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Welcome to WoD

Posted in WoD with tags , on November 18, 2014 by zarigar

No introductory sentence, I’m just jumping right in. I love this expansion so far. I was kind of “meh” about this expansion coming and didn’t even do much of the pre-expansion/post-patch introductory quests thing-a-ma-bobs in the Blasted Lands.

So storywise I’m sure I was a little behind when everything started. We’re just going to jump into the Dark Portal? Ok, then, lead the way.

We’ve done the beginner storylines before and I’ve complained about them before. DK starting area, Worgen & Goblin starting area, Panda starting area. And this one doesn’t seem to start out much different. But yet it felt different.

It was pretty engaging, even for someone like me who isn’t up to speed on all the lore. I did like the whole beginning concept that you are helping lead a group of refugees to safety. It was much more satisfying than the similarly themed Goblin starting quests where it was basically every goblin for himself.

(Will I find the beginner quests as fun by the 8th alt? Ok, probably not, but I reserve the right to change my mind.)

And garrison. Oh, yes, hello garrison.

not that Garrison

not that Garrison

I admit when I first heard the idea of garrisons I was double meh. I think i was one of the few people who wasn’t excited when this was announced. It just seemed like it would be a tedious sidequest.

I truly thought this would be another Panda farm: I unlocked it and that was it. I truly did nothing else with it and I figured garrisons would go the same way.

But I do like that the game uses it to acknowledge you as a hero. You’ve done so many things for Azeroth, your toon really should be held in higher esteem, and giving you a garrison and calling you commander is a nice touch.

I don’t get to play as much as I want, so it might be a while until I see 100, but I’m excited again to play and to see what else is coming up.

New patch, new you

Posted in WoD with tags , , , , , on October 20, 2014 by zarigar

All right, I was a couple of days late to get to the new patch. I hate, hate, hate that last patch before a new xpac that breaks everything and changes everything that I had grown used to. But since I hadn’t been playing as much lately, I was hoping this one wouldn’t annoy me as much.

But really I had to see what was going on with the new looks.

OMG. I love, love, love how the trolls came out. Here is the new Zarigar:


It’s hard to see in a static picture but I love his ears. They move slightly now as he breathes and it sounds kind of cheesy but it looks great. Even his mohawk seems to look better!

Older pic for reference:


Then, when I went over to Alliance, I saw that some of them weren’t quite so lucky. This was Khiaren previously:


This is an older pic. She was cute and proportioned ok, I thought. Then I got a look at new Khiaren:


Holy hell, what is this? Ugh she looks like she lost a ton of weight unhealthily and her head is now too tiny for her body. Yes, some of it is the armor she’s wearing but it’s like she lost some of her spark.

I immediately ran her to the barber shop to see if I could fix this monstrosity. Hilariously, I noticed that she could go from earring to no earrings for the small price of 12 gold. Yes, she could pay the barber for the privilege of removing her earrings.

I then changed hairstyles and facial features but couldn’t really find one that looked good. I think one of the issues is that dwarves don’t have a lot of full hairstyle options to compensate for their smaller heads. A lot of the hair was very short and close to the head.

This was what I left her looking like for now:


It’s not exactly where I want her to be, but I’ll keep playing around with options. (Yes, I will drop all of my gold into the barber shops!) It looks a little better in-game than it does on the loading screen and, of course, I only see her from the back of the head when I’m playing.

Maybe soon I’ll venture into actual content.

Trick or treat

Posted in Blogging with tags , , on October 31, 2013 by zarigar

Smell my troll feet.

Long time no post. Going through my feed reader, I can see that others are kind of in the same shape. Usually even when I’m not posting I’m still playing. But this time I haven’t been playing all that much, either.

Brewfest came and went and I barely did anything with it. I looked at the trinkets, went “meh” and didn’t really go for the boss. Either my toons had better and the ones who didn’t I didn’t really feel like chasing for them. Headless Horseman. Meh. I don’t remember what he drops besides the mount, and I got that the year they had the glitch where it dropped like candy.

