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Not a fan

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Well it is a fan. I’m just not a fan of the fan.


This is a paladin with a fan. Or course the fan dropped for her in MSV. Why would I be so silly as to think the shield would?

WTF, Blizz, why you hate me so?

Enjoy your new stupid fan, cow.


A troll and his stick

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When you log into the game and the guild message reads GO DO THE NEW LFR IT’S SUPER EASY!!!! you think “why, Sorak hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I do believe I shall queue for the new LFR.” And so you queue.

And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

You go get mail. You make dinner. You eat dinner. You even get bored and do DAILIES.

But finally, your queue pops. You load into the game and land right in the middle of a trash fight.

Oh good, I waited 47 years for an in-progress LFR. I looked at the loot table and I saw that the turtle boss has a shield. The turtle boss is the first boss. This group is already past that. So whether I finish this one or not I still have to queue again and do all that waiting over.

Bah. Fine. Let’s do this last boss then. With my luck I would drop and then end up in another half of a group again.

So, yeah, I had no idea what I was doing. And sadly neither did anyone else. There were birds and green stuff on the ground and people getting blown off the platform.

Thankfully LFR buffs you 5% after every wipe. So at 20% our little LFR just brute forced the bird down LFR. 20% is 4 wipes/5 attempts which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in LFR that is an eternity. Especially when you have to wait for healer #6 each time.

Last night I went back to finish up the first 2 bosses of that and I even went and watched a video of the turtle. OMG. So much crap flying everywhere. It was normal raid mode so I knew it would be scaled down some for LFR but it still looked a mess. (Ok, the part where you kick turtle shells at the big guy’s face seems fun.)

I think the turtle went down after 2 attempts; the first attempt we all devoured by the bats. Bag of gold. Use my shiny new mogu coin relic thing whatever. More gold.


Onward to weird tentacle boss. I don’t even know what is supposed to be happening with this fight. The only thing we did was cluster up in a group (not a fight for SR!) and alternate killing the red and green tentacles. It doesn’t seem like a fun fight for heals, though.

When he died I won a stick. To replace my blue shield I got a purple stick. (Filthy!)


What are you looking at?

I don’t even know why Blizz hates me. That thing is ugly. It has a creepy eye on it that looks around. I hate it. It should be class specific to warlocks and their little blackened souls; not given to sweet, innocent shaman who only want a nice shield to weigh them down and keep them from standing upright.

I even tried to mog it with a shield and the Consortium guy laughed at me and said “bitch, please.”

Now I can’t even go farm MV LFR for that shield since even if I won it, it would be a downgrade in stats. And as much as I hate the stick, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Of course I should run MV because now I WOULD WIN IT.

This is what happens when I listen to Sorak.

Why I no can haz shield?

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LFR, you suck.

Increased drop rate, my ass. The only thing increased is I just get more copies of the things I already have. Or worse, get gear that is worse than what I already have.

So I’m still rocking a ghetto blue shield, despite running LFR almost every week. Who knows how many gold coins I have wasted for 28g?

The only bright spot is it is the first half of MV, which isn’t too bad. If it was in that wretched Heart of Fear I would just give up and go play Hello Kitty.

As it is, I am contemplating giving up on the shield and using one of those stupid fans. I haven’t brought myself to pull that trigger, because…a fan? Really? That is just so wrong on an aesthetic level. Don’t make me do it, Blizz!

If I go with the fan, can I at least transmog it to look like a shield? Can I hide my shame that way?

Stupid LFR…

Pretty people really do get nice things

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Omg I actually play my horde toons!

First I planned to take Notari the Now Beautiful Failmage through LFR. I went to take off her tabard, since there was no rep to gain and I wanted her to go in pretty. I noticed she had on the shirt that level 1 belfs come with and wondered what she would look like if it was taken off. So I took off her shirt (giggity) and saw that her robe now looked like this:

So apparently that shirt was covering up her exposed belly. Erm ok. The weird cut-off for her belly looked wrong. There was so much detailing in the neck and top part of the robe that having her stomach randomly showing seemed really distracting. Shirt back on, get into queue.

Right from the start it was a mess. It seemed like 10 seconds into the raid (the 2nd half) the entire floor was covered in purple fire and no one was taunting the dragons. Wipe #1. Mass exodus of people, including tanks, then off again. Same issue, wipe #2.

