Who’s Who

Basically a listing of people that get a mention in this blog, some more than others. This list has grown substantially since I first started this blog. Good grief, it’s an army of mostly neglected toons.


  • Zarigar: Troll elemental shaman, my first raiding toon and what I consider my main. Leatherworking/skinning. The eponymous toon after which this blog is named. DOES NOT HEAL and will never hide his mohawk underneath an ugly helm. Is now currently obsessed with archaeology.
  • Lorethos: Undead shadow priest. Tailoring/enchanting. At one point had become a sort of co-main and was getting played more than Zarigar. Now he sits in Org and enchants the gear of everyone else.
  • Notari: Blood elf arcane mage. Jewelcrafting/mining. Every once in a while will do a JC daily or run an LFR. Otherwise is just content to sit back and feel superior to everyone else. 
  • Sabryel: Blood elf death knight. One of the most neglected of my toons, but has received occasional mentions here. Blacksmithing/mining. Hit 85 and was put back on the shelf. Every once in a while she’ll break free to go out and mine.
  • Jendora: Troll resto druid. Herbalism/Inscription. Enjoyed a brief moment of glory healing some of the earlier Cata raids and is my only toon to have achievements for most of them.
  • Tenderloyne: Tauren holy paladin. Um..I don’t remember her professions. Skinning & mining? Bless her heart, I don’t remember. I don’t know if she is eligible for LFR; she sadly might be the most neglected toon I ever got to 85.


  • Sarinde:  Draenei disc priest, will occasionally go shadow. Tailoring/skinning. Formerly known as Helaena until her server transfer. Started out as holy until chakras came and confused everything. Now she’s a bubble maker. The first toon to become interested in transmogging and making herself pretty for raids.
  • Khiaren: Elemental dwarf shaman. Herbalism/alchemy. Started out resto but by Outland could not deny her elemental roots. Only Alliance toon to see actual Cata raiding. Is often pinched by Kerick.
  • Torvell: Dwarf arcane mage. Often referred to as Grandpa Mage due to his weathered face and gray beard. His professions are enchanting and…um….uh…mining? I don’t know. I should look that up.
  • Lupeh: Resto/balance/anything but feral druid. Leatherworking/skinning. Cannot decide on her spec so now she hangs out in Darn and does the cooking daily for XP.
  • Niohbe: Human ret paladin. Blacksmithing/mining. Doesn’t really have a purpose now except to bash things to death.
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