Sadly, the most I’ve played was for Darkmoon Faire. Why? I don’t know. I’m weird that way, I admit it.

I think the idea of Timeless Isle bored me but I can’t really explain why. My mage — the toon I swore up and down would NEVER get leveled — hit 90 and was in the perfect spot to take advantage of free epics. But the idea of going out there and farming gear was just…. meh.

I still haven’t even done the new LFR. I queued for it once when it came out, and got some random one in progress. I did a few fights but the group fell apart and I didn’t really feel like going back in. So…yeah…meh.

Am I done with WoW? Oh heavens, no. There’s still so much I haven’t done in game that I still want to do. I’m not bored with it, I’m just not very excited for it right now. (That probably made no sense. Meh.)

I’m sure all that will change pretty quickly.

Besides, you know, Darkmoon Faire is coming up soon.

Oh pally

Posted in Alliance, Alt with tags , , , , on September 9, 2013 by zarigar

I guess there is a big patch or something coming up. People are all preparing and capping and doing important stuff.

I am working on my alliance paladin.

I have an alliance paladin? Apparently. I thought I had even mentioned her a couple of times but the first time she went into an instance with Repgrind it took her a while to realize it was me.

Her role is basically to make me learn how to ret. So, needless to say, she isn’t leveled up very high and she doesn’t get a lot of play.

She is a human almost by default since my DK and priest are both dranei and my shaman and mage are both dwarves. The fact that humans get a spirit bonus that would be handy if she went holy was not a factor. No sirree…nothing to see here, move it along.

She is staying ret if it kills me. Or her. I won’t even buy the dual spec option for her because then it will all go downhill and I’ll have her decked out in INT plate 2 hours later.

So I don’t really play her. Sometimes I click on her log-in picture and stare at her screen. Eventually she sighs and knows it’s not going to happen and I laugh and go off to play shaman #7.

Then Slice and Lyssi got on a kick to leveling their tank/healer duo with Rep. Lyssi asked if I had any toon in their range and of course the only one was the pally.

I’m still not the biggest fan of being melee in instances but it’s less painful when it’s a mostly guild group. That Slice goes through the mobs like Zug on crack is nice, too.

Finally we hit BRD which is the MOST ANNOYING INSTANCE EVER DIE DIE DIE. Someone (Slice?) wanted to do all the bosses so deeper we went into the dungeon and prayed we would one day be able to find our way out.

Somewhere along the way I won some blue pants on a greed roll. I laughed because they were healer pants and I was probably just going to vendor them after the run. Then someone commented how pretty they were so I looked more closely at them.

Ooh, yes, they had a nifty flame effect. Ok, I wouldn’t sell them. I would just put them in the bank and save them for some future mog.

Later, in that same run, I realized that fail pally had hit Exalted with Stormwind and didn’t have any other tabards in her bag. Bah. I would have to go buy a new one. She was stationed in SW, so after the run, I made her go to the closest city to pick up a new tabard.

She ended up in Ironforge. where she then equipped her new tabard.

Her new orange tabard.

Hmmmmm….I just got some flamey pants. Maybe we should take another look at that mog now. A quick rummage through her bank and the AH for a missing piece and this was her end result:


Yes, I cheated and hid both the helm and cloak. There was a fiery axe on the AH that would have looked cool but not for 3500g.

And, yeah, when she hits Exalted with Ironforge and has to change the tabard it’s going to ruin the whole thing and I’ll have to start over. At least, for now, I like the way she looks and she may get to do more than hang out in the city and go to the Faire once a month.

ilevel round-up

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on July 30, 2013 by zarigar

Last week was the first time I really took my alliance shaman out in a long time. Some of the folks in Crits have been running LFR together so Khiaren went out with them.

She has the ilevel to get through TOES but is still way too low for TOT, but I didn’t really think anything of it at first. But when we were in the LFR, it was pretty noticeable how she–for lack of a better word–sucked.

