I started off with a “random” regular of Grim Batol. (Surprise, surprise.) Moar cloth, moar rep. The only notable thing about the run is when the kitty druid fell off the ledge when trying to mount the drake at the beginning of the run and died.

After that was done I was still kind of meh on doing heroic research and testing one out, so I switched over to Zarigar. I think one reason I didn’t want to level him was that I wasn’t sure how leveling as elemental would go. He had leveled from 1-80 as enhancement.

I kind of debated going back to an enhance spec and relearning how to play it, but I didn’t really have any good gear for it anymore. I had a bunch of ele gear and some resto pieces and a lot of pieces that worked for both ele/resto, but I seemed to have gotten rid of a lot of the enhance pieces that I previously had.

So, eh, I’ll try to level as elemental. If it fails I’ll just port back to Orgrimmar and cry. I decided to take Zari to Hyjal, since Lorethos did the underwater zone. (Started I should say…bleh, die zone of all swimming.)

The first few quests were going great, until I was offered a quest reward which was a mail piece with INT and spirit. Sigh. It’s hard to think that some beginner quest green would be considered an upgrade from a 25-man raid piece that I worked so much harder to get.

One of the problems when I leveled with Lorethos was that it was harder to justify why something like that would be an upgrade. “The new piece increases all my stats by 100 but my old piece has gem sockets in it and it’s already enchanted!!!111”¬†With each new piece I would evaluate it against what I had and try to see where the stat increases would come from. After awhile it became too tedious to try to figure out what was the better piece.

I decided with Zarigar that I would simply replace what I had with whatever options were available for my spec. So even though now I am taking a little hit on some stats, it will be easier later on to compare pieces against each other when upgrades are available. More of an apples to apples comparison will be easier for my mohawked little brain.

So I’m just questing in Hyjal, nothing really interesting going on. But I have to ask. What the hell happened to paladins??? I was flying on my horse, got low to the ground and realized I could move. Oh, an alliance paladin stunned me. Ok. Um…now what? He was attacking me while I was stunned for like 8 minutes. Then the stun wore off and I flew away. HE WASN’T EVEN ABLE TO DISMOUNT ME. What the hell?

The good thing about abandoning Zarigar for a month was he had a ton of rest XP. Thanks to that and the guild perks, he was able to hit 81 in a short amount of time. Leveling as ele actually wasn’t as tedious as I feared. There was some quest where I had to kill some elite by luring him near some portals and weakening him, but I just whomped him without all that extra nonsense.

Go, go OP shaman.