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Trick or treat

Posted in Blogging with tags , , on October 31, 2013 by zarigar

Smell my troll feet.

Long time no post. Going through my feed reader, I can see that others are kind of in the same shape. Usually even when I’m not posting I’m still playing. But this time I haven’t been playing all that much, either.

Brewfest came and went and I barely did anything with it. I looked at the trinkets, went “meh” and didn’t really go for the boss. Either my toons had better and the ones who didn’t I didn’t really feel like chasing for them. Headless Horseman. Meh. I don’t remember what he drops besides the mount, and I got that the year they had the glitch where it dropped like candy.

Sadly, the most I’ve played was for Darkmoon Faire. Why? I don’t know. I’m weird that way, I admit it.

I think the idea of Timeless Isle bored me but I can’t really explain why. My mage — the toon I swore up and down would NEVER get leveled — hit 90 and was in the perfect spot to take advantage of free epics. But the idea of going out there and farming gear was just…. meh.

I still haven’t even done the new LFR. I queued for it once when it came out, and got some random one in progress. I did a few fights but the group fell apart and I didn’t really feel like going back in. So…yeah…meh.

Am I done with WoW? Oh heavens, no. There’s still so much I haven’t done in game that I still want to do. I’m not bored with it, I’m just not very excited for it right now. (That probably made no sense. Meh.)

I’m sure all that will change pretty quickly.

Besides, you know, Darkmoon Faire is coming up soon.


Not a fan

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2013 by zarigar

Well it is a fan. I’m just not a fan of the fan.


This is a paladin with a fan. Or course the fan dropped for her in MSV. Why would I be so silly as to think the shield would?

WTF, Blizz, why you hate me so?

Enjoy your new stupid fan, cow.

SR meet: Haiku

Posted in Blogging with tags , on March 4, 2013 by zarigar

There may be an actual post to come later, but for now enjoy these crudely written attempts at haiku:



starburst in his mouth

don’t you see him bleed for you?

who is the vice now



WoW enabler

awesome mat and cards for all

lock that chair in place



left us toys in bed

nasty pizza tastes so bad

where my cholula?



the HFB yo

elastic pants next time yo

don’t trust his ‘riff yo



follow the hunter

around the u-turn we go

google maps own us



shoots Adoe for fun

sucks you got stuck with Jaina

she will never win



alliance shirt worn

almost left at the airport

I don’t like prison

Stay classy: part 2

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on January 29, 2013 by zarigar

Today’s classy entry comes to us via a pair of hunters.

*insert shocked face here*

Both from the same server–Jaedenar –way to represent, boys! Neither one is guilded, so we can’t tell if they are 2 people who know each other and regularly play together or if RNG just decided to throw 2 players with questionable names together. I’m sure many guilds would kill to be represented by them.


So we have 2 lovely hunter, one named Juicyloosie and the other Kumshot. Juicyloosie in and of itself isn’t too awful, especially compared to Kumshot, but both names together give an unfortunate mental picture.

Actually I take back the RNG theory. These people have to be leveling buddies who created grossly named toons just to be gross. We just need to take a look at their pets’ names for further proof.



Again, Juicyloosie comes out as the lesser of 2 evils. Your pet, the person who protects you and fights by your side, deserves something more classy than Douchebag. But poor little Douchebag probably thinks he has it pretty good compared to his pet friend.


And double ugh. Kumshot and JizzRag. I just don’t even…

They should probably be ashamed that a troll is calling them out for not being classy, but they probably like the attention.

(Also, I’m going to cry when the 2013 blog report comes out and tells me that “jizzrag” was the term most used for people finding my blog.)

Random post #200

Posted in MoP, Random with tags , , , on September 19, 2012 by zarigar

WordPress says this is my 200th post so yay me. That saves me having to find a coherent title for my babbling train of thought.

So, scenarios. I’ve now done both Alliance and Horde side and they were ok. I’ve read a lot of uncomplimentary things about them, but not being a lore person, I wasn’t overly bothered by them. They were nice little diversions but nothing that I feel the need to play over and over or something I have to have every eligible toon do.

I liked the tabard reward better than the bomb thing. The white tabard looks nice with my priest who is mogged in mostly white gear. My poor dumpy little dwarf, though, looks like she is wearing a sports bra on the outside of her clothes thanks to the giant WWE belt she has on.

I did notice that there was a guild achievement for doing all the MoP scenarios in a guild group, and there were 7 total, so it looks like we will have at least 6 more of these throughout the next expansion. Hopefully the future ones will please more people.

Am I upset there isn’t more of big world event? Not really. I don’t think I did the save troll islands/retake Gnomer stuff when it was out. I remember being annoyed at all the zombie people infecting everyone. I can see how other people wanted one last big thing to transition from Cata to MoP.

Speaking of transitioning to MoP, I guess I should try to figure out how I’m going to work this. The number of active alts I have now has grown insane throughout Cata. Roughly 12 (?) or so that will want some degree of playtime. The bulk of time, though, will have to go to the two toons scheduled to raid.

Sidenote: for purpose of ease, my main will now and forever be Zarigar. He may not be my raider but he is my main. My raiders are not my mains even if they get to 90 first and have an ilevel 300 points higher than Zari.

I’m not too worried about leveling Khiaren, since she is dps specced and is on a normal server. She can quest and pick flowers and maybe do some dungeons and go AFK when I allot myself 6 minutes to eat dinner.

The one who is going to be more difficult is Jendora. A freaking healer on a freaking PvP server. Oy. This one is going to be interesting.

I see her healing a lot of dungeons. Doing instances all the way to 90, though, already sounds exhausting and tedious. I will have to cobble together an awful boomkin spec and Wrath spam my way through some quests, I think, to retain what’s left of my sanity. I know I will be fresh meat to any alliance players, but sometimes in the beginning of a new expansion the players put world PvP on hold for a while, so maybe that will hold true again this time.

If not, I will be running to my corpse a lot. >.< That there won’t be flying initially available may or may not help, but it will make collecting herbs for Inscription a little more difficult. (I’m that druid who steals your flowers and flies away!)

And now that I’m thinking about healing dungeons I guess it would help if I went and read up on some of them. Just so I know when people die to something avoidable and I have a legitimate reason to rage.

After my raiders are ready, then it will be Zari’s turn. After that, who knows? I just envision a line of alts saying “Is it my turn yet?”

Can I outsource my leveling?

The dark side of the patch

Posted in Alliance with tags , on August 31, 2012 by zarigar

With the patch came shared mounts, with shared mounts came little gnome robo-chickens.

Putting Khiaren on a mechanostrider is amusing because, with her shield equipped, she looks not like she’s riding something, but that she has mechanical chicken legs:

bok bok muthafucka

Where is Zarigar?

Posted in Blogging with tags on August 3, 2012 by zarigar

Whoops. I forgot to get my hall pass approved. Oh well.

Summertime means it’s time to watch my trashy reality show, Big Brother. And every four years comes all the patriotic pride of the Olympics. I know I’ve mentioned both before but I’m too lazy to go searching for those old posts. Both at one time means I don’t even bother to do my jewelcrafting daily.

So I am watching TV and reading reports online and wondering why I have such a craving for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. And trying to figure out which athletes are really underaged and which ones are on the juice.

Badminton conspiracies? Oh, you silly Asians. What won’t you do for a gold medal?

Then, for the next two weeks, I have to travel out of town for work. (Which means I can’t watch obscure Olympic events in the daytime next week! Bitches!) So I will have even less time to be on.

Enjoy your Zarigar-free time!