Some fights were better than others, but there were some where she was in the bottom half. I’m not even really that competitive but I found that unacceptable. Khiaren actually has a shield, she should be #1 always!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t help to compare her to Zarigar, who has like 30 ilevels on her. It’s so weird to be playing the same class but have them feel so different due to different gear levels. I later went and ran some TOT on Zarigar and it was noticeably smoother.

Ironically one thing that may be hurting Khiaren is that she is my only 90 on Winterhoof. In theory that should mean more playtime for her. What happens is I focus on capping the 90s on Drak and continually pass her over. There is no other 90 to benefit from the VP bonus so I don’t even attempt to valor cap her. (My priest is slowly working her way up, so it should help when I get a 2nd 90 there.)

So seeing the difference in ilevels between my shaman made me curious about how the rest of my toons stacked up with each other:

Khiaren: 476 / 475 equipped

She picked up some gloves and a belt from LFR so this is actually an increase from where she started.

Zarigar: 508 / 508

Ironically his weakest piece is the 496 gloves he got from doing a real raid in MSV.

Jendora: 506 / 506

She has the 4-piece tier from TOT and then kind of got set aside. Could use some new boots.

Lorethos: 506 / 506

My healers are twins! He benefits from a couple of big kid TOT pieces but he still has that ghetto Inscription fan!

Tenderloyne: 475 / 474 equipped

Ahhh, such a mess. Green shoulders and a terrible weapon. (Not to mention THE FAN!) Poor cow.

Sabryel: 472 / 470

Technically my worst geared 90, but I actually think she’s geared up ok for how much I dislike melee. Some blue pieces hold her back but there is no hurry to gear her.

Zhari: 493 / 493

Eek! I almost published this without including him. His ilevel should go up quite a bit with a new trinket and shoes. Oops. Does anyone do Sha anymore?

So, in summary, Khiaren sucks compared to Zarigar and most of my other Drak toons laugh at her. They can be such buttholes.

It froze over

Posted in Alt with tags , , on July 15, 2013 by zarigar

Blame my weird obsession with the Darkmoon Faire quests. Blame that dumb quest where you have to collect 250 Grisly Trophies. Blame my selective OCD that makes me unable to NOT pick that quest, even though the only thing it rewards you is rep.

(I say selective OCD because I have no problem pretending that archeology quest doesn’t exist.)

I actually went and played each toon long enough for them to finish that quest and turn it in. Some, like my pally, had carried that quest over from the previous month and didn’t need extra playtime.

Eventually it was down to my druid and my mage. I avoid questing and doing dps with my druid unless I absolutely had to, so the only way she was going to collect her trophies was running instance and LFR and hoping she collected enough.

Then there was my mage, who I had taken a firm stance on not playing.

Can anyone remember why? I think I may have select amnesia to go with my select OCD.

Was it because they changed some of the play style, so it was now a 4-button rotation instead of 3? Was it because I had been converted to Team Warlock and it’s not possible to also be Team Mage? Was it just a random proclamation that mages were evil and I was just going to have nothing to do with them?

Yeah, I don’t remember, but I know that I made it a point to not play my mage, so since it looks like I was going to break that I knew I would have to come here and post about it.

So grisly trophy collecting. The tipping point was probably that my druid had just picked up the quest and had 0 and my mage had the quest from a previous month (possibly a previous year) had about 75. All right, I can take her out to the beginning hozen area and see how it goes.

First I cobbled together her frost spec. Every one else was frost so she would be, too. I randomly picked what talents looked helpful and reset my spellbars. She had some random gear that other toons had sent her in case she was ever sent out into the world.

First problem, equipping that new gear broke her mogged look.



One of the pieces was a blue helm that matched nothing. So I had to go into the Interface and turn off helm display. Then I decided I didn’t like her hair. So I had to take her to the barbershop for a new style.

Finally I was ready to step out into the world. After a few minutes of hozen dying quickly I got cocky enough to queue for something. Oh, the brewery. Not my favorite but you can rack up the trophies quickly there.