Well, I’m done here. I decided instead to take Notari out to Magister’s Terrace and see if she could get some pretty clothes. She got some shoulders that went into her void storage and, after killing Kael’thas Sunstrider, she was picking through his spoils and found herself with a new pet.

Ugh. Ok, well at least it wasn’t the mount.

I wasn’t done with masochism so I switched over to Tenderloyne the Forgotten Holy Pally and sent her into LFR next. It went much smoother for her; she ended up with a new belt and a head token.

I hadn’t realized that she had never done the 2nd half of LFR before so it was kind of embarassing when her achieve popped up. Whoops. I don’t even think I would have taken her in if I realized she had never been there.

That was only the first part of the embarassment, because once I turned in the head token and gemmed and enchanted that thing up, I put it on her and was stunned. Horrible. It was horrible.

I had to take a ghetto screenshot because I couldn’t get one from the loading screen. The thing is so huge that most of it goes off the screen. Maybe when she gets more matching pieces it won’t look so awful, but I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t even think I had the patience to try to mog around it at this time.

So I did the rare thing for a non-mohawked toon and turned off helm. Sigh. One day I will make you pretty, just not right now.

After that, I wanted to run Sabryel the Other Blood Elf Toon But This One is a DK through MT and see if she could find some mog stuffs. I raced through that place and was feeling leet when I got the achieve at the end and saw that I had ran through it on normal.

Oops. Switched it to heroic and went through again. She got a cool looking axe that would be cool to mog. She also picked up a dagger that I really liked, too bad DKs can’t use them.

Killed Kae’thas again, got the achieve for Heroic MT and was going through his loot when…are you effing kidding me?

Sabryel got the mount of her very first friggin’ try??!! Sonofawhore.

I send two rarely played alts into a heroic with the intent of them finding some dress-up clothes and they each come out with something nicer? I don’t have the pet or mount on Zarigar. I mean, sure I don’t farm that regularly on Zari or anything, but it’s annoying that they picked up that stuff with so little effort.

Sigh. The beautiful people get everything.

Dear me

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When you are on Winterhoof you are Alliance. Stop trying to land at Horde towns and then wonder why everyone is shooting at you.


510 eggs

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That’s how many eggs it took Zarigar to get the stupid Noblegarden mount. 500 to buy it and 10 that I accidentally turned in for the stupid daily so I had to go collect more to make them up.

I also ended up finding some tuxedo pants and a shirt so picked up that achievement, as well. No fancy dress, though, and I don’t care. Once I had enough for the mount I was done.

It took several days to collect all the eggs I needed, because I would get bored so easily and have to run away and do something else. There was rarely anyone else at Bloodhoof Village, so I would just run around in ghost wolf form making the circuit. I don’t know how many times I would see that stupid wolf running through the village and think it was another shammy collecting eggs. >.<

It would have been nice to get the mount as a drop and not have to collect all those eggs, but I guess I am not that lucky. I should just be grateful that the mount wasn’t only available as a random drop. Knowing there was a definite end helped a lot.

But oh, how I cursed those eggs. It got to the point where if it wasn’t a chocolate I was pissed. I got like 6 bouqets, 4 branches, 3 pets, 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

After about 200 eggs I was wondering which would piss me off more: if I never got the mount and had to collect all 500 or if the mount finally dropped after wasting so much time farming. I think I might have been mad if the drop came and I was left with hundred of chocolates. What was I going to do? Buy more stupid rabbit pets and ship them off to alts?

Anyway, that nonsense is done. No other toon will be collecting eggs; I would rather do archaelogy at this point.

Friday Fun: moar stupid little things that piss me off

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This is me taking advantage of my blog to whine about dumb things. You’ve been warned.

Queue Queue

Yes, the Hour of Twilight heroics are awesome (for the most part). Yes, they are usually shorter than other instances. Yes, they have better gear. And while I find End Time the most annoying of them all, none of them are as awful as Halls of Reflection was.

But sometimes I don’t want to do them. And so I don’t queue for them; I queue for the normal heroics. Sometimes I want to do an instance that I haven’t done in a while or, yes, be that awesome overgeared healer who helps carries a relatively new group through.

So it annoys me when I queue for those and get the HoT heroics. I also hate whoever thought it was a good idea to throw the trollroics in the mix, too. Hate them.

What’s a troll gotta do to get a nice, relaxing H Deadmines up in here?

Achievement whore

I waver on achievements a lot. Sometimes I am all down for them and sometimes I couldn’t care less. If in a guild raid or heroic and someone wants to try one, then great. If we get it, awesome…if not, oh well.