The experience was sad. It was just randomly hitting buttons. I forgot that I had frozen orb and time warp. TIME WARP!!!!! BWahahaha. Failmage is fail. I forgot about mirror image until the last boss. For serious.

And yet at the end of the run I was #1 in dps and overall damage. I can probably thank the blue pieces she had gotten from the other alts. I’m sure Blizzard put her in a group of similarly-geared people. But coming in not at the bottom with what was basically as much button-flailing as when my druid goes boomkin, it was a nice bit of encouragement.

So there you have it. My mage went out and actually did something. Now when people see me logged in to her and she’s not in Org they don’t have to worry that I have been hacked.


(Maybe I’ll actually read up on magey stuff now, too…)

The new Slice

Posted in Healing, Raiding with tags , , , , on June 5, 2013 by zarigar

It’s the rare Tuesday when I can be logged on and playing at a decent hour so I guess it was destiny for me to raid last night. I’m sure the fact that they were missing like half their raid and they took all 10 logged on people doesn’t take away from my special snowflake-ness. Actually I think they’ve been rotating people in and using more back-ups, but it was still odd not to see Slice and Lyssi and Wok and Shadeey.

I was finishing up a TOES LFR on Lorethos when the grumblings started about putting the raid together. I was able to go but not sure what they needed. Jendora and Tenderloyne would have been lesser geared duplicates to Zarm and Vanicus. Zarigar and Zhari were options for dps, but I was already logged onto Lorethos.

I could be the new Slice! How hard could it be? I mean, we both like being pretty.

Going in as a healer meant Sorak could dps. While I’m sure Sorak > Lorethos in healing, I was also sure that the difference in Sorak > Zarigar in dps would be much more beneficial. As an added bonus that made me the only clothie.

My MoP “real” raiding history is the first wing or so of MV on Jendora, the first couple of bosses in HoF on Jendora (gah Attunement!) and one night on Zarigar spent wiping on the council in ToT. So not really the most impressive.

The vast majority of my raiding has been LFR and it’s funny how noticeably lazier that apparently made me. In LFR I mostly just amuse myself by smiting all the things and healing through Atonement. Every once in a while I’ll cast Cascade just to see balls of light fly through the air.

Now they were asking me for “cooldowns” and to cast things like “barrier” and “pain suppression.”

Um, come again?

I thought my role here was to provide Zarm with Leap of Faith via Symbiosis so that he could make Sorak die a lot. It was very confusing to me to know when they wanted me to heal Sorak and when they wanted to just let him die.

There was so much dying just in the trash to the first boss. I don’t know if that is normal or just that I didn’t know what I was doing but then I was super nervous for the first boss. OMG pleasepleaseplease don’t let me kill the raid with a lightning ball.

Hilariously, the boss is a one-shot, and I am so relieved I don’t pay attention to where I am and I step into an electrified pool. Oh, oops. And now my corpse is on fire. Thanks, Van. I guess I am really raiding now if people are torching my dead body. But I do get a new healer cloak so that’s ok.

Horridon is also one-shotted, though it got kind of deathy at the end and I was OOM for the last 30 seconds or so. It’s crazy remembering the posts people had about him, and now they just kind of barrel through him. Being the only one who could equip wands worked in my favor when one dropped. (I was still using an upgraded blue wand. Even unsocketed it was a way better upgrade.)

The council fight was a little more tricky. This was where they wanted all those “…own” things. And they I started to flashback to spending an entire evening on just this fight. PTSD! Aaaaaaargh!

The first attempt was a wipe but I think we got it on the next try. I went OOM again, which was particularly scary when they say “your job is to keep Arv alive.” Aack! But Arv likes to jump in front of things and take damage.

They dropped the tier gloves, which I guess both pallies already had since I ended up with them. So, yes, 3 drops in 3 bosses. Ninja Lorethos is in your raid, taking all your loot. Like Van said, he is going to end up being my best geared toon. 😦

After that fight there is apparently a cutscene that I never knew about. Everyone was mocking it and I was just sitting there enjoying it. Ha! You do miss out on stuff if you only raid via LFR.

Next was Tortos and that’s where we got stuck. I think we wiped like 47 times. I hate this fight in LFR and not just because the little bitch never drops my shield. I don’t even try to dodge the shells and just eat them in LFR. They seem to be slower in the normal raid but I was still not able to dodge as many as I would have liked.

Eventually the raid got called there and I got to run off with all my preciouses to enchant and gem. Lorethos ended up increasing his ilevel by 10 points. He’s not quite caught up to Zarigar yet but he’s getting there.

My smites are going to hit so much harder in LFR now.

Shammy shields!

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on May 28, 2013 by zarigar

It was a big week for Team Zarigar. Most of them got VP capped and raised their ilevels enough to either get into LFR or be able to queue further into it. (Upgrade vendor, I’ve missed you so; please never leave me!)

I even logged onto Winterhoof to see what’s going on with my Alliance shammy. The good news was that she could queue for MV, and that’s about it. Eh what the heck, a pity run for her would be super nice of me.

It is so weird to play the same class with different levels of gear. Zarigar and Khiaren are both elemental shaman but they don’t feel the same at all. If nothing else it makes me much happier to go running back to Horde.

At the last boss she picked up some gold. And the little bonus roll box came up. Oh bless her heart, she still has gold coins. What the heck? Use one up…and she gets a shield.


Bwahahaha. She actually was still using a shield from Gate of the Setting Sun, so she didn’t have to take that awkward “fan intermediate” step. Good for her, although really I should NOT have been surprised that a toon that’s rarely played gets to have a shield.

So then back to Horde to throw Zarigar at Tortos. Loot drop: gold. Waste a Mogu coin to get…a shield?


Zarigar finally gets to have a shield, too?


Sweet baby Jesus, thank you. No more ridiculous eyeball stick with an excess of Hit. I get to wear a shield like a proper shaman. My first instinct was to go run it to the upgrade guy and throw some VP into it, but I decided to wait and see if I could press my luck with the Twin Consorts. The shield they drop would cut out some of the spirit for a little more intellect.

I know, that was super greedy, but I was on a roll. Alas, no other shield for me, even though I got a fresh run on a Monday night, how much more luck was I expecting?

Now we all just look at the ridiculous paladin with a fan still and shake our heads. But at least my shammy has a shield now.

A shield that I will be mogging soon because for something I’ve wanted forever and ever it’s actually quite ugly.



Posted in Alt with tags , , , on May 23, 2013 by zarigar

Thanks to my druid I actually got one of my toons VP capped earlier than Sunday night. (And thanks to Sorak for letting me heal instead of making me go boomkin and then laughing when I did less damage than a resto shammy.)

With my new VP cap it was time to go back to the warlock. His luck in LFR has been kind of hit or miss. He had some drops but was still carrying awful trinkets and rings. Those low level pieces were holding his ilevel back to 479. Does that sound familiar?

Thankfully my new best friend the upgrade guy was back in town so I was able to burn off some of that JP and make my trinkets a little less sucky. It also gave me that last point I needed. Off to kill trolls!


What my warlock has over my other toons is that I’ve actually made him go to dailies. So he had some Mogu runes burning a hole in his robes. Time to spend.

First boss: gold + bonus gold. This is going well.

Second boss: gold + what’s this?


Some strange thing just dropped into my bag. Ooh a little pet. Let’s learn him.






(He probably looks more adorable next to my creepy minion who is eyeing that female pandaren like she’s his next snack.)

I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

If I ever do When I get around to pet battles he will be on my team.

Oh yeah, third boss I got new robes + glove token with bonus roll, but I got an adorable dino y’all!

Not a fan

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2013 by zarigar

Well it is a fan. I’m just not a fan of the fan.


This is a paladin with a fan. Or course the fan dropped for her in MSV. Why would I be so silly as to think the shield would?

WTF, Blizz, why you hate me so?

Enjoy your new stupid fan, cow.