In a pug? Meh.

A lot of achievements require working together and planning strategy beforehand, something you don’t always get in pugs. (Remember in the beginning of Cata when we had to CC? Good times.)

5 words I hate to hear in pugs: “wanna go for the achievement?” My initial response tends to be “no”, but I will usually give it a try if someone really wants. I won’t throw myself at an attempt over and over, racking up a huge repair bill, but I’m usually down for one attempt.

Again, though, if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. In a Well of Eternity, we were all trying to dodge eyeballs. “Follow me counterclockwise,” sez the hunter. We actually dodge eyeballs for a while, then the tank runs in the middle and resume the fight. Not sure why, but oh well.

You would have thought the tank spat on the hunter’s mom for all the nastiness that then came out. “We could have had that!” Could we? Did the tank make an honest mistake and lost focus? Did he think someone else was about to get nabbed and jumped in? Did he purposely do it to be a dick?

Who knows. Who cares. Don’t get mad because a group of strangers won’t play your way to get you some fakey nerd points. If it’s so easy, why don’t you have the achievement now?

Let’s make a deal

I’ve conceded that LFR is dog-eat-dog and all the rules of fairness get thrown out the window and people are going to make a run for whatever they can get their hands on. I can’t change it so I accept it.

It’s like those stupid frozen orbs. You can have 4 people roll Greed on it and the last person jump in with a Need and take it. So then we all started rolling Need.

Neither of my shamans need much out of LFR anymore, but I still like to go in there and get my points at least. I guess I am the anomaly, but I don’t Need for stuff that I don’t need. I don’t have offspecs and I’m not going to Need something for the sole purpose of making sure someone else doesn’t get it.

Or Needing it so that I can use it to barter for something later. That one annoys me. I don’t like when I zone in and get whispers “hey can you help me roll on some gear?” Um, no.

I threw Zarigar into a Fall of Deathwing LFR and it started out amusingly. The dps were accusing the tanks of not bringing down the drakes and holding aggro and the tanks were accusing the dps of taunting the drakes off of them. Then on Ultra the tank was mocking all the people doing 30k and saying his rogue (or rouge, as he called it) could do 50k and that people were doing 30k in Wrath and everyone was scrubs.

The ensuing back and forth was so amusing that I didn’t notice that tier legs had dropped. I checked Zarigar and..hmm..he still had 378 legs. An actual upgrade. There were at least 6 shamans there so I didn’t even think I would get them, so was pleasantly surprised when they dropped in my bag.

With winning comes losing, though. We were barely on the boat when I get the “can I have those pants? I’m trying to get a 2 piece and you already have 4 piece”.

Eek. Of course he can’t have my pants (heheh) but it probably does look bad that I took them. Yes, I have 4-piece but I downgraded a helm to get it. The pants would let me keep my 4-piece and put my better helm back on. Plus, of course, the pants being an upgrade in themselves.  But I didn’t want to explain all that to him so he only got a “no” and the thought that I am just a ninja troll.

Then another whisper from a different toon “I am shaman like you. Can I have and then I can give you something you want?” /facepalm

I was about to drop then a holy pally started chatting about how he hopes the caster shield drops from the boat. Hmmm. I could use a new shield; currently Zarigar is still rocking the 359 crafted one. The problem is the shield has a terrible drop rate. The only time I’ve seen it drop in a normal raid was in Crits when Khiaren got one and I’ve seen it drop once in LFR when I was on Jendora. I didn’t even know that it dropped in LFR, that’s how rarely I’ve seen it. Arv laughed at me when I got all excited to see it but then realizing I was on my druid.

So what the heck, give it a try. Mr Super 50K Rouge is a terrible tank and it’s a painful fight. But, oh hi, the shield actually drops. The holy pally goes orgasmic. “OMG IT’S FINALLY DROPPED AFTER 12 WEEKS!!!!!!!” He’s acting like it’s already his and doesn’t seem to realize all the shamans and holy pallies there are. (Maybe that’s the reason it dropped, there were so many people who could legitimately use it.)

It would be a nice ending to the story if Zarigar won it. Alas, he did not. But it was kind of worth it to see the holy pally flip out when a resto shammy won it. (I know, I’m mean, what can I say? I’m a troll.) But I was done with that raid so I took my pants and left.

Stupid little things piss me off but sometimes stupid little things amuse me.